Harrison: No Need For SEC In BCS Championship

Posted Nov 12, 2012

Harrison Thought: There's no need for the SEC to be in the BCS championship

By Phil Harrison
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Did you hear? The SEC is the best conference in college football. The athletes that are brought up in the southeastern part of the country are far superior to those in other parts of this great nation of ours. Six national-titles and countless NFL draft-picks later provide an insurmountable amount of evidence to support those claims.

But something is brewing that anyone with any sense of fairness and equality in this grand game of college football should toss out along with last week's trash. With the loss by Alabama, there is now not one single undefeated team left in the SEC. Instead, what we have left are the one-loss Tide, Bulldogs, and Gator squads looking to make it the rest of the race without skinning their knees any further.

And if one of holy trinity of SEC teams can make it all the way through the next few weeks--including an SEC Championship game--and there are still two or more undefeateds left between Oregon, Kansas State, and Notre Dame, you're going to hear the high decibel of public rumblings. One in which a landslide of support surfaces for that team to make it to Miami over a team with an unblemished record.

In fact, the slow and steady tide of momentum is already building. If you dip your ears out into the blogosphere, you are likely to hear the beginning of a public tide of media momentum. But don't fall prey to the thoughts and musings of many. In other words, don't drink the sweet-tea just yet.

First, a history lesson that we're all familiar with.

Yes, it's true that the SEC has won six straight national-championships. It's also true that the league is pretty deep, aside from the prototypical ground-feeders. There's also truth to the number of countless first round NFL draft picks that have come out of a very talented league over the last few years. Those facts are all as undeniable as the day is long.

But there are many other contrarian points that are just as undeniable. Ones in which we should use our own free-thinking noggin to wrap around this debate.

For starters, all of the past glory happened in the past. College football is a game where rosters turnover on a yearly basis. This is not the NFL where you can re sign free agents to keep the nucleus of a dynamic team together. Instead, players graduate--sometimes in droves--and new ones take their place. For that reason, what happened three years ago, let alone last year, should count for much less than what everyone likes to tabulate.

Welcome to abacuses gone wild.

Simply put, last year's Alabama team that won the national title is nowhere near the same team as this year's Alabama team. The squad that threw a right-cross to the chin of the Tide at home last year, LSU, looks very different this year than last year's that got out-dueled in a video-game reset on January 9 of this year.

Another very important note is that any SEC team that makes it through the rest of this season without another loss, still can't go back in time and use an industrial-size bottle of white out to smooth over the blemish. There is nothing in the BCS equation (thank goodness) that strikes an earlier gaffe from any team's record.

However, If two or three teams remain undefeated at the end of the year from outside of the SEC, then it doesn't need to justify a loss. There is no media spinning, no mincing of words. Instead, one descriptor speaks loud and clear on many levels and doesn't need to be explained. That word?

Undefeated. No more, no less.

And before folks want to throw out the pro "Boise State" argument, let's remember a very clear and important difference. With Notre Dame, Kansas State, and Oregon, we're not talking about teams that make their living feasting on the droppings of teams that aren't as talented as the BCS conferences.

No, if two of the three eligible undefeated teams remain without sin, they will have beaten ranked teams from BCS level conferences such as the Big Twelve, Pac-12, and Big Ten on more than one occasion. Those are teams and conferences with better recruits, coaching, and athletic ability than your Boise States, Hawaiis, and Utahs and TCUs of old BCS darling cloth that you can manage to shake a penalty flag at.

For Kansas State to go undefeated, it will have played and overcome every single challenge it was presented with in a more than adequate Big Twelve. For Notre Dame to be perfect, it would have gone through very good Stanford and USC teams. And if Oregon ends up boasting about a dream season, it can brag about making it past formidable foes on the west coast as well.

Meanwhile, Alabama, Florida, and Georgia would still have a scarlet letter on their chest for everyone to see--a bigger than life "L"--that can't be covered up despite the supreme efforts and intentions of many.

If all of that is not enough, then let's not forget to look at what we just witnessed in front of us all on Saturday night. If it's true--as many will tell you--that the top teams in other BCS conferences simply cannot hang with the top teams in the SEC, then why did we just witness (for all intents and purposes) a Big Twelve team storming into Tuscaloosa and coming out victorious?

Don't forget, Texas A&M was supposed to take a year or two to get acclimated to the athletic gifts and culture of the big, bad SEC. Perhaps we underestimated the quick-learning abilities of the kids from College Station. Then again, maybe not.

Okay, time to wrap this thing in a bow.

We are not in a college football playoff yet. That means there are only two teams that will get an opportunity to play for it all in Southern Florida. It doesn't matter if you think Nick Saban would work his magic with weeks to prepare. It doesn't matter if you think that Alabama (or Florida, or Georgia) would win a four-team playoff if given the chance. There's no way to truly know that. To state otherwise is nothing more than conjecture.

So let's focus on things we DO know.

Alabama, Georgia, and Florida all ripped their tuxes on the way to the prom. They are torn and tattered and need to be sewn, hemmed, and mashed together to make things appear flawless again.

Meanwhile, if two of the other three teams don't snag their threads getting into the car headed for the big dance, there are no alterations needed. The digs fit straight out of the closet with more polish and shine than those in the wardrobe of their SEC counterparts. Period.

Now, if chaos ensues and two of the three non-SEC teams go down, then it might be time to scramble and hire the best seamstress money can buy because more than a few teams will be trying to weave a magic story into its BCS title hopes.

Remind me. When do we get that playoff thing again?

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