Recruiting 2013 - MAC East Needs & Concerns
Posted Feb 6, 2013

What does each MAC East team need and what are the concerns?

Recruiting 2013 

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- MAC West Recruiting Needs & Concerns

Akron | The 2013 Recruiting Class

Team Concerns For 2013: Terry Bowden has to get more from a defensive front that was awful against the run and didn't get enough production into the backfield. It all ended up trickling down the defense with the secondary giving up way too many big plays, partly because quarterbacks got all day to work. The kickoff return game was the worst in the nation, while the running game fizzled averaging just 114 yards per game.

The 2013 Class Is Heavy On ... Linebackers. The secondary is getting several pieces including corner Mykel Traylor-Bennett and JUCO transfer Donte Williams, and quarterback Tommy Woodson and receiver Austin Wolf will end up making an impact down the road, but best position is linebacker with local products Jerome Lane and Deontae Moore eventual starters, and JUCO transfer Jon Shelby bringing some instant depth.

2012 CFN Recruiting Ranking: 105. That Class Was Heavy On ... New head coach Terry Bowden has to find as much help for the offense as possible … now. Last year's class brought in plenty of receivers, but the line has to be night-and-day better. This class will upgrade the front five, while going after a few backs to improve a woeful running game is a must. 

2011 CFN Recruiting Ranking: 107. That Class Was Heavy On ... Skill Players. Rob Ianello’s anemic offense needs more pop, and while it’s asking a lot to get it right away from a recruiting class, at least one running back should emerge from the fray. Bre Ford and Karell Bostick will get every opportunity early on. The receiving corps gets more help with smallish speedsters. JUCO transfer center Vinnie Rizzo could see time immediately.

2010 CFN Recruiting Ranking: 98. That Class Was Heavy On ... Skill players, skill players, skill players. The Zips loaded up on wide receivers last year and brought even more in this season. For a team that struggled so much offensively, there's reason to get excited with QB Patrick Nicely, last year's big recruit, getting weapons to work with highlighted by RB Erick Howard, who's better than anyone the team had last year. Even more receivers were brought in with Keith Sconiers, Anthony Schrock, and Mike Bizzarro all with size and all physical.

2009 CFN Recruiting Ranking: 111. That Class Was Heavy On ... Wide receivers. The immediate help is at cornerback, but the bulk is at receiver. There aren’t any five-star, sure-thing prospects, but there are a lot of them with various types and sizes. New QB Patrick Nicely, a passer, will have targets to work with once he becomes part of the mix in three years.

Bowling Green | The 2013 Recruiting Class

Team Concerns For 2013: The passing game has to become efficient again. Matt Schilz is a veteran who knows what he's doing, but he needs more downfield weapons to play around with. The defense should be fantastic, but it'll still hurt to lose tackling machine Dwayne Woods, and the punting game will be better than it was in 2012 - Brian Schmiedebusch is better than 40.9 yards per kick. As long as the offense starts to find a groove again like it had a few seasons ago. the Falcons will be among the MAC favorites.

The 2013 Class Is Heavy On ... Running back. Safety Isaiah Gourdine might be the star of the class, and linebackers Nathan Locks and Paul Senn will make a huge impact, but the skill spots should be the strength in time once receivers Teo Redding and Mike Rogers - two big targets - mature. Helping the passing game will be tight ends Hunter Fokertsma and Logan Larson. Fred Coppet is a nice running back out of Fort Lauderdale who fits the offensive mold, while Marcus Levy and Patric Hannon are good recruits who'll find playing time.

2012 CFN Recruiting Ranking: 78. That Class Was Heavy On ... Offensive tackle. Apparently, it's time to start blocking someone with most of the emphasis on offensive tackle with a strong MAC class being put together. Defensively, the linebacking corps is loading up for the second time in three years, especially for the inside, with some terrific athletes coming in. After a few years in the weight room, there's a lot to be excited about. 

2011 CFN Recruiting Ranking: 82. That Class Was Heavy On ... Defensive linemen. Getting a smallish, talented playmaking quarterback in Matt Johnson should give the team an interesting player to work around over the next few years, but the most immediate help comes to the offensive line, mostly helped by JUCO transfers Scott Hodges and Dominique Wharton. The most overall talent, though, is on the defensive front led by ends Bryan Baird and Zach Colvin.

