Harrison: Yeah, give the SEC its due

Posted Jan 8, 2013

Phil Harrison's thoughts on Alabama's BCS championship win over Notre Dame

By Phil Harrison
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- Many were really amped up to watch this game against two blue-bloods of the sport, but not far into the game, it was clear that these were two mismatched socks with one being riddled with holes in the toes and heels.

- Who wants to bet on the field versus the SEC for the national title next year? What, no takers? Some day, this run by this conference will be truly appreciated. People love to hate the SEC, but at some point you have to stand up and applaud.

- Think about this: As good as Notre Dame's defensive front-seven was this year, Bama just made them look like the local South Florida high school team.

- The majority of bowl season was great, but as the bigger games started popping up, things didn't quite live up to the lofty expectations. Dud city, USA occured in the Sugar, Fiesta, Orange, Cotton, and now the title matchup.

- Nick Saban is masterful when given this amount of time to prepare, but that's going to come to an end in 2014 when the playoff model begins. Let's see if that levels the playing field a bit. The rest of the country hopes so.

- So the SEC has won seven-straight national titles, and this Alabama team is going to have a more than fair chance to be in the mix next year as well. Could it be eight, nine, where does it stop?

- Does AJ McCarron really get another year to mature? Yeah, 2013 is going to be another fun year in Tuscaloosa.

- The Irish have to be feeling the disappointment of getting run over by a BCS dynasty freight train right now, but there are some extremely positive things to take from this year. The program is clearly on a serious uptick and back on the map under Brian Kelly.

- You've got to wonder if Notre Dame lost this game before it ever stepped on the field. The mystique of the SEC sometimes has too much effect on teams, and it appeared as though the Irish game plan coming out gave too much respect to the opponent. Instead of doing what had gotten the golden domers to Miami, the team played to keep things within reach instead of playing to be the aggressors. Things still got out of reach.

- Does any other program in America reload at the running back position like the Tide? Scratch that, does any other program in the good ‘ole USA reload across the board like the Tide? Nope.

- Complacency. It's' not a term that exists in the vocabulary of Alabama culture.

- It's easy to say now, but who else would have rather seen the Oregon Ducks versus this Bama team? Don't you get the feeling they would have had an easier time scoring? Yes, but could anyone have beaten the Tide tonight?

- On to next year...