S.O.C. - 2013 BCS Champ. 1st Quarter

Posted Jan 7, 2013

Pete Fiutak's play-by-play analysis of the 2013 BCS Champ. - 1st Quarter

Stream-of-Consciousness Notes

2013 BCS Championship

First Quarter

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- Alabama gets the ball first.

- I always find it funny that coaches wear suits before and after games, but dress like total slobs during them.

- Wow … Notre Dame ball boy is holding three footballs and catches a 20-yard throw with his free hand. That could be the best pass the Irish completes all night. Thank you, I'll be here all week.

- It's not exactly Florida State vs. Northern Illinois in Sun Life.

Alabama on its own 17

- Annoying camera angle. ABC would show the line of scrimmage shot.

- Uh oh. AJ McCarron connects on a big pass to Kevin Norwood, Eddie Lacy runs for a first down, and Notre Dame loses its cool early on a facemask.

- The Irish was way, way too jumpy. They're too amped up on the opening drive and need to settle in.

- Fast.

- Whooa. Apparently, Barrett Jones is just fine. He BLASTED open a hole for Lacy for a touchdown.

- Year Nine of me not having the slightest clue what AFLAC is trying to sell me with this duck.

Alabama 7, Notre Dame 0

- That was a stone-cold, business-like touchdown drive for the Tide. Is there any chance this is going to be a shootout?

Notre Dame on its own 20

- The Irish opening up with three tight ends. Someone has been doing their homework.

- Smart. Try to get Everett Golson going early. However,

- Dee Milliner on Tyler Eifert. NFL vs. NFL. Milliner 2, Eifert 0.

- No … Eifert is juggling the ball. That's not a catch.

- Be faster, replay officials. Notre Dame shouldn't have to call a time out on this.

- Nothing off the replay. Three and out for the Irish …

- Fair catch call and a fumble. It looked like the Irish got in too early.

- Again, Notre Dame is way, way, WAY too jumpy. They're making too many mistakes.

- Screamy Irish fans … you HAVE to give the return man at least a yard.

Alabama on its own 37

- Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the Eddie Lacy show.

- Left guard Chance Warmack is putting the Irish defenders on ice skates.

- Alabama is looking healthy and refreshed.

- McCarron gets a little bit of time and fires away for a first down to Marvin Shinn.

- Manti Te'o has had a miserable first seven minutes.

- Left side … left side … left side. Cyrus Kouandijo and Chance Warmack are destroying the Irish.

- Oh dear Lord. Notre Dame sells out to stop the run on third and one and Lacy rumbles though the Irish defense like tissue paper.

- Touchdown … three yard pass to Michael Williams.

Alabama 14, Notre Dame 0

Notre Dame on its own 20

- OH MAN. TIME OUT … TIME OUT … Notre Dame, do something. Anything.

- Herbstreit after the Tyler Eifert fumble: "This is exactly the way Notre Dame wanted to avoid this game from starting."

- He was down! His knee was down before the fumble.

- Uhhhhhhh, replay officials? ...

- Uhhhhhhhh ….

- Uhhhhhhhh …

- FINALLY, the replay officials rule Eifert's knee was down.

- A first down!!! A first down!!! Oh mama I'm feeling hot today.

- Notre Dame isn't even pretending to run the ball.

- It seems like the Irish are running their routes WAY too deep. They're not messing with quick-hitters; they're afraid of Bama's speed.

- Golson air mails the third down pass into the 19th row.

- Time until A.J. McCarron's girlfriend trends in 3 … 2 … 1 …

Alabama on its own 20

- Left side … left side … left side …

- Seriously, Notre Dame. This is embarrassing. Alabama is doing absolutely anything it wants.

- FINALLY. Louis Nix III wins a battle against Barrett Jones.

- Third and short. Notre Dame … one stop. Make this interesting.

- And there goes that. Amari Cooper runs free, McCarron finds him, Bama down to the five.

- Jesse Williams in the backfield.

- Left side … left side … left side …

- That's a touchdown by Yeldon and they're not reviewing it?!

- First quarter over. Ugh.

FIRST QUARTER: Alabama 14, Notre Dame 0

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