2013 NFL Combine - DE Analysis No. 11-25
South Carolina DE Devin Taylor
South Carolina DE Devin Taylor
Posted Feb 23, 2013

Combine quick looks at the defensive ends invited to Indy. No. 11 to 25

2013 NFL Pre-Combine

DE Rankings - No. 11 to 25

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 - 2013 CFN Pre-Combine DE Rankings, Top Ten 
11. Margus Hunt, SMU 6-8, 277 Proj. 2
Positives: A true giant. There are some tall ends in this draft, but Hunt is built like an NBA power forward. He's used his size extremely well. … Freakishly strong and athletic. He was a track star in the discus and shot put, but he also moves well, especially in space. … Able to play just about any style. He's built to do it all.

Negatives: Can play too high. It's impossible for him to get leverage and gets hit way too easily. … Old. This is it. By the time he gets any bigger weight-wise, he's not going to have too much time left. … Not polished. When he gets by on his raw ability, he can blow up an offense. However, he still needs time to figure out what he's doing.

Really, What's He Going To Do In The NFL? He'll be overdrafted because of his raw ability. He'll be a starter, but someone is going to draft him hoping for a true gamechanger, and he'll just be okay.

12. Devin Taylor, South Carolina 6-7, 275 Proj. 3
Positives: A giant. He's insanely tall with a great wingspan and frame. Tough to get around and uses his length well. … Hits well. He engulfs runners and is able to pack an intimidating punch. … Moves well. Fights to make a play and gets to the ball when given some space. Doesn't dog it.

Negatives: Too tall. He has problems with blockers going at his legs and he gets caught up a little too easily. Gets hit in the chest and gets knocked off his base on a regular basis. … Was surrounded by a ton of talent. Wasn't keyed on and didn't have to be the main man. He was almost never the focus. … Gets shoved too easily. He's tough, but he has a leverage issue.

Really, What's He Going To Do In The NFL? A good starter who'll flourish when he adds another 15 pounds of good muscle.

13. John Simon, Ohio State 6-1, 256Proj.
Positives: Always working and always hustling. Never takes a play off with a high-powered motor and the fire and fight to work himself into a play. … Quick off the ball. Cuts and moves well. Zips around the lumbering tackles without a problem. … Strong for his size. Doesn't back down and plays with a big-time attitude.

Negatives: Not big. He's built like a linebacker and might have to work only in a 4-3 scheme. He's not quite athletic enough to be a 3-4 outside linebacker. … Doesn't shed well. When he gets blocked, he sticks to his man. … A try-hard type without the tools. There's a hard ceiling on what he cn become.

Really, What's He Going To Do In The NFL? He'll bust his tail to be a part of a defensive line. He'll be fine, but limited.

14. William Gholston, Michigan State 6-6, 278 (Jr.) Proj. 4
Positives: Phenomenal frame. Tall, lean, and with the body and the ability to get to 285 but with the ability to play inside or out. He could work in just about any scheme. … Great in space. Fantastic in pursuit and terrific when plays are going away from him. … When he's in a groove, he's good against the run and always around the ball.

Negatives: Gets blocked way too easily. Plays up to his size at times, and not in a good way. Once someone gets into his chest, he's negated. … Can he get the motor revved up? He has to want to be great all the time. … Not a speed rusher. Doesn't have the speed to fly into the backfield considering his game is built around getting to the outside.

Really, What's He Going To Do In The NFL? Unlike his cousin, Vernon, he's going to generate a sack. Fans will expect the world, but he'll be nothing more than a decent part-time starter.

15. Mallicah Goodman, Clemson 6-4, 272 Proj. 4
Positives: Really, really strong. He's built to be a 3-4 end and can be used like a tackle. Has a great base and doesn't get knocked off. … Moves well. He's a nice pass rusher who fights linemen to get behind the line. Has a nice array of moves. … Great frame. He has a prototype body and looks the part. Should be great against the run.

Negatives: Not an athlete. He's not painfully slow, but he's not going to fly into the backfield. He's not going to be an elite NFL pass rusher. … Doesn't shed well. He's a fighter, but when someone locks on to him, it's over. … It's not like Clemson defensive ends have taken the world by storm. At best, they've mostly been disappointing, if not total busts.

Really, What's He Going To Do In The NFL? He won't come up with flashy stats, but he'll be a good, sound lineman for a long time.

