Recruiting 2013 - Mountain West Needs
Posted Feb 2, 2013

What does each Mountain West team need, and what are the concerns this offseason?

Recruiting 2013 

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Air Force | The 2013 Recruiting Class

Team Concerns For 2013: The Falcons, as always, have to replace a ton of veterans with nine starters gone from the offense. Also, as always, the passing game has to improve. It was efficient last year, but that was with Connor Dietz under center. The secondary gets three starters back, but it has to be better after getting beaten time and again. Part of the problem was a non-existent pass rush that finished last in the Mountain West. Overall, the Falcons have to start winning the turnover battle after finishing last in the league and 106th in the nation in turnover margin.

The 2013 Class Is Heavy On ... Tight ends. Air Force always brings in a ton of bodies and recruits to flow through the program to gear up for a few years away, but the talent in this class is at tight end with Pete Cender out of Michigan and Trent Gow out of Texas two good-sized receivers who could add another dimension to the offense. Running backs Tim McVey and Bryan Driskell fit the Falcon type, while linebackers Kyle Williams and Joel Foy lead a decent group.

2012 CFN Recruiting Ranking: 87. That Class Was Heavy On ... The Falcons have to try to improve a defense that struggled way too often, and it's time for the 2009 recruiting class of good defensive players to come up big. This year's class is full of athletic lineman who'll move around between linebacker and the front line starting in 2014. As always, the players are coming in who can run the attack with some talented, speedy running backs who can contribute early on.

2011 CFN Recruiting Ranking: 98. That Class Was Heavy On ... Quarterbacks. The Falcons got plenty of help for the defensive line with fantastic ends coming in to provide a tremendous pass rush for the next several years. The secondary also got bodies with Cedric Parker leading a good group of corners. The focus will be at quarterback with Kent Rollins a ready-made option playmaker and Colton Huntsman and Teddy Ruben two runners who’ll get their shot. 6-4, 205-pound Christian Gann will be a No. 1 receiving target soon.

2010 CFN Recruiting Ranking: 83. That Class Was Heavy On ... Linebacker. This is a diverse class with a little something for all spots, but for the second straight season the top players are on the defensive side. Linebacker got the biggest influx of talent with three interesting prospects including Austin Arias, a safety-sized tackling machine who got a little interest from the Arizona schools but was too small for a big-time program. He, along with Joey Nichol and Seth Kline, will be the keys to the defense in a few years.

2009 CFN Recruiting Ranking: 117. That Class Was Heavy On ... Defense. As always, Air Force had to get a specific type of player, and as always, it went with smallish, quick defenders for the line and the secondary. Dan Zotto leads the way up front, while head coach Troy Calhoun brought in a few short, athletic corners. James Chambers could be a fixture at inside linebacker sooner than later.

Boise State | The 2013 Recruiting Class

Team Concerns For 2013: Scoring? Boise State? The offense wasn't all that bad, but it wasn't up to normal Boise State standards in a transitional season for the attack. Quarterback Joe Southwick put together a decent year in place of Kellen Moore, but the passing game was merely average and the offense didn't explode against the medium-to-strong teams. The punting has to be better after netting just over 34 yards per kick.

The 2013 Class Is Heavy On ... Defensive linemen. Last year the concern of the recruiting class was the lack of help for the front four - not a problem this time around. Chris Petersen went big on defensive tackles getting Tutulepeata Mataele and Justin Taimatuia from the JUCO ranks to see time right away in the interior, while Nick Terry and Kamalei Correa are two excellent prepsters who are as good as the program has brought in. The secondary also got a ton of help with JUCO corner Mercy Maston to find a role out of the boc and corner Dionza Blue a future starter. The offense isn't being ignored with three nice receivers in Kendal Keys, Jake Roh and Tanner Shipley along with running back Aaron Baltazar.

2012 CFN Recruiting Ranking: 59. That Class Was Heavy On ... The Broncos could use a few defensive linemen, or else next year will have to focus mostly on the front four. Quarterback has been addressed over the last few classes, and receivers are in place for the future. Linebacker might turn out to be the strength with a little bit of time, while the stars of the class will be for the secondary. 

