Cirminiello's Sugar Thought: Keeping Strong
Posted Jan 3, 2013

Rich Cirminiello's thoughts on Louisville's win over Florida in the Sugar Bowl.

Richard Cirminiello

How happy is Louisville that Charlie Strong is on its payroll? How lucky is Louisville that the ACC came calling in the fall? Had the Cardinals still been on the deck of the sinking S.S. Big East, Strong would have already accepted one of the 14 offers that would have come his way.

On four separate occasions, Strong was employed by the University of Florida. It has got to be killing the Gators right now that they didn't find a way to keep their former defensive coordinator from ever getting off campus. Still a little early for a verdict, but he appears to be an upgrade over Will Muschamp.

It's entirely possible that Muschamp just squandered all of the goodwill he amassed in his second season in Gainesville. What happened tonight would never have occurred with Urban Meyer at the controls. This was a very Zookian performance from the Gators.

Uninspired efforts from the SEC, especially on defense, have become a trend this postseason. You get the sense that unless a title or a rivalry game is on the line, the league members sometimes have a tough time getting up for games.

Teddy Bridgewater might be the most unflappable quarterback in America. And he's just in his second year out of high school. While he'll continue to improve physically, it's his uncommon poise, leadership, toughness and smarts that have the program absolutely giddy about the second half of his career.

Okay, so we're officially done debating whether or not Florida got jobbed at No. 3 in the rankings, right?

With 6:07 left in the fourth quarter, Louisville punted for the first time in the Sugar Bowl. Odds of that happening? Somewhere north of astronomical.

Something has to be done with the Florida offense, a once-proud attack that has been too feeble for too long. Is Jeff Driskel the answer at quarterback? Or Brent Pease at coordinator? Two of many questions that Muschamp must ponder between now and the start of spring ball.