Phil Harrison's Final Thoughts
Posted Nov 9, 2012

Phil Harrison's Final Thought before the Week 11 games

By Phil Harrison
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-This week doesn't have nearly the enticement as other weeks, but somehow, someway the college football world will be sure to deliver something tasty before the final whistle blows on the final game of the week. You don't know where the drama will come from, but come it will.

-How about Northwestern at Michigan? This game is a bit under the radar because the Wildcats have been in the equivalent of the Big Ten witness protection program. But if Nebraska falters somewhere along the way, and the men in purple can somehow upset Michigan in the Big House this weekend, then guess who might be going dancing towards Indy?

-Staying in the Big Ten, this may be the only time you'll hear about a team with a losing record this late in the season having an opportunity like Indiana does on Saturday. Why? Because the Hoosiers are hosting Wisconsin, and If they can throw enough offense out there to spring the upset against a Badger team searching for a QB, then fans of IU might stop their march towards Assembly Hall and take notice. Somewhere Jim Delany is sweating the possibility of a Northwestern versus Indiana Big Ten title game.....

-One of the few games that'll whet most people's appetite this weekend is Oregon State at Stanford. Both are looking to pick up scraps from the table if Oregon drops them. And for the Beavers, they'll be looking to keep alive a BCS invite by taking care of business. It won't be easy against a team that can match them physically.

- When is USC going to live up to the early season hype? The Trojans simply can ill afford to look past Arizona State this weekend in anticipation of things to come. Let's hope they don't because games against UCLA for the division title and then the made for television date against Notre Dame will provide great, great theater.

-Texas A&M vs. Alabama: Here's guessing that the Tide had a wake up call last week. Johnny football won't be able to get on track against a motivated ‘Bama defense as this will likely be the Aggies real welcome to the SEC moment in Tuscaloosa. There's no truth to the rumor that Nick Saban is busy croqueting a welcome mat.

-Another matchup under smoke cover is Penn State at Nebraska. This one will come down to how effective each quarterback is. Will the right Matt McGloin show up, and can the PSU linebackers put the clamps on the legs of Taylor Martinez?

-There will be defenses out there in the West Virginia vs. Oklahoma State game, they just won't be stopping much. The game will likely be entertaining enough, but I'd pay to see a tussle between the mascots. One carries a gun, while one is a Cowboy that needs a Bic razor badly. That's even money if ever there were such a thing...

-Just how healthy is Collin Klein? If he can't go at 100%, TCU has enough wherewithal to ruin the dream run of K-State. In fact, of the four big undefeated teams, the game in Fort Worth looks to have the best possibility of an unhappy ending? But will it?

-Will Mississippi State continue its slide? So far, it looks like the great start that the Bulldogs got out to this year was indeed a product of a soft schedule. Look for it to continue in Death Valley against an LSU team that proved it is anything but soft last week. In this case, the possibility of three straight losses is definitely not a charm.

-What will we all be talking about after this week?