5 SEC East Recruits You Need To Know

Posted Feb 7, 2013

Every SEC East team's five new recruits you need to know.

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5 SEC East Recruits To Care About

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- Florida | Signing Class 

Five Recruits You Should Care About
Player writeups by Scout.com

1. CB Vernon Hargreaves III
No. 1 cornerback, five stars

Hargreaves is on track to be one of the top corners in 2013. He can cover on or off the line, he really explodes out of his breaks, and he can flip his hips with the best of them. There are not a lot of concerns about his game. He can improve his open field tackling, but other than that, he looks much like a college corner. He is very advanced in technique and he will contribute very early in his college career.

2. LB Daniel McMillan
No. 4 middle linebacker, four stars

McMillan is a linebacker with a lot of natural ability and a lot of upside. He is a very lean athlete with long arms and the room to add another 25-30 pounds while maintaining his quickness. He really likes to fly to the football and attack the ball carrier with aggression. He packs a lot of punch in his tackles and he tackles through the opposition. He can still improve his strength, his footwork, and make more plays consistently.

3. RB Kelvin Taylor
No. 8 running back, four stars

Taylor is build very low to the ground, has a stronger lower body and is very tough to tackle. He keeps his legs moving after contact and moves well laterally. Although he doesn't have elite speed, but he has quick feet. He hits the hole with quickness and power, and has natural running back instincts with a good feel for the game.

4. LB Alex Anzalone
No. 9 outside linebacker, four stars

5. S Marcell Harris
No. 11 safety, four stars

- Georgia | Signing Class

Five Recruits You Should Care About
Player writeups by Scout.com

1. LB Tim Kimbrough
No. 5 middle linebacker, four stars

A thick, compact middle linebacker, Kimbrough is ideally suited for taking on fullbacks and pulling guards in the middle of the field. He is extremely strong and has good closing speed in a straight line. Closes sideline to sideline well, but isn't as comfortable in open space which could relegate him to non-passing situations on the field. Excellent speed to the boundary, making it tough to out run him on sweeps and screen.

2. LB Reggie Carter
No. 9 middle linebacker, four stars

Carter missed all but a few plays in 2011 season because of a torn ACL, but when healthy, he is one of the top defensive prospects in Georgia. He has played more end than linebacker, but linebacker will be his home in the future. He is very athletic, he has a lot of pop behind his tackles, and he is very strong at the point of attack. He will need to work on his pass drops, shedding blocks, and just gain confidence in his knee.

3. QB Brice Ramsey
No. 7 quarterback, four stars

Ramsey has the tools you look for in a pocket passer. He has good size, he has a smooth release, he has great arm strength, and he can make any throw asked of him. He sees the field well, he is a player teammates follow, and he is as cool as they come. He does need to work on his feel in the pocket and reading defenses and those things will improve with experience.

4. S Tray Matthews
No. 9 safety, four stars

Matthews is a safety known for his ability to lay the wood. He is a very physical player who's a strong tackler. He closes on the ball well, especially when going north-south. He also has good ball skills. When in coverage, he lines up well off the ball, so he is often the deepest man in coverage. He can work on his flexibility, he has not been tested a lot one on one, but he is a strong safety, with hands, and speed.

5. LB Johnny O'Neal
No. 11 middle linebacker, four stars

O'Neal is a linebacker that likes to play a physical style of football. He is a downhill type of linebacker that finds the football and attacks it head on. He does a good job of tackling through the opponent and he tackles with force. He plays in control, he has active hands, and he can close on the ball well. He needs to work on his movement side-to-side and he can improve on his overall quickness.

- Kentucky | Signing Class

Five Recruits You Should Care About
Player writeups by Scout.com

1. DE Jason Hatcher
No. 10 defensive end, four stars

Either an undersized defensive end or a jumbo outside linebacker, Hatcher has the speed to play OLB and the frame to grow into an every down defensive end. He's tremendously quick off the line and fast in pursuit. He relies on speed and quickness rather than strength, because of his size. He uses his hands well and has a variety of pass rushing moves. To be an every down end, he'll need to get considerably bigger and stronger.

2. S Marcus McWilson
No. 16 safety, four stars

3. DE Alvonte Bell
No. 34 defensive end, four stars

4. WR Ryan Timmons
No. 46 receiver, three stars

5. WR Javess Blue
JUCO transfer, three stars

- Missouri | Signing Class 

Five Recruits You Should Care About
Player writeups by Scout.com

1. DT Josh Augusta
No. 26 defensive tackle, four stars

2. RB Chase Abbington
No. 32 running back, four stars

3. OT Clay Rhodes
No. 29 offensive tackle, four stars

4. QB Trent Hosick
No. 33 quarterback, four stars

5. LB Eric Beisel
No. 26 middle linebacker, three stars

- South Carolina | Signing Class

Five Recruits You Should Care About
Player writeups by Scout.com

1. LB Larenz Bryant
No. 7 outside linebacker, four stars

Bryant has played a lot of linebacker and running back on the high school level, but he is going to be playing defense in college. He has good speed sideline to sideline and he can make plays behind the line of scrimmage, in space one-on-one, and he is solid in coverage. He is still a lean 210 pounds, so he needs to add weight, get stronger, and tackle more through the opponent. He is a quick linebacker with good range.

