Every ACC Team's Holiday Wish List

Posted Dec 25, 2012

What every ACC team is hoping for this holiday season.

By Pete Fiutak
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Holiday Wish Lists
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Boston College
For Under The Tree
: Steve Addazio shows why he was close to getting the Florida gig a few years ago.
In The Stocking: Someone who can get into backfield after the D finished dead last in the nation in sacks and tackles for loss.

For Under The Tree
: A real, live win over a team with a pulse.
In The Stocking: An invitation from the Big 12.

Florida State
For Under The Tree
: A Northern Illinois team that plays like it's from the MAC.
In The Stocking: Another shot at the late 4th and 10 against Mike Glennon and NC State.

For Under The Tree
: A real, live FBS quarterback - and four backups.
In The Stocking: After finishing dead last in the nation in yards, more offense, more offense, more offense.

North Carolina State
For Under The Tree
: Dave Doeren is good enough to be talked about for bigger jobs three years from now.
In The Stocking: An offensive line as good as it was supposed to be under Tom O'Brien.

Wake Forest 
For Under The Tree
: To never, ever, ever lose home games to Duke and Vanderbilt in the same season.
In The Stocking: Points, points, points - and an offense that can move the ball.


For Under The Tree
: After allowing 30 points or more in each of the last six games, and more than 40 in five of them, a defensive stop.
In The Stocking: It's empty - Jabari Parker was delivered last week.

Georgia Tech
For Under The Tree: For USC to tackle in the Sun Bowl like it tackled over the first 12 games of the year.
In The Stocking: No one getting more than a week to prepare for the Tech offense.
For Under The Tree: A bowl invite the program will actually accept.
In The Stocking: Sincere Big 12 interest in the Miami TV market.

North Carolina
For Under The Tree:
For the team to play as well with something to play for as it did this year.
In The Stocking: The Big Ten taking on the dead weight of Duke football so the Tar Heels can keep the hoops rivalry relevant.

For Under The Tree: More Sam Ficken.
In The Stocking: The ability to receive - more interceptions - after coming up with just four.

Virginia Tech

For Under The Tree: Logan Thomas to be the Logan Thomas that everyone thinks he can be.
In The Stocking: No, seriously. Logan Thomas to help make the Hokies better than tenth in the ACC in passing efficiency.