2013 BCS Champ. Position Breakdown - Coaches

Posted Jan 7, 2013

As a primer, check out the position-by-position breakdown of the 2013 BCS Championship.

2013 BCS Champ. Breakdown

Alabama vs. N.D. - Coaches

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By Pete Fiutak
Alabama: Nick Saban's status went to a whole other level with his third national championship. A win over the Tide would give him four BCS championships since 2003 and with no signs of stopping – outside of the rumors about the Cleveland Browns.

is Saban going to bolt after the game? An assistant in Cleveland under Bill Belichick, there's plenty of talk about possibly giving the big league another shot after failing with Miami going 15-17 in two years before unceremoniously taking off for the Alabama job.

At a young 61, there wouldn't be a better time to go off to the NFL, but if it's all just scuttlebutt and if he chooses to stick around, the sky is the limit on what he might still be able to do with the Tide with another great recruiting class on the way and a loaded team returning for the 2013 season.

While his 2008 Tide team famously clunked against Utah in the Sugar Bowl, for the most part, Saban is the best in the game when it comes to game preparation, especially with time to work. Not only have his teams won the big games when getting weeks to work, but they've destroyed the opposition lately, ripping apart Michigan to start the season, Michigan State in the 2011 Capital One, LSU in the 2012 BCS championship, and Texas in the 2010 BCS championship – helped in that by an injured Colt McCoy early on. If Alabama beats Notre Dame in a walk, Saban's status will go to an even higher level.

Offensive coordinator Doug Nussmeier has done a terrific job taking over for Jim McElwain, who left after last year to take over the Colorado State job. Nussmeier has a gift of an offensive line to work around, but he has had to develop the skill players and needed to get creative throughout the year.

Defensively, coordinator Kirby Smart has been brilliant since coming aboard in 2007. While Saban will get the credit for the win, Smart has been a major part of the game-planning success. Few are better with time to prepare, finding ways to take away strengths better than any coordinator in college football.

Notre Dame: There was a time not all that long ago when Brian Kelly was considered on a bit of a hot seat. The Irish didn't appear to be going anywhere, the Declan Sullivan tragedy gave the detractors plenty of ammunition, and more than anything else, he didn't appear to have a good handle on his relationship with the team.

However, he did a terrific job of recruiting over his short term and he's been able to slowly develop the talent level and raise the team's athleticism. This year, he made an important change in his personality and relationship with the team, and that has made a world of difference.

No, he didn't exactly make a 180-degree personality turn like Tom Coughlin famously did – he didn't need to – but the players started buying in, the on-field tantrums ceased, and all of a sudden, everything seemed to be working out.

A two-time national Division II national champion at Grand Valley State, he left to turn Central Michigan into a MAC superpower in three seasons. He parlayed that into the Cincinnati job, where he needed just three years to take the Bearcats into the first of two BCS runs, highlighted by a 12-0 2009. Now in his third year in Notre Dame, can he bring the program its first national title since 1988? If he doesn't there appear to be lots and lots of chances about to come – this isn't a one-year wonder under Kelly.

Defensive coordinator Bob Diaco was a hot prospect for several head coaching jobs, and he still might be, but the timing was off. He's not about taking too many wild chances and he doesn't come up with anything too funky, but his defensive line has turned into a killer and he did wonders with a shaky and depleted secondary. Against Alabama, his job will be to keep the running game under wraps while generating consistent pressure on AJ McCarron.

Offensive coordinator Chuck Martin has to get Everett Golson in a groove right away. Can he solve the Alabama puzzle that few have been able to do in bowl games? Unlike Diaco, he's going to have to get extremely creative and he'll have to be able to change on the fly to what Alabama comes out and decides to do. Getting the running game going is a must, but the Irish mostly have to read and react.

ADVANTAGE: Alabama. Kelly and Diaco have been tremendous, but Saban and Smart have been there, done that and knows exactly how to prepare a team for a game like this. Saban did a masterful job in what was supposed to be a rebuilding season, and he appears to have put together a team with the perfect mindset and attitude. On the flip side, if Notre Dame wins this game, all of a sudden it'll be Kelly who gets the credit and the respect as the hottest coaching mind in the college game.
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