2010 CFN Recruiting Ranking: 92. That Class Was Heavy On ... Linebackers. Head coach Dave Clawson had an eye towards the future last year by trying hardest to bring in good quarterbacks. Even so, he brought aboard two more this year led by Caleb Watkins, a strong all-around playmaker who could get an honest shot at the job right away. Don't be stunned if RB Jamel Martin and WR Marcus Beaurem aren't a part of the mix right away. While the offense will keep rolling, the Falcons beefed up the defense with a slew of small, athletic, safety-sized linebackers.

2009 CFN Recruiting Ranking: 82. That Class Was Heavy On ... Quarterbacks. New head coach Dave Clawson needs quarterbacks to work with for the near future, and he brought in three of them with Matthew Schilz the best of the lot, Austin Collier a more mobile option, and Alex Thomas a dark-horse bomber who could be in the mix a few years from now.
Buffalo | The 2013 Recruiting Class  

Team Concerns For 2013: The offense has to match the defense. Can the attack score? After coming up with just one game of 30 points or more against an FCS team, the offense needs to be far more efficient passing the ball needing help from an offensive line that's been average in pass protection. The special teams have to be far better after a miserable season punting and with little pop in the return game averaging just 18.9 yards per kickoff return and 5.08 yards per punt try.

The 2013 Class Is Heavy On ... Receivers. There weren't many spots open in the recruing class after a few huge hauls, and once again the Bulls are going after the passing game. JUCO linebacker Blake Bean is an interesting option to help on the outside right away and quarterback James Coleman will be groomed to be in the mix in 2016. Receivers Jamarl Eiland out of Michigan and DuBois Ross are the two best players in the class, but it might take a few years before they make any sort of impact.

2012 CFN Recruiting Ranking: 97. That Class Was Heavy On ... The passing game is getting the attention with more options coming in to push for the job in the near future. There are some players already in place, including part-time starter Alex Zordich, but the Bulls need an upgrade. Turner Gill went after quarterbacks and receivers a few years ago, and Jeff Quinn is looking down the road when that class matures. Improving the secondary is also needed, and Quinn is bringing in enough to address the losses to come in 2014. 

2011 CFN Recruiting Ranking: 104. That Class Was Heavy On ... Defensive linemen. After focusing more on trying to get the passing game going last year, and beefing up the offensive line, this year’s class is about trying to upgrade the defensive front. There’s nice bulk coming in with the 272-pound Kendall Patterson and the 285-pound Patrick Williams to clog things up, while Joe Feliecia and Brandon Tammaro are dangerous prospects for the outside. JUCO transfer Wyatt Cahill will play right away at one end.

2010 CFN Recruiting Ranking: 109. That Class Was Heavy On ... The passing game. Turner Gill had loaded up with so many big classes that the program didn't just go light last year, but it didn't need a whole bunch this year, either. New head coach Jeff Quinn was looking for guys he could develop, and Rudy Johnson might be the quarterback of the future if he doesn't move to another spot. RB James Potts might be an instant impact performer, while there are some nice receiver prospects to get excited about.

2009 CFN Recruiting Ranking: 115. That Class Was Heavy On ... Offensive line. The small class didn’t get much in the way of bulk talent, but a few decent offensive linemen, especially at guard, are coming in to build for the future. There aren’t a lot of holes to fill right away with depth already built in from the last two classes, and this class showed it.

Kent State | The 2013 Recruiting Class  

Team Concerns For 2013: The Golden Flashes have plenty of work to do even after an 11-3 season. Seven starters have to be replaced on defense, five on offense including quarterback Spencer Keith and three starters on the line, and new head coach Paul Haynes has to fill some huge shoes. The passing game that was the worst in the MAC has to be more efficient, and the secondary has to be stronger after allowing 272 yards per game. Overall, the team has to keep doing what got it to the cusp of a BCS game, and it'll all start by owning the turnover margin again.

