S.O.C. - 2013 BCS Champ. 2nd Quarter

Posted Jan 7, 2013

Pete Fiutak's play-by-play analysis of the 2013 BCS Champ. - 2nd Quarter

Stream-of-Consciousness Notes

2013 BCS Championship

Second Quarter

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- How many Notre Dame fans are swearing out loud at Expedia's "Find Your Perspective" ad?

- T.J. Yeldon gets in easily. Thanks for playing.

Alabama 21, Notre Dame 0

- Did Manti Te'o make the team bus?

- Brent: "This is the toughest task (Notre Dame) has faced all year."

Notre Dame on its own 23

- Okay … here we go. Nice throw to DaVaris Daniels.

- Notre Dame going up tempo. That just means it's going to suck faster.

- Going for it on 4th-and-5 and Golson goes deep?

- Of course. Not a chance.

Alabama on its own 40

- The Irish brought a little pressure and it finally worked. McCarron's jersey is way too clean.

- Back-to-back big plays by the Irish D. It's like Notre Dame woke up a quarter too late.

- There's absolutely no panic by the Tide as McCarron connects …

- Holding on Kouandjio. Best tackle of the game.

- A punt?! Wow.

- Smart by McCarron. He didn't force a 3rd-and-forever throw, scrambled, ate the ball, avoided the mistake.

- Once again, Alabama has a HUGE advantage in special teams, and it shows.

Notre Dame on its own 7

- Welcome to the party, running game. Theo Riddick rips off a big run …

- And Alabama puts an end to the fun as Quinton Dial flies into the backfield and sits on Riddick's head.

- McCarron being checked out on the sideline … cramps.

- Golson takes off, tries to use his speed, and Bama closes faster and keeps him from getting what looked like a sure first down.

- DirecTV "genie" chick makes me happy I'm dropping $2,400 a year for a slew of movie channels I don't watch.

Alabama on its own 11

- Eddie is doing whatever he wants. He's running free.

- Notre Dame hasn't gotten a clean tackle yet …

- Herbstreit just said the same thing. This D hasn't missed this man tackles all year.

- ND has to do something to make McCarron uncomfortable. Maybe a dirty limerick.

- Alabama is being forced into third downs, but they're converting …


- Again, special teams. Punter Cody Mandell is a huge advantage, but it also helped that Davonte Neal fielded the ball inside the five.

Notre Dame on its own 3

- Nice throw by Golson out of his own end zone to Tyler Eifert. Golson has settled in, but he's not getting ANY help from the running game.

- I slipped on a patch of black ice and almost killed myself today. Boo hoo for the Irish fans in the stadium who get to leave early and go hang out on South Beach.

- Alabama's defense is following up every bad play with a good one …

- But Golson did a nice job of reading the blitz and hitting on another first down.

- And then he gets cute. Nothing was there, he scrambles, stays in the pocket and throws a prayer that almost got picked off.

- Bama needs to put 15 guys on Eifert and take its chances with everyone else.

- No third down conversions tonight for the Irish.

Alabama on its own 30

- Left side … left side … left side …

- Three minutes left in the first half. Bama taking its time, working the offense, keeping things moving.

- The offense went back to the ground game …

- And then the Irish ALMOST got its big break. Yeldon bips the McCarron pass and Te'o comes this close to picking it off.

- Forget the curveball, Ricky, go with the heater …

- Left side … left side … left side …

- Oh what a run by Yeldon. Te'o has Yeldon dead behind the line, and he misses a stop and gives up a third down.

- And then on the next play erases No. 4.

- OOOOOOHHHHH no. Kapron Lewis-Moore down.

- Looks like a knee … hopefully a cramp.

- Awkward landing, but he's up.

- 50 seconds to play. No sense of urgency for the Tide.

- What a throw by McCarron. He lofts a perfect, PERFECT throw to Christion Jones. Bama is attacking.

- The Tide is abusing KeiVarae Russell.

- WOW WOW WOW WOW WOW. McCarron comes up with a short pass to Lacy, spin move, spin move, touchdown, third national title in four years.

- Lewis-Moore limping into the locker room.

Alabama 28, Notre Dame 0

- Awful, AWFUL tackling from the Irish.

- Hi, I'm Fiu … (everyone) "Hi, Fiu" … I … I … I voted for Manti Te'o over Johnny Manziel for the Heisman.

Notre Dame on its own 16

- Take a knee. For the love of God, take a knee.

- The Irish don't. They're going to get out of this half sucking.


- Yards: Alabama 309, Notre Dame 124

SECOND QUARTER: Alabama 28, Notre Dame 0

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