2011 CFN Recruiting Ranking: 64. That Class Was Heavy On ... Defensive front seven. How much impact has Boise State’s move to the Mountain West had on recruiting? Yawwwwwwn. Down the road, the move up might matter a little bit, but it didn’t do much this year with a good class, but not an elite one. However, JUCO transfer safety Dextrell Simmons is a special prospect and corner Eric Agbaroji is a nice pickup for the secondary. The strength is on the defensive front, including linebacker Blake Renaud for the middle, with tackle Jeff Worthy and ends Sam Ukwachu and Robert Ash all expected to be rocks over the next several years.

2010 CFN Recruiting Ranking: 94. That Class Was Heavy On ... Quality over quantity. There simply weren't any spots to fill, and it showed with a light class. However, the players brought in were good ones highlighted by big receiver Matt Miller, QB Grant Hedrick, who won't be in the mix until at least 2013, and corner Bryan Douglas, the next great Bronco shut-down defender. This year's defensive line didn't need a whole bunch of work, but it got a little boost from JUCO transfer Tyrone Crawford, a speed rusher for the outside.

2009 CFN Recruiting Ranking: 62. That Class Was Heavy On ... Linebacker. While the Broncos were able to come up with a little something for several spots, the stars are at linebacker where John Michael Davis and Allen Mooney were two tremendous gets, while Gabe Linehan should be excellent with a little time in the weight room. This is the Boise State 2013 starting linebacking corps. Two good quarterbacks, Joe Southwick and Mikey Tamburo, were also signed to develop until Kellen Moore is done.

Colorado State | The 2013 Recruiting Class

Team Concerns For 2013: The Rams are full of veterans with 18 starters returning. Now they all have to be better at playing college football. The Rams were last in the Mountain West in both scoring and yards, struggling to find a steady passing game and not getting enough out of the line to get the ground attack working. For the first time in a while, the defense started to shine with a decent year against the pass, but the front four didn't hold up well against the run.

The 2013 Class Is Heavy On ... Linebackers. The offense is getting a little bit of help with a good class of tight ends including JUCO tranfer Martavius Foster and big prospect Trae Moxley, but the defense is getting the most help. JUCO transfer LaRyan King is going to be asked to be one of the team's anchors at defensive tackle from the moment he gets to practice, but it's the linebacking corps that should shine down the road with Kiel Robinson, Deonte Clyburn and Evan Colorito needing to be the foundation for the 2016 defense.

2012 CFN Recruiting Ranking: 106. That Class Was Heavy On ... New head coach Jim McElwain didn't get any time to work after helping lead Alabama to the national title. The last few Ram recruiting classes have been strong, and they're going to have to make due for a while with this class not likely to be anything special. The linebacking corps will get one star to work around with Deonte Wortham coming in from out of Dallas, but overall it's going to be a mad scramble to piece something together. 

2011 CFN Recruiting Ranking: 79. That Class Was Heavy On ... Running back. Head coach Steve Fairchild took over the job a few years ago wanting to get physical with the ground game. The Rams were 103rd in the nation in rushing last year (partly because of all the sacks the line gave up). This class revolves around the backfield to help out franchise quarterback Pete Thomas with five good recruits led by big, fast Dorian Brown and with thumper George Talanoa, who could be a linebacker is he’s not a fullback.

2010 CFN Recruiting Ranking: 104. That Class Was Heavy On ... Defensive linemen. LB Charles Favors might be the star of this recruiting class, but the Rams need a few linemen to shine. With all the quarterbacks brought in last year finding more signal calling prospects wasn't a pressing need, but the Rams still signed three decent ones highlighted by Peter Thomas, a big bomber who'll get a long look this offseason. But the strength-in-numbers part of the class is on the defensive line with six players led by end Ra'Shawde Myers.

2009 CFN Recruiting Ranking: 103. That Class Was Heavy On ... Quarterbacks. Billy Farris is gone opening up a hole at quarterback, and while there are options in Grant Stucker and Klay Kubiak waiting to step in, JUCO transfer Jon Eastman will be in the mix right away, Nico Ranieri might be the most talented player of the bunch, but the new recruit might have to wait around for a few years before getting his shot.

