Mitchell: Merry Christmas, SEC! Now What?
Not the SEC again?!
Not the SEC again?!
Posted Nov 18, 2012

Christmas came early for the Southeastern Football Conference. Santa brought with him presents of Trees and Bears. Oh my. But what does it mean for the SEC's top six teams, all of whom are still technically in the hunt for a shot at Miami?

By Russ Mitchell
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What a difference a week makes.

Two years in a roll, Bama. Sorry… Two years and "row" for the Tide, and once again the chips fall into place in late November.

Must be clean livin'.

Unlike last season when the undefeated Bayou Bengals guaranteed a spot for the SEC, this year's Miracle on November was a blessing for the entire conference.

Wait! What about Ohio State???


As many as six SEC teams now have a mathematical chance at playing in the BCS title game – yes, some need the new math. Here's what has to happen for each...

Bama: Just Win, Baby. Channel your inner Al Davis. Beat the winless-in-conference-play Auburn Tigers, advance to and beat Georgia in the SEC championship game, and the Tide will defend its BCS title in Miami. Not very sexy...particularly after playing poorly against the only two top shelf teams so far on your schedule. But who needs sexy, baby – you're the TIDE! When one is hunting one's third title in four years, that'll more than do.

UGA: Take care of business against a 6-5 Georgia Tech team that's atop the ACC Coastal Division (atop the division?). After that, the Dawgs must upset a hardly invincible Capstone in Atlanta and they'll find themselves on South Beach. Y'all remember Atlanta, right? Two halves of football, Bulldogs. Do that, and the 35-7 thrashing in Columbia should be a distant memory. Oh yeah...that.

Florida: First, the Gators need to remember how to run the ball again. In the last four weeks, Florida is throwing the ball on roughly forty percent of its offensive plays, and the Gators have looked average in all four contests. IF the Gators can close out with a road win against the charging Florida State Seminoles (and given how they've played the last month, Florida will be the underdog in that game), then all they need is for Georgia to lose to GT, but upset the Tide.

Hey, Oregon AND Kansas State just lost on the same night.

Here's another thought...should this scenario pan out and Notre Dame lose to a bad USC team, then even if UGA beats GT we could see Florida play either Bama OR UGA in Miami. Another SEC rematch! Smoke that little diddy for a minute, Jim Delany…

LSU: OK, now we're plainly stretching a bit, but hold onto your, er, hat. Yes, as badly as you looked against Ole Miss, LSU, you've still got a puncher's chance. First, the Tigers will have to beat Arkansas in Fayetteville and do it with panache. That's French for flamboyant manner and reckless courage. Hm…what CFB coach does that sound like to you?

Then LSU needs TAMU to finish the season at 6-2 in conference with a win vs. Mizzou. After which the Tigers require the mother of all upsets: Auburn, 0-and-7 in conference, to beat the number two team in the nation, and its bitter rival, Alabama... IN Tuscaloosa.

Seriously, if that happens we need a congressional investigation to descend on Baton Rouge.

IF all three West teams finish at 6-2, LSU wins the tiebreaker and plays Georgia for a rematch of last year's SEC championship game. Don't ask; it has something to do with gumbo, voodoo and Les Miles.

You still with me? Then LSU still needs Florida to lose to FSU, UGA to beat GT, and then have a convincing thumping of Georgia themselves to win the SEC. Even then, LSU might still need another Oregon loss. (FSU is unlikely to jump LSU in the BCS in this scenario.)

TAMU: The Aggies need everything that LSU needs EXCEPT they need the Tigers to stumble in Arkansas. Versus the Hogs...with wins against 0-7 Kentucky and 0-7 Auburn. Regardless, it's been a great first season run for Kevin Sumlin's team.

South Carolina: Beat Clemson. Have Florida lose to FSU. Then have TAMU win the SEC...but even then, wouldn't A&M be ahead of SC should his happen? Whatever, y'all can dream along with the rest of us. After all, dreams do come true...

Just ask an Alabama fan.