Every Big Ten Team's Holiday Wish List

Posted Dec 25, 2012

What every Big Ten team is hoping for this holiday season.

By Pete Fiutak
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Holiday Wish Lists
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Big Ten  

For Under The Tree: Bobby Petrino to be one-and-done at Western Kentucky.
In The Stocking: The $1.5 million it'll probably take to buyout Tim Beckman.

For Under The Tree: Kevin Wilson to have the offensive talent as good as the backups he had at Oklahoma.
In The Stocking: A fast-forward button to get to a time when all the decent young talent amassed over the last two years has matured.

Ohio State
For Under The Tree: A sucky Big Ten as bad as the version Ohio State got to face this year.
In The Stocking: Two new best friends for Braxton Miller - the slide and the sidelines.

Penn State
For Under The Tree: For the sane and drowned out to finally have a bigger voice.
In The Stocking: A fax from Christian Hackenberg on February 6th.

For Under The Tree: Playmakers at Purdue as good as Dri Archer and Roosevelt Nix.
In The Stocking: A redo of the final 47 seconds of regulation against Ohio State.

For Under The Tree: Gary Andersen to be as good with Bret Bielema's guys as he was with Utah State's guys against Bret Bielema's guys.
In The Stocking: A few more four and five-star prospects who also fit "the type" that Wisconsin recruits to.

For Under The Tree: A running back who can last more than 14 plays without getting injured.
In The Stocking: The happily welcomed return of the downfield pass.

For Under The Tree: The patience of a few more years before Brady Hoke's recruiting classes start to mature.
In The Stocking: No more games against SEC teams.

Michigan State
For Under The Tree: An extra 14 points dispersed among the five Big Ten losses this season.
In The Stocking: A gigantic tub of Stickum for the Spartan receivers.

For Under The Tree: A passing attack and lots and lots of more yards against Big Ten teams.
In The Stocking: The same thing as last year truly wished for the Gophers - for Jerry Kill to finally find the right treatment to stop his problems with seizures.

For Under The Tree: More doors after getting the old ones blown off by Wisconsin in the Big Ten championship.
In The Stocking: Another look on Bo Pelini's face other than, "who farted?"

For Under The Tree: A deep safety with some semblance of leaping ability against Nebraska and Michigan.
In The Stocking: For the love of Robert Voigts, the program's second bowl victory.