Fresno State | The 2013 Recruiting Class

Team Concerns For 2013: What was that in the bowl game clunker against SMU? After such a terrific season, the Bulldogs didn't show up when the lights were on, but now there's motivation to come back better and stronger with one of the best teams the program has fielded in several years. Replacing the diminutive Robbie Rouse at running back will be tough, and the main backups are gone, too. The O line needs to be a bit more consistent and stronger with two new starters in the interior, and the linebacking corps has to find a few replacements.

The 2013 Class Is Heavy On ... Tight ends. The Bulldogs are setting themselves up for the future at quarterback with excellent prospect Zack Greenlee to develop and JUCO transfer Brian Burrell to provide instant depth behind Derek Carr. Receiver DaMari Scott might be the team's best prospect, but JUCO tight ends Jerin McClendon and Mike Dunn along with prepster Nate Madsen will be major factors in the passing game. Head coach Tim DeRuyter also went after an instant infusion of talent for the secondary with JUCO transfers Rodney Mathews, Donnell Vercher and Tray Hall.

2012 CFN Recruiting Ranking: 118 That Class Was Heavy On ... New head coach Tim DeRuyter is speed recruiting, trying to put something together in a short time. The receiving corps got some help in 2010, but more talent and more firepower is needed for 2014 and beyond. DeRuyter's first job will be to improve the defense, but that's for the 2013 class. For now, he's just trying to salvage something out of the short time. 

2011 CFN Recruiting Ranking: 91. That Class Was Heavy On ... Outside linebackers. The defense found a pass rush last year for the first time in everal seasons, and now the outside linebackers are being brought in to keep the fun going. Donavon Lewis, Ekiro Ederaine, and Kyrie Wilson are the three-star talents, but Lewis is the only one built like a real, live linebacker. The offense didn’t get a bunch of help, but QB Marcus McDade and lightning-fast Dillon Root could pay off right away. 

2010 CFN Recruiting Ranking: 62. That Class Was Heavy On ... The passing game. Even though Derek Carr, the brother of David Carr, is likely the starting quarterback in the very near future, the Bulldogs were able to sign Lester Fontenette, a promising bomber from San Diego, while Kelly O'Brien is a JUCO transfer who might end up being the No. 2 man in the mix for the next few seasons. The dangerous Josh Harper is a big, fast target who combines with another good receiver, Davon Dunn, and the 6-6 Victor Dean to load up the team with receivers. Matt Darr is the nation's best punting prospect.

2009 CFN Recruiting Ranking: 78. That Class Was Heavy On ... Linebacker. Headlined by local product, Travis Brown, the linebackers were clearly the stars of this class, followed closely by the defensive ends. Pat Su’a and Daniel Salinas move like safeties, while Nat Harrison should be a good one after a little bulking up. On the defensive front, JUCO transfer Donnie Pritchett will be plugged in right away in the rotation, but Nikko Motta could eventually turn out to be better.

Hawaii | The 2013 Recruiting Class

Team Concerns For 2013: Really? The Hawaii offense sucked? The passing game didn't work and was wildly inefficient considering that head coach Norm Chow is such a legend, and the running game barely registered on the map. All 11 starters are back on offense, but the experience has to bring points. It didn't help that Warriors struggled to hit field goals with Tyler Hadden 13-of-21 tries, and it was a real problems that the defense wasn't even close to stopping anyone's ground game and had a hard time getting off the field.

The 2013 Class Is Heavy On ... Receivers. It's Hawaii. It's time to get the passing game going again. Norm Chow is getting his share of targets to play around with led by Ammon Barker and Marcus Kemp out of Utah to develop for down the road, and four JUCO transfers along with tight end Joshua Long to provide an instant infusion of talent. Quarterbacks Aaron Swahlen and Keenan Ewaliko are going to be thrown into the practice mix early on to try boosting the offense, while the defense needs JUCO transfers Tiji Hill and end Charles Tuaau to fight for starting jobs.

