Doan: It's A Good Bowl Season. Enjoy It
Posted Dec 3, 2012

Bart Doan Bowl Thought: It's A Good Bowl Season. Enjoy It

By Bart Doan
Follow me @Bart_cfn We love socialism in our sports, but not our real life. That is, until we hate it because we get it. Look, overall, the bowl matchup slate is a win.

College football is routinely interesting because it deviates from the normal sports fan line of thinking. Nothing to the casual fan or the seasonal only junkie gets everyone at the bar on their feet hugging random people they don't know like higher seeds in the NCAA tournament upsetting brand names in college basketball every March.

It resonates again in other sports, where seemingly everyone outside of New York or Boston gets a true kick out of watching those high payroll Major League Baseball teams take it on the chin every October, like Manny Pacquiao fighting a house cat.

But college football is apparently different for whatever reason. Be it the kvetching over Northern Illinois...a MAC a BCS game, or Louisville, who rightfully won a BCS conference, or carping and moaning about Wisconsin being a five loss team in the Rose Bowl, the rags to riches story continues to not be embraced in football, collegiate style.

It's hard to pin point where that mind set eroded from. Who didn't enjoy Jared Zabransky fooling Oklahoma in the Fiesta Bowl, or Utah plowing both Pitt and Alabama? Yet every year it seems, we're complaining about how we're getting the graphite shaft when it comes to bowl matchups.

Pardon me, but not this year. No, the BCS games might not have the sex appeal of a Victoria's Secret runway show, but the trickle down effect is that those teams that "everyone" wants to see in the BCS games? A lot of them are in non BCS bowls.

And let's be honest, there's no reason a Northern Illinois or a Louisville can't win. The upside for the shocking story at least is in part fun to think about and watch. Were you really inspired and in awe of Florida State scuffling around with 6-6 Georgia Tech Saturday to the point where you think the Huskies have no chance? Just because the boxers don't say Fruit of the Loom doesn't mean they don't offer comfort. Don't take everything so much at name value only.

Plus, we're left with some outstandingly fun games to watch. The Cotton Bowl should be a 5-6 hour affair, ghost of Big 12 past versus those of Big 12 present when Landry Jones and Oklahoma tangle with Texas A&M and Johnny Manziel. Or how about Tajh Boyd and Clemson, who could redeem some of the snarkiness critics offered after they were stoned by South Carolina against an LSU team that we're all not sure how good they are, or if they just like to make everything interesting for the sake of heart problems in Baton Rouge and television ratings.

Those are just a few games, not to mention quality tilts in the Outback and Capital One bowls. And the reality is, we asked for this by wanting more games and more "definitive" champion methods. Be careful what you wish for. All we got was a bunch of teams skirting good out of conference games because that's what helps you rise in the flawed and sloppy BCS standings, which leads to what you're getting now.

We're no closer to a definitive champion now any more than we were in 1997, and any more than we'll be when the four team playoff begins, sure to be a catastrophe. Teams will find ways to schedule skirt that system as well.

But enjoy college football for what it is, an entirely imperfect system that, unlike the NFL, college basketball, or anything else, leaves more controversy when it ends than when it begins. No sport generates year-round conversation like college football, all centered around the unknown.

And remember how mad you were about the "little guy" getting a shot in college football when you're in a pub this March begging for Vermont to beat Syracuse.