The 2013 Class Is Heavy On ... The offensive backfield. The Golden Flashes aren't exactly building on their amazing 2012 season, but they're getting a couple of decent players here and there with linebackers Ryan Seibert and Dustyn Moore to eventually be main tacklers, and tight end Brock Macaulay a shining star for the passing game. The stars of the haul are on offense with running back Roman Clay talented enough to eventually carry the workload, while quarterback Nathan Struck is the star of the class with a live arm and tremendous upside.

2012 CFN Recruiting Ranking: 96. That Class Was Heavy On ... Talent. After bringing in a few lousy recruiting classes, the Golden Flashes have to find players and this class has them. There might not be any star power, but it's a big class that has a little something for almost every spot. The highest-rated prospect is kicker Anthony Melchiori, and he'll push Freddy Cortez for the starting job this year. 

2011 CFN Recruiting Ranking: 116. That Class Was Heavy On ... Quarterback. Apparently, new head coach Darrell Hazell, an offensive coach, wants someone to get the anemic passing game moving. The last recruiting class came up with some strong receiver prospects, and now the hope will be for Evan Shimensky and Jordan Tarver to deliver the ball. They aren't big, strong passers, but they have good potential and nice mobility.

2010 CFN Recruiting Ranking: 115. That Class Was Heavy On ... The defensive front seven. After working on doing something for the passing game with last year's class, this year was all about the defense and especially the line with six decent prospects to try to generate even more of a pass rush. LB Steve Mehrer and safety Calvin Tiggle will play huge roles over the next few years. Offensively, quarterback got attention with the pickup of Gabe Henderson and Cedric McCloud.

2009 CFN Recruiting Ranking: 107. That Class Was Heavy On ... Wide receivers. There aren’t a lot of them, but a team that has been so reliant on the running game got a few decent targets to help the passing attack. Is Tyshon Goode a running back or a receiver? It doesn’t matter; he’s the best incoming playmaker who could make an impact right away in a variety of ways. The defensive line was all but ignored.

Massachusetts | The 2013 Recruiting Class  

Team Concerns For 2013: After managing just one win, the Minutemen have to be better in most areas while rebuilding in some key parts. The passing game that came up with just nine touchdown passes and was shut down cold at times has to be more efficient and effective, while the ground attack that came up with more than 100 yards just once in the last seven games needs to be better. With six starters needing to be replaced on offense, and both tackles on defense, this will still be a process.

The 2013 Class Is Heavy On ... Receivers. There might not be a Victor Cruz in the bunch, but Shaquille Harris was a good get out of Florida and E.J. Burston and D.J. Woods out of Florid will bring some depth. JUCO transfer Josh Bruns could find a job right away on the offensive line, while defensive ends Shane Huber and Peter Ngobidi are going to eventually be key starters. The hope is for big bomber Todd Stafford to become the trigger man for the passing attack in the next few years.

2012 CFN Recruiting Ranking: 122. That Class Was Heavy On ... New head coach Charley Molner wants more offense, and it should come from this class, at least in the backfield, with RB Stacey Bedell leading the way. Molner came on so late that there hasn't been much of a recruiting season, so there's going to be plenty of scrambling after Signing Day just to find players. The defense will come next year.

Miami University | The 2013 Recruiting Class  

Team Concerns For 2013: MU needs to the running game to work and it needs to all start with the offensive line. If that sounds familiar, it's because the team has had major issues getting the ground attack going over the last few years. The run defense wasn't a prize, either, finishing second-to-last in the nation allowing 241 yards per game. The return game has to find some punch after averaging just 3.17 yards per punt return and 35 yards on kickoffs.

The 2013 Class Is Heavy On ... Linebackers. The RedHawks got some good offensive linemen with Randy Heideman a strong tackle prospect, and the receiving corps got a boost with Jared Murphy and Damon Washington, but the linebackers are going to be the top position. Safety Airion Kosak is the star of the class, but linebackers Zach Smierciak and Matt Smallbone should eventually be two of the biggest producers on the D. Corner Heath Harding has the tools to eventually be a No. 1 coverman.

2012 CFN Recruiting Ranking: 75. That Class Was Heavy On ... Defensive line. The RedHawks continue to go after big class after big class with the lines getting the most help. The offense hasn't gotten anything out of the line over the last few years, and this class has quality more than quantity. The defensive front gets the most talent with decent athletes at tackle and a few nice players for the end. The receiving corps should get some immediate help. 