2012 CFN Recruiting Ranking: 112. That Class Was Heavy On ... It might sound crazy for Hawaii, but it needs quarterbacks. David Graves will have the job all to himself for now, but new head coach Norm Chow has to find a few good backup options to fight for the gig. The offensive line has to be addressed for down the road, and Chow will want to make better use of the tight ends, meaning he has to go get them. 

2011 CFN Recruiting Ranking: 92. That Class Was Heavy On ... Receivers. The bulk of the class is at defensive back where corners Ellis Henderson and Brian Clay lead a strong group coming in for the secondary. The immediate impact, though, should be at receiver where JUCO transfers Cecil Doe and Chris Gant will be asked to be the new playmakers from Day One, working on the other end of Bryant Moniz’s passes. There isn’t much else for the offense with the class working mostly to improve the defensive side for a second year in a row.

2010 CFN Recruiting Ranking: 87. That Class Was Heavy On ... Defensive linemen. It's Hawaii so the passing game was hardly ignored with a slew of new receivers signed to go along with QB Kevin Spain from Arizona, but this class is all about the defense and all about getting better up front. There isn't the JUCO influx of last year when head coach Greg McMackin looked to immediately patch all the gaping holes. This is about the strength in numbers with seven linemen of all shapes and sizes to build around.

2009 CFN Recruiting Ranking: 60. That Class Was Heavy On ... JUCO, JUCO, JUCO. Overall, the offense got the biggest boost with three quarterback prospects, including two good ones in Cayman Shutter and Corey Nielsen, and several backs and receivers, but it’s the junior college haul that should make the most noise. Head coach Greg McMackin brought in ten ready-made players with the most help coming for the defensive line with tackles David Hofoka and Zach Masch.

Nevada | The 2013 Recruiting Class

Team Concerns For 2013: Even though Chris Ault has retired, the offense should still be able to crank out big yards on the ground with quarterback Cody Fajardo back. However, leading rusher Stefphon Jefferson and backup Nick Hale have to be replaced along with three starters up front. As good as the Wolf Pack running game was, that's almost as bad as the run D was giving up over five yards per pop. The defense has to come up with more stops on third downs and has to keep the deep completions to a minimum.

The 2013 Class Is Heavy On ... Offensive tackle. The Wolf Pack needs Superiorr Reid and Don Jackson to go from junior college to the Mountain West right away for the Stefphon Jefferson-less ground attack, while several other prospects were brought in to pave the way. JUCO transfers Braxton Isaac and Avery Poates will at least provide offensive tackle depth, but Ziad Damanhoury and Chad Specht will be for down the road. JUCO transfer Ian Seau will be the star of the class as a potential starting linebacker for this year, but Beau Hershberger might become the better talent in a few years.

2012 CFN Recruiting Ranking: 114. That Class Was Heavy On ... The program didn't exactly capitalize off the big 2010 season with last year's class, but it come up with a boatload of running backs meaning head coach Chris Ault can look elsewhere. He'll get quarterbacks for 2015 with the 2009 class providing several options in development and with Cody Fajardo appearing to be the franchise for the next few seasons. The defensive back seven could use more options for down the line, but several young players will be a part of the 2012 season. 

2011 CFN Recruiting Ranking: 101. That Class Was Heavy On ... Running backs. After the record-setting Colin Kaepernick/Vai Taua rushing era has ended, the program needs reinforcements. The good quarterback crop of 2009 should kick in starting this year, so Tanner Roderick should get plenty of time to learn. The running backs might not have the talent of other Nevada positions, but Kendall Brock, Teondray Caldwell and Superiorr Reid fit the Pistol.

2010 CFN Recruiting Ranking: 91. That Class Was Heavy On ... Defensive linemen. The quarterbacks were brought in last season so the offense was taken care of. This year, something had to be done to boost the depth on a defense that can't stop anyone's running game. Seven prospects were signed for the defensive line with a premium put on speed, quickness, and pass rushing ability. There isn't the bulk needed to clog up the middle, but there pass rush will be a strength.

2009 CFN Recruiting Ranking: 106. That Class Was Heavy On ... Quarterbacks. With Colin Kaepernick set to be the franchise for the next few years, Nevada’s two new passers, Mason Magelby and David Fales, will get plenty of time to develop. However, JUCO transfer Maurice Patterson is a good-looking receiver who’ll get Kaepernick throwing to him this year.

