Doan: Kelly to Philly NOW doesn't seem right
Posted Jan 16, 2013

Bart Doan on Chip Kelly taking over the Philadelphia Eagles

By Bart Doan
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Taylor Swift finds Chip Kelly's break-up methods and loyalty to be a bit questionable. Right after Kelly's "we are never, ever, ever getting (back) together" moment to the Philadelphia Eagles and subsequent standing ovation for his loyalty and candor in dealing with his situation, once again we find more grist for the dishonest coaches mill.

There's a lot of disappointment in this move, mostly because of the handling. Oregon fans are some of the most passionate but level headed in the country, and most all conceded that Kelly would try his hand at the NFL sooner rather than later but were happy when it was declared to be slightly later.

So the fan base has reason to be chafed when learning of his move to the NFL. It's confounding in how it happened. A recruit tweeted shortly after the news broke that Kelly was in his home trying to get him to switch commitments from USC only two days ago.

So whatever happened, it happened quickly. Some opine it was the impending NCAA sanctions some feel will come down on Oregon in the off season, and while I can't verify that obviously, it would seem that wasn't the case. Those things often leak out before a decision like this comes to roost. Others claim it was Philly deciding to relinquish more operating power to Kelly, which is absurd in it's own right. Again, tough to verify. But I will say that aside from Bill Belichick, that dual act has been about as successful as the Beverly Hills 90210 come back.

The Kelly to the NFL scene already was a bit confusing. No one can deny that his offense could work in the league. Heck, the Hoodie himself famously made an off season trip to study it. But comments like "he needs the challenge" are absurd considering he hasn't won a BCS title yet. Pete Carroll? Nick Saban? I can see their flirtations.

This is a disappointing development. Honesty is never at a premium in sports, especially when it comes to job hunting and recruiting, but you feel bad for the Oregon fans, who had easily, a top five team coming back. They still do, but who will lead them? That's a discussion for another day.

Immediately, college football and one of it's flagship programs recently is on the prowl for another coach, and someone will inherit a ready-made program. Meanwhile, Kelly will shuffle off to one of the most hostile sports markets in the country, a far cry from laid back Eugene, with a team needing an entire make over. Geno Smith might suddenly be heading to Philly, again, something I can't confirm.

The NFL is a powder keg with bright lights. Though the history of success for college coaches isn't a long list there, Philly seemed intent on getting a college coach. Apparently one with the last name of Kelly. They got it. Chip's security is gone. No one lasts very long there.

Far be it for me to tell someone more successful how to run their decision making, but whereas two weeks ago this might not have felt all that oily, the end result feels like someone tipped over a trough of Castrol on your garage floor.