2. DT Kelsey Griffin
No. 13 defensive tackle, four stars

Griffin is a interior defensive lineman that could play in a 4-3 or 3-4 front. He is quick enough to even get some work at the five technique in a 3-4, but will mostly work at the three technique or nose tackle in college. He has a very good first step when the ball is snapped and he is good at getting penetration into the backfield. He is not just a space-eater, but he makes plays. He has good balance and quick feet.

3. RB David Williams
No. 23 running back, four stars

As a sophomore, Williams carried the ball 100 times for 924 yards and 17 touchdowns. As a junior, Williams rushed for more than 1,500 yards and 16 touchdowns on 230 carries. Williams rushed for 1,904 yards and 23 touchdowns on 195 carries as a senior and was selected to play in the Semper Fidelis All-American Bowl in Carson, Calif.

4. OT D.J. Park
No. 23 offensive tackle, four stars

Park is a strong and powerful offensive lineman that can overpower defensive linemen on a high school level. That will be one of his strengths as he enters college. He has shown good balance, he is a good drive blocker that moves his feet, and he is strong in run blocking. He still needs to work on his pad level, bending a little better, and coming off the ball with more of a flat back. He could play tackle or guard.

5. OG Na'Ty Rodgers
No. 22 guard, three stars

- Tennessee | Signing Class

Five Recruits You Should Care About
Player writeups by Scout.com

1. QB Joshua Dobbs
No. 12 quarterback, four stars

Dobbs is a two-sport star. He stars on the gridiron and the diamond, so he is being recruited to play both sports. As a quarterback, he has a lot of things that you like; he's a leader in the huddle, he has great pocket awareness, he sees the field well, he has a quick release, and he throws an accurate ball. He is still very thin and he still splits time between football and baseball, so he has room to get bigger physically.

2. WR Marquez North
No. 12 receiver, four stars

North has the tools to be a special player on the next level. He has the size of top college wideouts right now and he has shown break-away time and time again at receiver and as a return man on special teams. He has very good speed, so good it may surprise some, and he is a real threat down the field. He can sell his routes better and just become a little more consistent. He could be one of the the best in the country.

3. LB Jalen Reeves-Maybin
No. 12 outside linebacker, four stars

Reeves-Maybin is a gifted athlete that put up big numbers on both sides of the ball as a junior. He has played safety and linebacker on defense and Scout projects him as an outside linebacker on the next level. He has a lot of room to grow at that position, but he has all the skills to be very successful there. He can run, he has good size, he is aggressive, he can move in space, and can turn and run with running backs.

4. DE Jason Carr
No. 24 defensive end, four stars

Carr is a prospect with size you look for and he is someone who could inside or outside on the next level depending on what type of scheme he goes into. He is great identifying the play, keeping his head up, and either pursuing the ball or getting his arms up in passing lanes. He has good range on the line of scrimmage and he can re-direct well to the ball or quarterback. He needs to work on his moves off the ball and pad level.

5. CB Cameron Sutton
No. 40 cornerback, three stars

- Vanderbilt | Signing Class
Five Recruits You Should Care About
Player writeups by Scout.com

1. OT Delando Crooks
28th ranked offensive tackle, four stars

Crooks is a very athletic offensive lineman with very good feet, great flexibility, and the ability to get off the ball quickly. He is still raw in terms of technique and he needs to really work on his hand placement, holding his blocks longer, and his balance when engaged with a defensive lineman. He is an athletic OL that can move in space, get to the second level, and pull. As his body matures, his game will too.

2. LB Zach Cunningham
No. 23 outside linebacker, four stars

Cunningham is someone who shows up constantly when watching Pinson Valley tape. He is a very active player, he really finds and attacks the ball well, and he has very god instincts. He needs to add weight, tackle a little lower, and tackle more through the opponent. He has great length, he rushes the passer well, and he is better close to the line of scrimmage. He is aggressive and he could play linebacker or rush end.

3. CB Ryan White
No. 18 cornerback, four stars

4. DT Jay Woods
No. 31 defensive tackle, four stars

5. QB Johnathon McCrary
No. 46 quarterback, three stars

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