New Mexico | The 2013 Recruiting Class

Team Concerns For 2013: The passing game has to at least be functional. The ground game was terrific, but defenses quickly figured out that there wasn't any hope of the Lobos throwing the ball with one of the nation's most inefficient passing games that finished second-to-last in America in passing yards. The defense needs to be stronger against the pass, finishing last in the Mountain West in both pass defense and pass efficiency defense.

The 2013 Class Is Heavy On ... Defensive linemen. The Lobos are bringing in a few running backs to grind away like Bob Davie wants with Teriyon Gipson and Romell Jordan each able to potentially carry the workload. JUCO transfer Clayton Mitchem will, at the very least, add immediate depth at quarterback and receivers Dameon Gamblin and Lamar Jordan should help out the passing game. Corner Isaiah Brown could quickly become the team's best defensive back, while Dakota Cox is an interesting linebacker prospect out of Utah.

2012 CFN Recruiting Ranking: 109. That Class Was Heavy On ... Former head man Mike Locksley was supposed to be a big-time recruiter, and while he came up with a nice player here and there, he didn't get the job done and the shelves are hardly stocked. Bob Davie believes in tough defense, but he also wants to come up with the building blocks up front to give an even bigger boost to a line that got plenty of prospects last year. 

2011 CFN Recruiting Ranking: 114. That Class Was Heavy On ... Offensive linemen. Mike Locksley was supposed to be a great recruiter after rocking at Illinois, and while he has maintained his pipeline to Maryland/Washington D.C., he hasn’t gotten a slew of difference makers. This year, his class is trying to do more up front on offense with Korian Chambers, a 6-6, 350-pound JUCO transfer, needing to shine right away at tackle. 6-7, 345-pound Jamal Price will blot out the sun at one tackle spot.

2010 CFN Recruiting Ranking: 85. That Class Was Heavy On ... Wide receivers. After bringing aboard a slew of quarterbacks last year, the Lobos needed an upgrade in receiving talent for the near future. Head coach Mike Locksley, even after a bizarre and disastrous 2009, was able to use his talents as a recruiter, which was considered his strength when hired, to sign on four receivers led by Joshua Ford from Washington D.C., Locksley's pipeline that brought in so much talent to Illinois, and Detchauz Wray. Even with all the quarterbacks in last year's class, Locksley was still able to get Tarean Austin out of Florida.

2009 CFN Recruiting Ranking: 88. That Class Was Heavy On ... Quarterbacks. They might not be needed right away, and there are a few young options in Brad Gruner and Tate Smith already in place to push Donovan Porterie, who’s returning from injury, but the two new quarterbacks will be in the hunt for time by 2010. Darren Jones and Emmanuel Yeager are tall, athletic players who can do a little of everything.

San Diego State | The 2013 Recruiting Class

Team Concerns For 2013: The Aztecs don't have any gaping holes with 20 starters returning, but finding a couple of good starting corners is a must after losing Leon McFadden and Josh Wade. The pass defense wasn't exactly a rock with those two, giving up over 3,000 yards and having problems on third downs. The offense has to be better at hanging on to the ball after giving it away 25 times, and penalties were also a wee bit of an issue.

The 2013 Class Is Heavy On ... Defensive back. The defensive line is getting two fantastic prospects in Dakota Turner and Jordan Watson, and the receiving corps is getting some help with Julius Wilson and Joe Morrow two good-sized targets, but this class is about the secondary with corners Charles Okonkwo and Kalan Montgomery along with safety Marcus Stamps leading a loaded group. It's not a stretch to call this the Mountain West's best area of improvement this recruiting season. Sergio Phillips will soon be the team's starting center.

2012 CFN Recruiting Ranking: 73. That Class Was Heavy On ... After years of loading up with skill players, now the Aztecs need to do more for the defensive side. Linebackers appears to be set for the next few years, but the line will get more bodies even though there's a young group already ready to do more in the 3-4. Head coach Rocky Long likes big offensive linemen, and he's bringing in some great-looking tackles; this could turn out to be the best haul of blockers in the Mountain West. 

