Doan: The greatness of the 2012 Crimson Tide
Posted Jan 8, 2013

Bart Doan's thoughts on Alabama's BCS championship win over Notre Dame

By Bart Doan
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Before we get into whatever that game was tonight, be clear: Alabama won a championship tonight. Not 13 other teams AND Alabama.

I'll try to do this in a series of praises. First, the argument has to be made that Nick Saban is the greatest college football coach of all time. He doesn't have the game-changing cachet of a Bear Bryant or Fielding Yost, but this day in age, what he's done at three schools (one of them being Michigan State, which is like making Willa Ford a multi-platinum album artist), the argument has merit. That's staggering.

Alabama was nasty early, and they were nasty often. It was clear they found something in Notre Dame's front four that no one else did, because they bulldozed them behind allegedly injured Barrett Jones, and that made play action almost too easy. .

No, the Irish didn't tackle well, but that happens when you're completely confused on what the offense is trying to do, which Alabama forced them into. And then at times, as with the Eddie Lacy spin-cycle all game, it was just pure talent that helped the Tide roll up yards..

There's really not much to take from this football game other than the dominance of Alabama, Nick Saban now has made three programs far better than they were when they hired them in college. That has to count for something.

The honest, real takeaway from this game is the BCS. If Notre Dame wasn't getting destroyed, Florida probably was. Remember, it was they who were begging for Notre Dame to lose to USC so they had a "claim" at a title. They of the team that got boat raced by Louisville.

Bama's greatness aside, it's time to revamp this BCS system, even going into a faux pas playoff. Bias and agenda cannot rule. Out of conference scheduling and desire to prove yourselves among the best must. Alabama did that, opening against allegedly top 10 Michigan and moving on from there. But there is too little of that mindset right now, and the sport hurts for it. Notre Dame wasn't good enough to be in this game in spite of their regular season. Neither was Florida. So who was? Well...if I have my druthers and college football does not, we'll find out. I'm betting on "college football."
Either way, Roll Tide. And embrace the fact that this year feels a little bit more legitimate than the last.