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Harrison Final Thoughts: SEC dominance?
Posted Jan 7, 2013

Phil Harrison's Final Thoughts before the 2013 BCS championship

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Harrison: Is there really an SEC dominance?
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By Phil Harrison
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BCS Title Game Thoughts

- Here we go. Will the SEC--and Alabama--exert its dominance once again, or will this be the start of the big-ship turning across its wake and closing the gap between football in the south and other parts of the country?

- On that note, don’t for one second believe that the gap between the SEC and the poor little other conferences was ever as great as pro-SEC folks have led you to believe. The top teams in the SEC won when the spotlight was on, and that has made all the difference from perception’s gaze.

- How will the Oregon Ducks be feeling when they sit down and watch this game with their Nike popcorn and soda? Chip Kelly’s crew just finished off neutering and declawing a very good Kansas State team to show the world that they have just as much claim to being national-title material as ‘Bama does.

- Nick Saban seems to be in the college ranks to stay (for now), but Brian Kelly’s name is starting to be wind to the the rumor mill when discussing the ungodly amount of NFL head coaching jobs open. The population of quality applicants available can’t possibly match the amount of wanted ads in this case, so you have to feel that some of the NFL brass will make a run at the him.

- If the Irish are going to win this game, it’ll have to stand on its head, rub its tummy, and juggle knives on the defensive side of the ball like it’s done all season. The Irish’s front seven will be tested more than it has at any other point this season as it goes against a very talented ‘Bama offensive-line.

- Don’t you find it very ironic that Notre Dame--yes that Notre Dame--is going to have almost every fan outside of the South pulling for men in kilts Monday night?

- Everett Golson, welcome to the big-time kid. You’ll have to make more than a few plays to restore the battered pride of Irish fans Monday night. No pressure. Seriously, you got this.

- After watching some of the performances of Alabama’s other SEC brethren, one has to believe that this shindig might actually be a game worth some man-bonding.

- The college football world will have to say Aloha to Manti T’eo when the final stanza of this one is written. The kid is an unbelievable leader, player, and person. Let’s hope there’s plenty of chances to see him on Sundays in the future.

- You’d think Nick Saban wouldn’t be so grumpy after the run the Tide have had under his watch. If Alabama can pull this out, three national championships in four years should make even the hardest of hearts smile a little.

- Okay AJ McCarron, you were supposed to take the next step this year. Here’s an opportunity to show everyone that you’ve got some untapped potential despite some of the lapses this year.

- Barring a plague upon both houses, these teams should still be very good in 2013. The recruiting classes have been stellar for both, key pieces return, and oh yeah, the guys wearing the headsets can coach ‘em up a little bit.

- The last time a team from a Northern climate won the national title was Ohio State in 2002. The frozen North needs something to thaw out winter’s chill. You’re up Notre Dame.

- Game on!