Recruiting 2013 - Big East Team Rankings
Posted Feb 7, 2013

Ranking and analyzing the 2013 Big East Recruiting Classes

Recruiting 2013 

Big East Rankings

- Recruiting 2013 
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 1. Rutgers | The 2013 Recruiting Class

Team Concerns For 2013: While the program is waiting a year before moving over to the Big Ten, for now, cranking up the running game is a must after averaging a painful 121 yards per game. Jawan Jamison is off to the NFL early, so now it's up to Savon Huggins to live up to his superstar prep hype. The offense only average 330 yards per game for an attack that came up with more than 28 points twice all year. The defense has to replace seven starters including linebackers Khaseem Greene and Steve Beauharnais, but it should be fine. The special teams have to be far better after Kyle Federico and Nick Borgese combined to hit 11-of-19 field goals, the punting game netting just 33 yards per try and the punt returners averaging a mere 4.67 yards per attempt.

The 2013 Class Is Heavy On ... Defensive linemen. The secondary got a terrific haul of players with corner Nadir Barnwell as good as any defensive back recruit in the Big East, and Janarion Grant and T.J. Taylor two excellent prospects. Myles Nash and Lester Liston are good linebackers, but the front seven will be better because of the linemen including tackle Josh Klecko and end Sebastian Joseph. Guard Dorian Miller might be the team's best overall recruit, while running back Dontea Ayres and receiver Andre Patton should become starters down the road.

2. Cincinnati | The 2013 Recruiting Class

Team Concerns For 2013: New head coach Tommy Tuberville has the offensive pieces in place, but he needs to do some work on a defense that has to replace seven starters. The secondary struggled giving up 252 yards per outing, but it didn't give up a slew of big plays. Now it has to replace all four starters in the defensive backfield, while the linebacking corps has to replace two starters. Not having both starting defensive ends is a problem. Offensively, the front five will be great, but quarterback Brendon Kay, running back George Winn and tight end Travis Kelce have to be replaced.

The 2013 Class Is Heavy On ... Defensive backs. Last year Butch Jones went big on the secondary, and Tommy Tuberville did the same thing with JUCO transfers Howard Wilder and Darren Doston out of California ready to go at corner and Mike Tyson arguably the team's best pickup. JUCO transfer Jerrell Jordan will eventually be the team's best tackler, while quarterback Tyler Cogswell out of Florida and receiver Tshumbi Johnson out of Immokalee should be a big part of what Tuberville wants to do offensively.

3. Louisville | The 2013 Recruiting Class

Team Concerns For 2013: Expectations? With 19 returning starters and a big puffy chest after the Sugar Bowl win, the hype will be through the roof for the Cardinals. However, there's still work to be done for a running game that sputtered and coughed, averaging just 123 yards per game. The defense didn't get into the backfield enough, finishing last in the Big East in sacks and tackles for loss. The special teams are a major issue outside of kicker John Wallace, who hit 16-of-21 field goals. The punting game was the second worst in the nation, the kickoff returners were the third worst, and the punt return game was the Big East's worst.

The 2013 Class Is Heavy On ... Linemen. Receiver James Quick is the best recruit by any Big East team, and Kyle Bolin is a good quarterback to develop under Teddy Bridgewater, but the class is about the lines and building up the infrastructure. The offensive side gets Cameron Fraser and Skylar Lacy at tackle - both have the right frame and body to be effective after a few years in the weight room - while defensive tackles De'Asian Richardson and Finesse Middleton are nice gets. Linebacker Donel Elam will eventually be a starter, and Keith Kelsey will someday be one of the team's leading tacklers.

4. Houston | The 2013 Recruiting Class

Team Concerns For 2013: Consistency, consistency, consistency. The defense was miserable giving up a Conference USA-worst 483 yards per game, bottoming out in a 72-42 loss to SMU. Even with a tremendous pass rush, the secondary was awful allowing 290 yards per game, but all four starters are back. The run defense wasn't a prize, either, needing to be far stronger against the power running teams. The offense will be terrific with ten starters returning, but the special teams play has to be better after coming up with a Conference USA-worst 3.88 yards per punt return and under 20 yards per kickoff return.

The 2013 Class Is Heavy On ... Quarterback. Who wants to be the next Case Keenum or Kevin Kolb? John O'Korn out of the Miami area has the size and the look of a high-octane playmaker, while D'Juan Hines and JUCO transfer Billy Cosh will provide some nice depth in the near future. Running back Joseph Glenn is the second best recruit for the offense behind O'Korn, while receiver Demarcus Ayers is a speedster with good upside. tight ends Deondre Skinner and Chauntez Jackson are good recruits for a team that always uses its offensive options. The team's best recruit is Ty Cummings, considered the nation's top kicker prospect, while linebacker Caleb Tucker and corner Greg Ward are decent players to eventually give the D some help.

5. Connecticut | The 2013 Recruiting Class

Team Concerns For 2013: Will the offense ever work? The Huskies averaged a pathetic 17.75 points per game with no running game and way too many turnovers. It all starts with a line that gets four starters back, but has to be far stronger in pass protection. Turnover margin has to start becoming a positive after coming up with a mere six picks and six fumble recoveries. The special teams have to be far stronger, especially on kickoff returns, averaging under 20 yards per try, and punting, averaging under 36 yards per boot.

