S.O.C. - 2013 BCS Champ. 3rd Quarter

Posted Jan 7, 2013

Pete Fiutak's play-by-play analysis of the 2013 BCS Champ. - 3rd Quarter

Stream-of-Consciousness Notes

2013 BCS Championship

Third Quarter

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- Okay, Notre Dame. Take the ball and score. Make it slightly interesting.

Notre Dame on its own 20

- The Irish coming out hot. Everett Golson is attacking Dee Milliner. That won’t work for too long.

- What did Brian Kelly say? Who is this Irish team?

- I want ND to punch this drive into the end zone just to see Nick Saban blow his stack on the sideline.

- HaHa Clinton Dix makes a brilliant interception because Notre Dame moronically continues to challenge Milliner.

- Herbstreit sort of just says the same thing.

Alabama on its own 3

- Why not keep rolling with what worked? Left side … left side … left side.

- And so the Eddie Lacy Heisman campaign begins.

- Or the statement that he should be a first rounder. - Lather. Rinse. Repeat. Left side … left side … left side.

- The Irish already lost Kapron Lewis-Moore, and now Louis Nix is down. This is getting worse and worse.

- He walked off. Alabama’s offensive line is going to do even more.

- Yeldon. Left side … left side … left side …

- The interception was devastating. It was if the Irish had the right frame of mind, it came out playing well, and then the balloon went pffffffft.

- Nix is back in the game.

- 7:47 to go in the third. There’s absolutely no excuse to wait this long to show the Alabama baton girl types.

- Amari Cooper wide open for a touchdown. The Irish male cheerleader argued with the ref about whether or not Cooper stayed in bounds. As always, the male cheerleader was misguided.

Alabama 35, Notre Dame 0

Notre Dame on its own 20


- Golson still in firing. It’s learning experience time.

- This is a very, very, very different Alabama team now that it’s healthy. This isn’t the team that was so mediocre in the final month of the year.

- Bama rushed four against Johnny Manziel. It’s rushing five tonight. They fixed the glitch.

- Now there’s a play. Golson scrambles around, buys time, and hits TJ Jones for 31 yards on a 3rd-and-16. But he wasn’t in …

- It wasn’t challenged. No one cares. Life goes on.

- Bama with a roughing the passer penalty. Oh no … the wheels are coming off. Notre Dame might actually score.

- There’s no chance Notre Dame will score a touchdown here. None.

- First down. Golson air mails it out of the end zone.

- Second down. Complete to Jones down to the two on a great catch. Notre Dame finally figures out that going at Milliner might not be such a great idea.

- No running on the inside against Jesse Williams. The stats won’t show it, but he has owned the interior.

- TOUCHDOWN!!! Huzzah! Huzzah!

- Golson works down the line and sneaks in.

- Nice job of fighting, Irish. They’re still playing.

Alabama 35, Notre Dame 7

Alabama on its own 13

- Brent is trying SO hard to make it seem like the Irish are just this close to making it a ballgame.

- And then the Alabama offensive line does what the Alabama offensive line does.

- The Tide have the game in hand, but they’re making a lot of little mistakes now.

- So how does the offense overcome the mistake? How about running the ball for a first down?

- Seriously, Notre Dame … TACKLE.

- Oh yeah, and after Yeldon handles the work, in comes a fresh Eddie Lacy.

- This is an absolute clinic by the Bama front five.

- AGAIN. Te’o has Lacy dead behind the line, and whiffs.

- McCarron is throwing darts. He smokes one on the run through a tire to Amari Cooper.

- Mercifully, the Alabama running game is keeping the clock moving.

THIRD QUARTER: Alabama 35, Notre Dame 7