2011 CFN Recruiting Ranking: 93. That Class Was Heavy On ... Skill players. New head coach Rocky Long is bringing in a huge class, and while there aren’t a lot of superstars after the departure of Brady Hoke, there are enough good players on offense to start pounding the rock the way the new staff wants to. QB Chad Jeffries and RB Brandon Wright will have to wait their turn for a few years, but they’re strong talents who’ll be the future, while WR Jemond Hazely and TE Sam Meredith will be a big part of the passing game.

2010 CFN Recruiting Ranking: 72. That Class Was Heavy On ... Offensive linemen. Brady Hoke has worked on improving the skill talent over the last two seasons, and this class was built to allow all the new players to shine. This was a big class that addressed several areas, but the best players were on the offensive front led by JUCO transfer Juan Bolanos, a massive player who'll be thrown into the rotation right away. Emmanuel Beavers and Zach Dilley who'll be the cornerstones for the future. JUCO transfers Riley Gauld and Joe Unga will also be counted on early.

2009 CFN Recruiting Ranking: 87. That Class Was Heavy On ... Skill positions. New head coach Brady Hoke needs to bring in the playmakers, and he has them in bunches with a few prospects for all the skill spots. QB Jake Bernard is a good-looking option for the near future, and Osmond Nicholas should be an eventual No. 1 target. The class is also big on corners, arguably the strength of the class, with several options coming in including Nat Berhe and Marcus Andrews. 

San Jose State | The 2013 Recruiting Class

Team Concerns For 2013: The Spartans have to go on without head coach Mike MacIntyre, who's off to Colorado, but there's enough talent returning to hope for a decent year. However, the defensive front has some major replacements to find on the end with Travis Johnson and David Tuitipou gone, and finding three new starters in the secondary will be a concern. The offense will revolve around the passing game, but not having running back De'Leon Eskridge to count on to run the ball will be a concern.

The 2013 Class Is Heavy On ... Defensive linemen. It's a new era for the Spartans, but there are already a slew of decent prospects in place - there isn't much of a need to load up for right now. However, the defensive line is getting some reinforcements with JUCO transfer Garrett Guanella a pass rushing end and Travis Miller and Nate Velichko two big bodies for the interior. The receiving corps is getting some help with Delvon Hardaway and Thomas Tucker, while Brandon Monroe could become an early factor at running back.

2012 CFN Recruiting Ranking: 95. That Class Was Heavy On ... Tight ends. Things are starting to look up for San Jose State with a strong team returning, head coach Mike MacIntyre getting an extension, and a winning season and a WAC title both reasonable goals. Now it's time to look forward, and for MacIntyre to run his offense like he wants to, he needs good pass catching tight ends to take over once Ryan Otten leaves. 

2011 CFN Recruiting Ranking: 106. That Class Was Heavy On ... Joseph Gray. The Spartans loaded up last year, and now they need to find more playmakers. For the second year in a row, the defensive line gets the best overall players with 6-1, 305-pound Nathan Falo a possible anchor on the inside. However, the team needs more pop from the offense, and it needs smallish passing quarterback Joseph Gray to be the type of star who the rest of the program can build around. If ever one player can make a class, this might be it. It needs to be. No pressure, Joe.

2010 CFN Recruiting Ranking: 82. That Class Was Heavy On ... Defensive linemen. SJSU had one of the smallest classes in the country last year, and it made up for it by loading up this year for both sides of the ball. New coach Mike MacIntyre is a defensive head coach and he needed bodies up front. He got them, led by stud JUCO transfer Ah'Keem McKinney, who'll likely be penciled in as a starting tackle. JUCO transfers Andrew Moeaki and Ja'Rodd Watson also add some instant beef up front, while speed ends Sean Bacon, Marcus Howard, and Vince Buhagiar are for the future.

2009 CFN Recruiting Ranking: 97. That Class Was Heavy On ... 2010. With one of the smallest recruiting classes in the country, next year will be all about bringing in the bodies. There might not be many players coming in from this class, but there are some good ones with JUCO transfer Lamon Muldrow ready to be one of the main running backs right away, while the pitch-catch combination of Dasmen Stewart to James Orth looking to be rolling in a few years.

