CFN Week 12 Staff Picks - Part 2
NC State QB Mike Glennon
NC State QB Mike Glennon
Posted Nov 15, 2012

The picks and predictions for every Week 12 game - Part 2

2012 Staff Picks ... Week 12, Part 2

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- CFN Staff Picks, Week 12 

Fiu Rich Matt Russ Phil Terry Clucko  PICK
Straight Up 438-151 455-134 458-131 440-149 460-129 396-153 277-312 452-137
ATS 258-252 257-253 266-244 260-250 264-246 241-269 239-271 255-255
W Forest at Notre Dame -24 43 ND* ND* ND ND* ND* ND* WF ND*
Ole Miss at LSU -18.5 50.5 LS LS* LS* LS LS LS* OM LS*
Sam Houston St at Texas A&M AM AM AM AM AM AM AM AM
NC State at Clemson -17 64 CL CL CL CL* CL* CL* NC CL*
Minn. at Nebraska -19.5 53.5 NE* NE* NE NE* NE* NE* MN NE*
Texas Tech at Okla St -10.5 72 OS OS OS* OS OS* OS TT OS
Middle Tenn -9.5 at USA 56 MT MT MT MT MT MT MT MT
Duke at Ga Tech -12.5 69 GT GT* GT* GT* GT GT* DU GT*
Col St at Boise St -28 49 BS BS BS BS* BS* BS CS BS
Nevada -10 at New Mexico 65 NV NV* NV NV NV NV NV NV
SMU -3.5 at Rice 57 RI SM SM SM SM SM SM SM
Ohio State at Wisc -3 53 OS WI OS  WI OS  WI WI WI
Purdue -7 at Illinois 50.5 PU PU PU PU PU IL IL PU
Texas St at Navy -13 57 NV NV NV NV NV NV NV NV
Ark St -3 at Troy 68 AS AS AR AR AS  AS AR AR
ECU -9.5 at Tulane 60.5 EC EC* EC* EC* EC EC TU EC*
Utah St -3 at La Tech 71.5 LT LT LT  LT  US US LT  LT 
North Texas at ULM -10 57.5 LM* LM LM LM* LM LM LM LM
Wyoming at UNLV Pk 45 WY LV WY WY LV WY LV WY
UTSA -4 at Idaho 57 SA SA SA SA SA ID SA SA
Oklahoma -11 at West Va 74 OU OU OU* WV OU OU WV OU*
Syracuse at Missouri -4.5 54.5 SU MI SU MI MI MI SU MI
Tenn. at Vanderbilt -4 60 VA VA TN TN TN TN VU TN
WKU at Louisiana -3.5 57 LA LA LA WK LA WK WK LA
Iowa St -6 at Kansas 48 KU IS IS IS IS IS IS IS
Samford at Kentucky UK UK UK UK UK UK UK UK
Kansas St -11.5 at Baylor 74 KS KS KS KS KS KS BU KS
Stanford at Oregon -20.5 64.5 ST OR OR* OR OR* OR* ST OR*
UTEP -4 at Southern Miss 50.5 UT SM SM SM UT UT SM SM
Arizona -8 at Utah 55 AZ AZ* AZ* AZ* AZ UT UT AZ*
Cal at Oregon St -17.5 55 OS* OS OS* OS OS* OS* CA OS*
BYU -3 at San Jose St 48.5 SJ BY BY BY BY BY SJ BY