Harrison's Fiesta Thought: Oregon Best Team?

Posted Jan 4, 2013

Phil Harrison's Final Thoughts after Oregon's win over Kansas State in the Fiesta Bowl.

By Phil Harrison
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- It's still quite possible that the Ducks are the best team in the country. Stanford was the only team that was successful Duck hunting, and that was enough to ruffle the BCS' feathers. Does anyone really think that Oregon wouldn't be able to score points against either the Irish or Tide?

- On that note, not to beat a dead horse that's already been shot and buried, but I'm going to say it because it warrants some attention: Why isn't there more of an outcry that Oregon and Kansas State got passed over for the BCS National Championship? Oregon's only loss was in OT versus the Pac-12 champion and Rose Bowl participant, while Alabama went down to a non-champion BCS A&M squad. And while Kansas State laid and scrambled an egg against Baylor, it was on the road and was the only game in which the Wildcats didn't come to play--until tonight.

- This game had so much potential, you feel a bit cheated that it didn't pan out. We've been treated to some more than entertaining moments this bowl season, but this Fiesta Bowl was the equivalent of an overhyped, over-budgeted box-office bust.

- Kenjon Barner is graduating, but that just means De'Anthony Thomas is coming to a television set near you in 2013, ready to mamba.

- Is it just me, or does the Fiesta Bowl trophy look like something that was recovered out of King Tut's tomb?

- Will the Ducks be able to maintain the level of success they've had under Chip Kelly if he backs the U-Haul up to an NFL city? NIke U started to become a force to be reckoned with at the tail-end of the MIke Bellotti era, but its been brought to the big-time under Kelly's watch.

- Useless thought: Where does Oregon keep all 327 of its uniform combinations? The Ducks have more outfits than Lady Gaga, and more looks than a staredown convention.

- Kansas State had to feel pretty good about itself by slowing down the Quack attack in the first half, then the Ducks scored right before the gun and the scoreboard read 22 points for Chip Kelly's crew. Then the second half was an exercise of demoralization. Such is life against the dynamic offense of the fighting Phil Knights.

- Bill Snyder, meet Mona Lisa. Mona Lisa, meet Bill Snyder. First one to smile loses. Go.

- It's refreshing to see how Kansas State goes about its business. They just play, hand the ball to the official, huddle-up and do it all again. It's no doubt a reflection of the Wildcats skipper.

- The Oregon players aren't all that impressive looking stepping off the bus, but then the game begins and you realize that trying to contain them is like trying to catch a greased pig while chasing it on ice.

- This was still a solid year for K-State. It was supposed to be a respectable year for the ‘Cats, but not one that ended up with a BCS Bowl game appearance. Steady as she goes...

- Collin Klein is one of the good guys. He's tough as concrete nails, a class act on and off-the-field, and has grown into a special talent at the quarterback position. College football will miss him, while Big-Twelve defenders will not.

- Okay, Chip Kelly to the NFL is now on the clock.