UNLV | The 2013 Recruiting Class

Team Concerns For 2013: Just get a few wins. The Rebels aren't used to being anything more than a punching bag, but with 20 starters returning it's time to finally start producing. The defense has to be better against the decent passing teams and has to be far, far better at getting off the field after allowing opponents convert 46% of their third down chances and a whopping 52% of their fourth down tries. The running game found something with Tim Cornett turning in a good year, but the painfully inefficient passing game has to get more from the receivers down the field.

The 2013 Class Is Heavy On ... JUCO transfers. UNLV is always in a desperation WIN NOW mode, but there are a few nice high school gets for the offense led by running back Keith Whitely from Texas. However, Bobby Hauck is looking to improve the defense immediately with four defensive end JUCO transfers with Austin Koki and Pingi Moli from Mount San Antonio in California and Efrem Clark leading the way. Two more JUCO types - Damon Collins and Kori Gaines - are in at corner, while Jack Killian and guard C.J. Backlund will be part of the rotation right away.

2012 CFN Recruiting Ranking: 89. That Class Was Heavy On ... Head coach Bobby Hauck has done a good job on the recruiting trail over his first few seasons, but it hasn't shown on the field. He wants his team to be far more physical on both sides, but he's not doing too much for the offensive line with the defense expected to get more talent coming off a few deep classes of defenders. 

2011 CFN Recruiting Ranking: 89. That Class Was Heavy On ... Cornerback. The last two classes focused on the defense, with the 2009 haul loading up on defensive back. This class is trying to get more pop for the offense with a few decent quarterback prospects, led by JUCO transfer Sean Reilly, and the star of the entire class is JUCO linebacker Princeton Jackson, but the best position is corner. Fred Wilson and safety-sized Brandon Baker promising for down the line, while JUCO transfer Kenneth Spigner has to make a splash right away.

2010 CFN Recruiting Ranking: 100. That Class Was Heavy On ... Key defensive linemen. Bobby Hauck didn't have much time to put together the recruiting class he might have wanted, but he did a good job of sprinkling in some star prospects with the bulk. Only two defensive linemen were brought in, but tackle Desmond Tautofi could be a cornerstone tackle while Ian Bobak should be a pass rushing terror with a little bit of time. Overall, Houck wants a more physical team, and this class should be a good start. 

2009 CFN Recruiting Ranking: 81. That Class Was Heavy On ... Defensive backs. While this is a class full of variety, there isn’t a lot of star power. JUCO defensive end B.J. Bell will be asked to shine right away, Jordan Barrett is a top-shelf outside linebacker prospect, and the defensive backs should be solid. JUCO transfers Mike Grant and Warren Ziegler will provide instant depth at corner, while Courtney Bridget is a tall, promising corner for the other side. Chase Childers is a fast safety.

Utah State | The 2013 Recruiting Class

Team Concerns For 2013: The first step will be getting used to new head coach Matt Wells, who should keep most of Gary Andersen's main schemes in place, but he'll have to find a new running back to get the ground game going with Kerwynn Williams done. The Aggies have to cut down on the penalties and it would be nice to be better at holding on to the ball - opponents had it four minutes more per game - but more than anything else, they just have to try keeping the momentum rolling moving from the WAC to the Mountain West.

The 2013 Class Is Heavy On ... Wide receivers. The idea is to help out the passing game down the road with JUCO transfers Ryan Watson and Ronald Butler along with three of the team's better prep pickups - John Fakahafua, Hayden Weichers and Tyler Fox - to give the offense a boost. The defense will need bodies next season with ends Caden Andersen and Jacoby Wildman two of the few strong prospects. Quarterback Darell Garretson and JUCO transfer corner Jeremy Morris need to be key parts of the puzzle.

2012 CFN Recruiting Ranking: 124. That Class Was Heavy On ... The Aggies need to upgrade the running back corps with Robert Turbin and Michael Smith gone. The depth needs to be developed and any newcomers will get every shot to see time right away. After going heavy on the JUCO transfers over the last few years, head coach Gary Andersen is in a more secure position and the program can go after more freshmen options to build for down the road. 

