2013 NFL Combine - RB Analysis No. 11-25
Oregon RB Kenjon Barner
Oregon RB Kenjon Barner
Posted Feb 21, 2013

Pre-Combine quick looks at the running backs invited to Indy. No. 11 to 25

2013 NFL Pre-Combine

RB Rankings - No. 11 to 25

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- 2013 CFN Pre-Combine RB Rankings, The Top Ten 
11. Kenjon Barner, Oregon 5-9, 188 Proj. 4
Pre-Combine Analysis Positives: Great balance, vision and quickness. He knows how to break down a defender and is devastating in the open field. Makes defenders look silly in one-on-one situations. … FAST. A game-changing playmaker who could be a fun toy for a smart offensive coordinator to work with. … Goes from 0-to-60 in a hiccup He can get out of a bad situation with an elite burst.

Negatives: He'll go down with one shot. There's no power and he isn't going to break through too many arm tackles. … Not an elite receiver. He has to work hard on being a more consistent pass catcher. … Not big and doesn't have any room to add a lot more weight. He's never going to be a No. 1 NFL back.

Really, What's He Going To Do In The NFL? If used the right way, he'll be a dangerous No. 2 back who'll play a big role as a change-of-pace playmaker.

12. Mike Gillislee, Florida 5-11, 207 Proj. 5
Pre-Combine Analysis Positives: A great power runner who can carry the workload. The Gator offense had next to nothing last season and revolved mostly around him barreling away. … Gets small when he has to for a tall back. He's able to slink and slither his way through a line as well as bring the thump when he has to. … A good, willing blocker. He'll be solid in pass protection.

Negatives: Not the most instinctive runner. Not a lot of creativity. … Takes too many shots. He doesn't do nearly enough to avoid unnecessary contact. Might not have a long shelf life. … Nothing special about his game. You know exactly what you're getting. There's not a whole bunch of upside.

Really, What's He Going To Do In The NFL? He'll make a roster as a complementary back.

13. Christine Michael, Texas A&M 5-10, 220 Proj. 5
Pre-Combine Analysis Positives: Excellent goal line ability. Has an uncanny knack for being able to find the end zone no matter who's keying on him. … Tough to knock off his base. Terrific balance and doesn't go down easily with one shot. Has a thick build and delivers a good blow. … Solid blocker. He could be used in a fullback role and could find a job as a specialist.

Negatives: Injuries. He wasn't the same back after suffering a broken leg and later a torn ACL. He wasn't really a part of the equation last season with just 88 carries. … While he has the talent to become a decent runner from time to time, he can't be counted on to be a full-season back. … Mediocre hands. Ball security is a problem.

Really, What's He Going To Do In The NFL? He'll show flashes to make a team, but he'll never become a steady producer.

14. Kerwyn Williams, Utah State 5-8, 196 Proj. 6
Pre-Combine Analysis Positives: Smallish in a good way for his game. Extremely quick and tough to see when he zips in and out of holes. … Fast. Great when he gets a little bit of room to fly through and can be used as a specialist. … A good enough receiver to find a job as a third down playmaker. The potential is there to be a devastating weapon.

Negatives: He'll never be a starting running back, but that's not what he's built for. … Might be pigeon-holed as just a kick returner. He isn't going to get more than a few carries a game and won't be a factor in any way in pass protection. … Not quite as creative as you'd think for a speed back. He's not going to do anything that will make the highlight reels.

Really, What's He Going To Do In The NFL? A terrific specialist. He could be a Leon Washington type who turns into a game-changing return man, but the potential is there to do more.

15. Onterio McCalebb, Auburn 5-11, 165 Proj. FREE AGENT
Pre-Combine Analysis Positives: Really, really fast. He has game-breaking sub-4.4 wheels and could turn into a third or fourth receiver if he doesn't find a role as a runner. … Can fly around the edge. He's extremely quick with the ability to blow up with the right blocking. … Good hands. He has a future as a third down back or a specialist.

Negatives: He's never going to be a regular NFL running back. He's not a strong enough runner to get the ball more than few times a game. … Doesn't quite have instinctive running skills. He's not all that consistent in finding the developing hole and seems to need it created for him. … Really, really slight. Too thin, but again, he could turn into a wideout with the right coaching – he has the frame for it.

Really, What's He Going To Do In The NFL? He'll get plenty of chances as a specialist. He could find a home as a No. 3 back, jack-of-all-trades, return man who'll be tough to cut from a roster.

