Final Thoughts On The Super Bowl
Ray Lewis
Ray Lewis
Posted Feb 3, 2013

Pete Fiutak's Final Thoughts On The Super Bowl - Baltimore Ravens vs. San Francisco 49ers

Final Thoughts - Super Bowl

Fiutak: This is easy

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- Does God care who wins the Super Bowl? Yes, but my wife doesn't.

- I hung with Him at the Lacoste/GQ Super Bowl party. Great guy. Excellent tipper. Made it rain - literally.

- Regarding Kate Upton after she passed by: "Yeah ... You're welcome."

- Regarding Guy Fieri after he passed by: "Pete Wells took care of that, but let me put it this way; if tequila and fettuccine belonged together, don't you think I'd have made it grow on trees?"

- Who does He like to win? "Harbaugh ... guaranteed."

- (This is about the time when my computer mysteriously goes blue screen - it happened before - so I'll stop there.)

- I want Baltimore to win for no other reason than to hear what kind of mind-numblingly moronic blather comes out of Ray Lewis.

- I'm not quite sure who's more frightening; those screaming racism over Sports Illustrated's piece about Lewis and his deer-spray shenanigans, or those claiming the controversy is all the handiwork of The Devil.

- Having been yelled at by both sides throughout the last week, the vote goes to those who believe that Lewis is being called out because of racism and some evil demon.

- If you end up watching the Super Bowl on whatever mobile phone app is being promoted at the moment, your life probably sucks.

- My favorite part of the two week lull is the running loop of past Super Bowl highlights. It's sort of like watching A Christmas Story at least four times every Christmas. You know what's going to happen, the novelty is gone, and it doesn't work at all in the middle of July, but it's still part of the ritual.

- Just as I wrote that, the late Lewis Billups dropped the game-sealing interception.

- If you don't immediately understand what that means, we're not on the same page. I need you here.

- NFL Films has to go back and redo the inexplicably miserable effort on Chicago's XX win over New England.

- Jimmy Johnson's narration on the Dallas dismantling of Buffalo in XXVII sort of loses its gravitas when he's pitching ExtenZe during the commercial break.

- Oh yeah, the game.

- This isn't Alabama over Notre Dame obvious, but this couldn't be an easier pick.

- I love Colin Kaepernick's game. I'm dead wrong all the time in my analysis of pro prospects – and I'll always take my lumps when I overgush on a Vernon Gholston here or a Blaine Gabbert there – but I was absolutely right on Kaepernick, who was my No. 3 quarterback in 2011 behind Cam Newton and Gabbert and ahead of Jake Locker, Andy Dalton and Christian Ponder.

- "If someone is willing to make the investment, and if someone is willing to be very, very patient, Kaepernick has the tools to be a special player."

- But I also ranked Ricky Stanzi ahead of Dalton.

- Andy Dalton will win just as many Super Bowls as Ricky Stanzi.

- Again, I love Colin Kaepernick's game.

- And now he's about to be shut down cold.

- I know Baltimore all of a sudden got old and weird on defense, but you're giving future Hall of Famers Ray Lewis, Ed Reed, Haloti Ngata and Terrell Suggs two weeks to prepare? Kaepernick isn't going to run anywhere.

- However, if San Francisco wins this, it'll be because it has the best offensive line in the NFL and because Jim Harbaugh is the best coach in all of football.

- Just like Alabama won the BCS championship because it had the best offensive line and the best head coach in college football.

- That, and because the Crimson Tide were much, much better at playing college football than Notre Dame.

- And, of course, because Manti Te'o was distracted.

- No, Randy Moss isn't the greatest receiver of all-time.

- But he's the no-doubt-about-it No. 2.

- We all got it, Beyoncé, we know you can sing The Star Spangled Banner. That's not the issue.

- "Any questions?" Yeah … if you can do that on the spot in the pre-Super Bowl press conference, then why didn't you step up your game and crank it out live at the inauguration?

- And don't say it was because it was chilly.

- Everyone, you are aware that Whitney Houston was corking her bat when she sang the national anthem before Super Bowl XXV, right?

- This really is amateur hour for true sports fans. Give me training camp.

- I have a real fear that someday the college football national championship is going to devolve into the same sort of corporate yuck that ruins the biggest game of the NFL season.

- Oh yeah, the Super Bowl.

- I want to see the losing Harbaugh give the winner a massive noogie instead of a post-game handshake.

- In a perfect world, the brothers would switch teams to see who's truly the better coach.

- No, it really wasn't that gutsy a call to go with Kaepernick over Alex Smith. If Kaepernick stunk, Smith would've been back in.

- Joe Flacco's contract status has nothing to do with whether or not Baltimore wins? Yeah, right. One MVP will cost the Ravens millions more than they would've paid a few months ago.

- Brat, hot dog, chicken or hamburger? Yes.

- Remember, this Super Bowl isn't happening if Rahim Moore makes a routine play on the ball.

- That, and if Peyton Manning didn't pull a Peyton Manning by throwing the brutally painful pick at the wrong time.

- David Akers isn't going to miss.

- But it won't matter.

- Again, this one is easy.

- Baltimore 30, San Francisco 17, and it'll only be that close because of a Niner touchdown in garbage time.

- Of course Ray Lewis is going to be the MVP.

-Tim Tebow wants it that way.

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