2011 CFN Recruiting Ranking: 100. That Class Was Heavy On ... JUCO. Gary Andersen went went the JUCO route to provide some instant pop in 2009, and after dealing with the future last year, he’s going back to the secondary schools for help. True freshman QB Chuck Keeton needs to be the star of the class with his athleticism, but the point of this haul was to load up on plays with three JUCO corners, led by speedy William Davis, while Tyler Bennett could be a major boost for the punting game.

2010 CFN Recruiting Ranking: 107. That Class Was Heavy On ... The passing game. Gary Andersen spent his first season loading up on players getting JUCO transfer after JUCO transfer, but this recruiting season is about building for the future. Diondre Borel is the starting quarterback this year without question, so Alex Hart, Trevor Brown, and Jeremy Higgins will get time to develop. However, a few of the new receivers will be asked to produce early on. JUCO transfers Xavier Martin and Dontel Watkins will give Borel targets, but Shaan Johnson will end up being the start of the passing attack.

2009 CFN Recruiting Ranking: 104. That Class Was Heavy On ... JUCO. New head coach Gary Andersen is looking to make an impact early on, and he needed more bodies to do it. While the incoming junior college players will mostly be used for depth, the program needed players to push for spots and to provide more competition. OT Christian Browne-Frazier and LB Reuben Willis will do that.

Wyoming | The 2013 Recruiting Class

Team Concerns For 2013: The Cowboys have to try to find the 2011 mojo again by getting the offense rolling. Brett Smith might be a terrific quarterback, but he needs the weapons to start being more explosive. The running game was abysmal at times gaining just 3.38 yards per carry, and the passing attack couldn't pick up the slack. The defense has to come up with more third down stops after allowing teams to convert 51% of their chances.

The 2013 Class Is Heavy On ... JUCO linebackers. The Cowboys are working on their offensive front with massive Connor Kiese and JUCO transfer guard Albert Perez two nice prospects in a big class, but the defense gets the most immediate punch with JUCO transfers Malkaam Muhammad, Jeffrey Lark and Jordan Stanton needing to shine early on at linebacker. Defensive tackles James Diamante and Dalton Fields need to be developed, and safeties Xavier Lewis and Tanner Gentry are promising, but the team needs the linebackers to shine to make this class work.

2012 CFN Recruiting Ranking: 107. That Class Was Heavy On ... Just how much is the needle pointing up? With QB Brett Smith in place for the next few seasons, now it's about putting in the pieces around him. The 2010 class of receives should be maturing, but now the Cowboys need more running back prospects with Alvester Alexander taking off early for the NFL. Beefing up the secondary with more bodies is a must. 

2011 CFN Recruiting Ranking: 97. That Class Was Heavy On ... The passing game. The defense wasn’t ignored with several interesting outside linebacker prospects brought in, but with the sudden departure of Austyn Carta-Samuels, doing more for the anemic passing attack was a must, With five true receivers coming in, led by the smallish, quick London Muse, the receiving corps is getting an infusion of bodies. The quarterback gig is open, and Adam Pittser out of Illinois will get an instant shot at the job, while athletic Brett Smith will be part of the mix.

2010 CFN Recruiting Ranking: 90. That Class Was Heavy On ... Receiver. Austyn Carta-Samuels has to throw to someone. After hitting the jackpot and getting a quarterback who could play right away last year, the Cowboys now need to upgrade the passing game with more dangerous targets. JUCO transfers Mazi Ogbonna and DeJay Lester need to be a big part of the offense right away, while C.J. Morgan will be a speedy target who could be the No. 1 in the near future. On the other side of the ball, JUCO transfer Austin Daniels might start right away at one corner.

2009 CFN Recruiting Ranking: 105. That Class Was Heavy On ... Quarterbacks. The rest of the class is mediocre, at generous best, but the quarterback recruits might be the best in the Mountain West. Austyn Carta-Samuels isn’t big, he isn’t fast, but he’s a player who could be the franchise sooner than later. For now, considering the woes at quarterback last season, the signing of JUCO transfer Robert Benjamin is a nod toward the present.