16. Robbie Rouse, Fresno State 5-6, 190 Proj. 6
Pre-Combine Analysis Positives: Extremely quick with tremendous cutting ability. He'll bounce outside with one cut, and he can pound it away between the tackles when needed. He can do it all. … More of a workhorse than it might seem for a player of his size. Handled a full workload and kept on coming back to deliver. … Really, really nice all-around player. He can catch, block and run. If he was just a wee bit bigger, he'd be a top 100 prospect.

Negatives: Size, size, size. He's extremely small and won't be able to handle an NFL workload as a full-time back. He has to be a complementary runner. … Not quite the home run hitter he might appear to be. He's a real running back and might not turn into a specialist. … He's a willing blocker, but he's too small to be relied on to keep a quarterback clean on a regular basis. He's purely a receiver on third downs.

Really, What's He Going To Do In The NFL? He'll stay on a roster for a long time as a backup runner. He'll become a nice piece to a puzzle.

17. Ray Graham, Pitt 5-9, 195 Proj. 5
Pre-Combine Analysis Positives: Really quick and really fast, he zips through a hole in a hurry and finds ways to keep going forward. He doesn't dance around; he's a decisive runner. … A nice receiver, he can be used in a variety of ways and could turn into a valuable part of a puzzle. … A smart runner. He doesn't miss a hole and he seems to know how to get where he needs to be a half-step before the defender.

Negatives: Size is going to be an issue. He's not shy about contact, but he's not going to bring any power to the next level. …Injuries are going to be a concern after suffering a torn ACL and having a hamstring problem. He's not durable enough to carry a big workload. … Was quicker than everyone in college, but he might not have the right game for the pros. He doesn't have special skills.

Really, What's He Going To Do In The NFL? It all depends on whether or not he can stay healthy. If he has a slew of nicks and bumps, he'll be easily cut. He'll impress enough in camp to make a roster.

18. Knile Davis, Arkansas 6-0, 226 (Jr.) Proj. 5
Pre-Combine Analysis Positives: Great size and power when he gets a little room to rev up. Blasts his way through tacklers who don't get a clean shot. … A decent receiver for his size. He could turn into a fullback of H-back role if needed. … Upside. If he can get back to the form of 2010, he could be a steal. There's No. 1 back potential if everything is right.

Negatives: It's a huge question mark whether or not he can stay healthy. He was never quite right after suffering an ankle injury. He might be damaged goods and might never get back to form. … There's no speed. He's never going to blow anyone away with his quickness – he's all about getting straight up the field. … An okay blocker, but not special. He's strong, but he has to be more consistent.

Really, What's He Going To Do In The NFL? Name recognition will get him a long look in a camp, but he could be a quick cut if he doesn't shine out of the box.

19. Montel Harris, Boston College 5-8, 206 Proj. FREE AGENT
Pre-Combine Analysis Positives: Extremely productive when given a chance. He didn't work behind too many great lines, but he still managed to come up with numbers. … Tremendous eyes and feel for the game. He always has the right hole picked out and he's terrific at setting up his runs. … A good receiver with nice hands. He doesn't have to come off the field on third downs.

Negatives: Doesn't have NFL tools. He's too small and he's not quite fast enough. He's a better football player than a prospect. … Durability concerns. He had a knee problem he had to fight through, and it's going to be an issue. … No power. He'll never push his way past anyone and he'll never bowl over anybody.

Really, What's He Going To Do In The NFL? He'll hang around the league because he'll look good in camps and practices, but he bounce around.

20. Dennis Johnson, Arkansas 5-9, 213 Proj. 5
Pre-Combine Analysis Positives: An elite return option. He could be a valuable piece to a puzzle as a reserve back as well as a kick returner. He can find a job doing a variety of things and playing a variety of roles. … Extremely quick, he cuts on a dime and is decisive in his moves. He gets to a hole in a hurry. … A player. Wants to be better and will do whatever it takes for a team. The coaches will love him.

Negatives: He might only be a return man. He was good when needed as a back, but he doesn't have top-shelf running skills to be an every down runner. … Fumbles, fumbles, fumbles. Ball security is going to be an issue. … For all his speed and all his moves, he's not a creative runner and needs a hole to run through.

Really, What's He Going To Do In The NFL? A kick returner and an emergency running back.

Free Agent Fliers

21. Zac Stacy, Vanderbilt 5-8, 215 Proj. 6
22. Rex Burkhead, Nebraska 5-11, 210 Proj. FREE AGENT
23. Cameron Marshall, Arizona State 5-11, 215 Proj. FREE AGENT
24. Theo Reddick, Notre Dame 5-11, 200 Proj. 5
25. Stefphon Jefferson, Nevada 5-11, 210 (Jr.) Proj. FREE AGENT

- 2013 CFN Pre-Combine RB Rankings, The Top Ten