2011 CFN Recruiting Ranking: 112. That Class Was Heavy On ... The Secondary. The last few classes were about bringing up the talent level a bit with more players and more options to provide depth. Those two classes will mature this year for new head coach Don Treadwell, and now he and the coaching staff, with little time to work, are trying to secure the secondary with several corner prospects, led by the speedy Jamarcus Darden, and big-hitting safety Tre Clif

ton. 2010 CFN Recruiting Ranking: 113. That Class Was Heavy On ... More bodies. Shane Montgomery came up with a huge class last year based more on bulk prospects than sure-thing stars. The same goes for this year with a slew of players brought in to create more depth and to do more developing. OT Jeff Tanner will be an All-MAC performer before his time is done and he should combine with Tyler Grubbs to form a nice pair of bookends.

2009 CFN Recruiting Ranking: 94. That Class Was Heavy On ... Bodies. This is a big class full of a variety of prospects that don’t necessarily fit a type, and with a program that fell off the map with one of the most disappointing, disastrous seasons of any team in America, it’s rebuilding time. The idea will be to use this class to build towards the future; don’t expect a whole bunch of help right away.

Ohio | The 2013 Recruiting Class  

Team Concerns For 2013: The Bobcats have to replace six starters off a defense that struggled down the stretch. The pass rush was pedestrian and the run defense wasn't consistent, but the offense and the running game should be terrific as long as the line can do a little more against the quicker defensive fronts. Grant Venham has to get more blast for a punting game that netted just 35 yards per boot.

The 2013 Class Is Heavy On ... Instant defnesive tackles. The Bobcats are losing nose guard Neal Huynh and tackle Carl Jones, and now they need more depth and more options up front. That's where JUCO transfers Watson Tautuaki and Cameron McLeod come in. Tony Porter is a 270-pound tackle for the future, while end Trent Smart could see time early on as a situational pass rusher. The coaching staff worked on tight ends with four good MAC recruits led by wide receiver-like target Leon Alexander out of Detroit. Running back Chris Carson out of Georgia will eventually be a star in Frank Solich's offense.

2012 CFN Recruiting Ranking: 103. That Class Was Heavy On ... Not a lot. Last year's class was huge after a few light ones, and this year there isn't much room for new bodies. The defensive line will get a little bit of instant help from the JUCO ranks with Wade Wells and Ty Branz for the ends, and JUCO transfer Matt Waters will help out the receiving corps, but last year was about the future. The Bobcats aren't bringing in a ton of talents, but JUCO transfer Wade Wells should be an instant boost on the end and Trae Clark is a ready-made interior prospect who was a nice get. He'll be an anchor in the near future. The receiving corps got help with JUCO transfer Matt Waters, while Chris Murray will be a quick target to be used in a few years. 

2011 CFN Recruiting Ranking: 80. That Class Was Heavy On ... Bodies. The last two recruiting classes have been relatively light after a huge 2008 class, and now Frank Solich is bringing in more players to beef up both sides of the ball. While quarterbacks Ronnie Bell and Derrius Vick are going to get most of the attention, diminutive RB Kyle Hammonds could be the star of the show. The best position brought in is defensive end, with Andrew Bennett and Justin Haser two good-sized prospects, but the best defensive lineman should be 6-2, 280-pound tackle Antwan Crutcher.

2010 CFN Recruiting Ranking: 120. That Class Was Heavy On ... Hope for next year. This wasn't a huge class and Frank Solich wasn't able to do much to capitalize on the big East winning campaign. There are some decent linebackers and Chase Cochran is a receiver who'll end up being the No. 1 target, but there isn't a lot to be excited about with few spots to fill after last year. Watch out for Kenny Ashley, a JUCO transfer who could be the teams' No. 1 RB from Day One.

2009 CFN Recruiting Ranking: 120. That Class Was Heavy On ... Hope for last year’s class. Last year’s class was about boosting up the passing game, and this year’s group is really, really light in all areas. There weren’t a lot of openings, so the staff went heavy on a few stars. Jon Lechner could be a special offensive tackle, while LB Dylan Reda should be a good one.

- MAC West Recruiting Needs & Concerns