16. Corey Lemonier, Auburn 6-4, 242Proj. 3
Positives: Great size with terrific upside. He's already a strong pass rusher with the potential to do far more once he adds a little bit of weight. He'll eventually be a solid 255 without losing a thing. … Good at making himself slippery to get into the backfield and get to a play. Finds ways to get unblocked. … Nice moves. He's a creative pass rusher who brings several looks.

Negatives: Not that strong against the run. He can get bullied by the stronger, tougher linemen and gets pushed of the ball too easily. … Not the smoothest of athletes. Not going to fly into the backfield on a regular basis at the next level unless he's in the right situation. … Not powerful enough and gets punched. He needs to play in space and might not fit as a 4-3 end.

Really, What's He Going To Do In The NFL? Want-to and pass rushing potential will keep him on a roster. He could eventually grow into a specialist.

17. Joe Kruger, Utah 6-7, 270Proj. 6
Positives: Very tall with a great frame. Uses his length well and is tough to get around. Great wingspan. … Hits linemen well and is able to keep them off of him. If he extends his arms, he's great at getting free. … Doesn't get knocked around. Doesn't seem to have problems getting through the wash with his height.

Negatives: Not all that creative. He doesn't do enough to get into the backfield and doesn't have a whole slew of moves. … Gets really, really tall. He doesn't seem to have problems around his feet, but he doesn't get low. … Needs a LOT of work and a lot of coaching. He needs to work on his moves.

Really, What's He Going To Do In The NFL? He'll add weight to be used like an extra tackle. He'll be functional.

18. Michael Buchanan, Illinois 6-5, 252 Proj. 5
Positives: Could be just scratching the surface. The talent has always been there to become a terrific pass rushing end, but he hasn't put it all together yet – that's a positive. With the right coaching and the right match lit under him, he could blossom. … A battler who can work at end or as a 3-4 linebacker. Works well in a variety of ways. … Nice moves with a good repertoire. He can get creative to get to the passer.

Negatives: Needs to keep adding bulk and get his body back after dropping weight last year. He had his jaw wired shut, dropped pounds, and spent the season playing catch-up. … Didn't play up to his talent last year. The entire team was a dog, but he was a particular disappointment. … Not a strong run defender. Misses too many tackles.

Really, What's He Going To Do In The NFL? Boom or bust. Worth the flier with tremendous upside. He'll be a decent part of the rotation in a few years.

19. Quanterus Smith, WKU 6-4, 246 Proj. 5
Positives: A pure pass rusher who gets off the ball in a hurry and has a great burst into the backfield. He can find a nice role as a specialist. … Always moving with good hustle and fight to get to the quarterback. … A nice frame with the room to get a little bit bigger. Has the burst and potential to be a mid-round find.

Negatives: Injured. He'll drop after suffering a torn ACL and won't likely be able to show what can do until next year. … Get by in the Sun Belt by simply being more athletic than everyone else. Doesn't do all the little things right. … Has to get bigger. He needs to be about 255 without losing any speed.

Really, What's He Going To Do In The NFL? In two years he'll be a terrific pass rushing specialist.

20. Stansly Maponga, TCU 6-2, 265 (Jr.) Proj. 6
Positives: Extremely active. Great motor and great want-to. Makes up for deficiencies by working to make something happen. … A fighter. He'll mix it up and he's not going to get short-changed against the run. … Great leverage. His size is a negative in some ways, but he's great at getting under the pads and moving his man.

Negatives: Doesn't have the right body. He's short and squatty with little room to get bigger. He doesn't pack on enough pounds. … Not a great athlete. He doesn't have the raw speed or quickness to be a top pass rusher… Has a big man's game without the big man's body.

Really, What's He Going To Do In The NFL? A decent backup and spot starter. He'll hang around the league for a while, but he'll be just a guy.

21. Trevardo Williams, Connecticut 6-1, 235 Proj. FREE AGENT
22. David Bass, Missouri Western 6-2, 263 Proj. FREE AGENT
23. Tourek Williams, FIU 6-3, 259 Proj. FREE AGENT
24. Wes Horton, USC 6-4, 261 Proj. FREE AGENT
25. Crag Roh, Michigan 6-5, 265 Proj. FREE AGENT

 - 2013 CFN Pre-Combine DE Rankings, Top Ten