Recruiting 2013 - Big 10 Legends Rankings

Posted Feb 7, 2013

Ranking and analyzing the 2013 Big Ten Legends Recruiting Classes

Recruiting 2013 

Big Ten Legends Rankings

Recruiting 2013 
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2. Michigan | The 2013 Recruiting Class

Team Concerns For 2013: It might sound crazy, but the Wolverines need a steadier running game. Denard Robinson led the team in rushing and Fitzgerald Toussaint wasn't effective before getting hurt, but there are several backs waiting to get their shot behind starting quarterback Devin Gardner. The defense has to do a bit more to take the ball away for a team that finished 99th in the nation in turnover margin, and with some key losses on the front seven there can't be a slip against the run. The punting game could stand to be stronger after netting a mere 35.7 yards per kick.

The 2013 Class Is Heavy On ... The lines. Playtime is apparently over. After coming up with an incredible class last year. Brady Hoke and his staff outdid themselves with a jaw-dropping array of talents. Quarterback Shane Morris is the type of passer Hoke loved to work with at Ball State and San Diego State, only more talented, while the buzz will be there right away to running back Derrick Green out of Virginia to hit the ground running from the moment he gets off the bus. Name the position and the Wolverines have an elite prospect coming in. Tight end Jake Butt - we're going to have years of fun with that one - has an NFL frame, safety Dymonte Thomas is going to play in The League corner Jourdan Lewis is a nice get out of Detroit. However, the stars of the star-studded class are on the lines.

3. Nebraska | The 2013 Recruiting Class

Team Concerns For 2013: The Huskers have to improve the turnover margin, and mostly, they have to be better at holding on to the ball after losing 22 fumbles and giving away 13 picks. The offensive line still isn't up to normal Nebraska snuff in pass protection, and while it did a great job blasting away for the league's best running game, it allowed 35 sacks, partly because Taylor Martinez is a mobile quarterback who was technically caught on several sacks. The defensive front has to be far better and far stronger after giving up 193 yards per game. Replacing star kicker Brett Maher is a big problem.

The 2013 Class Is Heavy On ... Defensive linemen. Safety D.J. Singleton will be a big part of the secondary rotation right away, and running backs Terrell Newby (California) and Adam Taylor (Texas) are going to be a key part of the backfield, but the excitement for the offense should center around quarterback Johnny Stanton - a.k.a. Johnny Tebow - out of California. The defensive front is the area Bo Pelini and his staff focused on highlighted by tackle Maliek Collins and end A.J. Natter, who slipped away from Missouri and Wisconsin, respectively. JUCO transfer Randy Gregory could start on the end right away.

6. Michigan State | The 2013 Recruiting Class

Team Concerns For 2013: Catch the ball, catch the ball, catch the ball. The defense was phenomenal and the ground game bruising, but the passing attack was an anchor with the league's most inefficient passing attack despite throwing for 210 yards per game. Andrew Maxwell has to step up and become a steadier starting quarterback, but more than anything else, he needs his receivers to actually make the grabs and come up with more big plays. Replacing Le'Veon Bell is going to be tough for a ground game that carried the O at times, but if the passing attack starts to work a bit better, that will pick up the slack. Defensively, as good as the Spartans were finishing first in the league in most of top categories, the pass rush has to be better despite the early loss of William Gholston to the NFL.

The 2013 Class Is Heavy On ... Linebacker. It's going to be a tough time for Spartan fans with next door neighbor Michigan coming up with one of the greatest classes in the school's prestigious history. MSU has a few decent players coming in led by big bombing quarterback Damion Terry out of Pennsylvania and offensive tackle Dennis Finley from Detroit. Kicker Michael Geiger is a better get than it might appear, and running backs R.J. Shelton and Gerald Holmes will be brought along right away, but the class is mediocre - to be kind - unless the linebackers rock. Shane Jones was taken away from the other Big Ten big boys, while Jon Reschke will eventually be the team's leading tackler after he spends a few years beefing up in the weight room.
9. Northwestern | The 2013 Recruiting Class

Team Concerns For 2013: The passing game has to improve to counterbalance the ground game. Trevor Siemian was used to try to make the air show more efficient, but it didn't always work. Kain Colter was the more effective overall quarterback. The secondary was young and gets three starters back, but it has to be far better and can't finish last in the Big Ten again after giving up over 250 yards per game and a few really, really big plays to Nebraska and Michigan. The defensive front did a nice job of getting to the quarterback, but it has to make more plays behind the line.

The 2013 Class Is Heavy On ... Running backs. It's possible this will turn out to be the best class in the Pat Fitzgerald era. Matthew Alviti will someday be the starting quarterback with the smarts and the quickness to fit the Wildcat offense to a T. In an interesting get, Fitzgerald managed to bring in two of the nation's top center prospects in Brad North and Tyler Lancaster, and snagging safety Godwin Idwebuike and corner Marcus McShepard out of Ohio was terrific. However, after going big on skill players and running backs for the last few years, Fitzgerald and his staff are trying to improve the ground game once again with Keith Watkins out of Ohio and speedsters Warren Long and Xavier Menifield out of California.

10. Minnesota | The 2013 Recruiting Class

Team Concerns For 2013: The offense has to start working more efficiently and better. The ground game wasn't bad, but that was because MarQueis Gray took off when he saw time under center. The quarterback play has to be strong with Phillip Nelson needing to be more effective with an experienced but mediocre receiving corps. The defense has to replace both starting corners and has to come up with more plays behind the line despite the loss of end D.L. Wilhite. The punting game finished last in the Big Ten with Christian Eldred averaging 38 yards a kick and the team netting a mere 34.4 yards per boot - life outside the Dome is a problem for the kickers.

The 2013 Class Is Heavy On ... Receivers. This is when the Jerry Kill era is supposed to be hitting its stride when it comes to getting some good players to come in and take the program to another level, but that's not really happening with this class. Defensive end Owen Salzwedel needs to become a top pass rusher and offensive tackle Alex Mayes has to shine in a few years, but the key to the class will be at receiver with Drew Wolitarski out of California and De'Niro Laster out of Cleveland two big targets who could sneak their way into the rotation almost immediately.

12. Iowa | The 2013 Recruiting Class

Team Concerns For 2013: Can the Hawkeyes score? With the second-worst offense in the Big Ten with no downfield passing game, Iowa has to be far more explosive and has to keep a running back healthy to provide some semblance of a running game. The defense didn't do nearly enough to get into the backfield finishing last in the league in sacks and tackles for loss, while the punting game is coming off a miserable season for an offense that needed solid field position.

The 2013 Class Is Heavy On ... Receives. Apparently, all the problems getting the ball down the field meant it's time to get more good pass catchers in a hurry. Last year's class was big on skill players, but this one is a whopper for the receiving corps with Derrick Willies leading the pack. Tight ends Jon Wisnieski and Ike Boettger are excellent talents who'll fit the Hawkeye mold after they hit the weight room for a few years. The defensive backfield might be getting the most talented players with safeties Solomon Warfield and Malik Rucker almost certain future starters.