The Heisman Case For ... Braxton Miller
Posted Nov 20, 2012

Tuesday Question: The Heisman Case For Braxton Miller

Phil Harrison
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The Heisman Should Go To...

After last week’s games, the Heisman race has been thrown more wide open than a boat on open water. Everyone’s favorite, Collin Klein, looked less than stellar in forcing throws, throwing picks, and being flat-out more hospitable to the Baylor defense than a butler at a tea party. With that in mind, someone has to win this thing, and what better person to bring the hardware home than the quarterback of THE Ohio State University.

I know, I know, the numbers. Miller’s numbers aren’t eye-popping like some of the Heisman winners of the past. In fact, if you do a side-by-side comparison of his and the others vying for amateur sports crowning achievement this year, what you see on paper will fall well short of entry into the exclusive club. There’s just one game to go before votes are cast, and Miller has thrown for over 1,800 yards, while rushing for slightly more than 1,200 on the season. And while he has over 3,000 all purpose yards, that doesn’t stack up with Manziel, and still falls short of Klein--especially when you start looking at the completion percentage and QB rating.

But numbers don’t tell the whole story. They never do, and it should NEVER, EVER be used as THE number one selling point of a Heisman candidacy. If that were the case, Montee ball or Case Keenum should have gone 1, 2 last year. If that were the case, Timmy Chang, Graham Harrell, and Colt Brennan would be polishing their Heisman’s every Saturday after finishing up their laundry. But we know they’re not.

No, the best player doesn’t mean the best stats. It means the best player, period. With that in mind, ask yourself where THIS Ohio State team would be without Braxton Miller. It’s hard to know exactly, but you can bet without a shadow of a doubt that OSU would not be sitting at 11-0 and a top five ranking in the polls. The talent surrounding Miller is not where it ultimately will be under Meyer, yet Ohio State just keeps winning with its most lethal weapon firing often.

Miller is the most athletic player on the field every time he straps on the helmet, makes moves even while going down, and has a highlight reel of electric moments second to nobody. He has been dynamic, tough, and clutch (willing his team to victory in key moments) all at the same time.

And let’s shed aside another myth while we’re at it. The Heisman goes to the best player in college football. It does not go to the best player on a postseason eligible college football team. Ohio State might be ineligible, but Miller is anything but.