The 2013 Class Is Heavy On ... The passing game. UConn needs more offensive weapons, and it's trying to get them for the passing game with quarterbacks Tim Boyle and Richard Lagow each big passers who can push the ball down the field, and if everything works out well, Noel Thomas, Brian Lemelle and tight end Tommy Myers should help make the air show go. Corner Javon Hadley from Miami is one of the team's better recruits, and linebacker Jalen Stevens is a good get out of South Carolina, but inside linebackers Junior Joseph, Cory Jasudowich and Matt Walsh are all interesting big-tackling prospects.

6. South Florida | The 2013 Recruiting Class

Team Concerns For 2013: New head coach Willie Taggart has to improve the team in just about all areas. First and foremost, the Bulls have to be better in turnover margin after giving it up 28 times and coming up with nine takeaways including two - both against Connecticut - interceptions. The offense died down the stretch scoring a grand total of 35 points in the final four games, while the defense got lit up by anyone who wanted to throw the ball down the field. The special teams could stand to be stronger after cranking out just 17.83 yards per try.

The 2013 Class Is Heavy On ... Defensive linemen. Willie Taggart has built up a nice class with several decent talents. The linebacking corps has a good one in JUCO transfer Rahmon Swain and prepsters Mitchell Wright and Nigel Harris. Corner Nate Godwin leads a deep class of defensive backs, but the D is getting the most star power on the front line with Derrick Calloway a potential anchor at tackle and 310-pound Deadrin Senat a big body for the interior. Mike Love needs to add more weight, but he'll turn into a good pass rusher. The offense wasn't ignored, especially on the line with three good guards led by Dominique Threatt and Cameron Ruff.

7. SMU | The 2013 Recruiting Class

Team Concerns For 2013: The Mustangs have some huge replacements to be made on both sides of the ball, especially on the defensive line that loses all three starters including huge pass rusher Margus Hunt. Three starters are gone on an offensive line that was awful in pass protection, but the biggest problem is with an inefficient passing game that was never consistent. The secondary that gets back all four starters has to be far tighter after giving up 278 yards per game.

The 2013 Class Is Heavy On ... Defensive backs. This is a huge class with a little something for everywhere, but June Jones has signed on a ton of safeties to play around with. They're almost all big, and with a little time in the weight room, some of them like Myles Crosby could become smallish linebackers. J'Marcus Rhodes should be the best of the lot, but linebacker Roderick Moore could be the team's best defensive pickup. The star of the class is running back Traylon Shead, who'll almost certainly come in and be a part of the starting equation right away. Tight end Jeremiah Gaines and offensive tackle Travis Fister will be good Big East players.

8. UCF | The 2013 Recruiting Class

Team Concerns For 2013: The move to the Big East should be a good one with plenty of talent returning, but the offense has to be a little stronger after averaging 407 yards per game at the slightly lower level. The offensive line did the job against Conference USA teams, but it couldn't get much of a push against Ohio State or Missouri, and it failed the first time around against Tulsa. The punting game has to be better after losing Jamie Boyle, who averaged a pedestrian 40.6 yards per try for a team that netted 35 yards a pop.

The 2013 Class Is Heavy On ... Defensive backs. The Knights are looking toward the future at quarterback with Pete DiNovo and Justin Holman two interesting passers to develop, but running back Micah Reed is the team's best offensive pickup. Linebacker Mario Mathis was a good get out of Georgia, and end Seyvon Lowry was a great recruit out of Jacksonville, but it's the secondary that's getting the most help led by safety Justin McDonald and corner Shaquem Griffin. Dorian Killings and Shaquill Griffin, Shaquem's brother, are good-sized speedy corners.

9. Memphis | The 2013 Recruiting Class

Team Concerns For 2013: Justin Fuente gets a ton of starters back just in time for the move to the Big East, and now he has to get his offense to work. The plus should be a decent line that gets back four starters, but the passing game that cranked out a mere 167 yards per game has to do more. It came up some big plays down the field, but there wasn't enough production when the defense was giving up points in bunches. 318 yards of total offense isn't going to get it done in the new league.

The 2013 Class Is Heavy On ... Skill players. Make this a third time in four years that Memphis picked up several skill players, but Justin Fuente really went nuts trying to improve the overall athleticism and team speed. JUCO receivers Joe Craig and Adrian Henderson are for now, but E.A. Watkins, running back Marquis Warford and quarterback Brayden Scott are for a few years from now. there aren't many standout running backs, but there are plenty of them with a few certain to be moved over to the defensive backfield. Offensive tackle George Roberts might be the team's best recruit, but JUCO transfers Will Dancy and Nykiren Wellington are going to fill out the depth early on.

10. Temple | The 2013 Recruiting Class

Team Concerns For 2013: Do the Owls have the chops to hang around in the Big East? They won two games in their new conference, but the offense didn't work, failing to get past 20 points more than once in the final seven games. The passing game that hasn't worked for years was painfully inefficient and only averaged 121 yards per game. The secondary wasn't much better for the league's worst defense, getting toasted time and again despite getting plenty of help from a good pass rush. Both starting safeties, Vaughn Carraway and Justin Gildea, have to be replaced.

The 2013 Class Is Heavy On ... Running backs. Matt Rhule didn't come up with a big haul of top talents like Al Golden was able to get, and he didn't go after receivers after Steve Addazio went heavy on pass catchers over the last two years, but he came up with some nice runners in Zaire Williams and Brandon Peoples to add some more punch to the ground game in a few years. Linebacker Buddy Brown and guard Matt Barone are Big East players, but the Owls need more of them. For a program that struggles so much to crank out points, kicker Jim Cooper could be an underappreciated signing.