NFL Combine Thoughts From Saturday
Posted Feb 24, 2013

The buzz, scuttlebutt, rumors, and straight dope surrounding Saturday at the NFL combine. Here's what everyone is talking about.

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NFL Combine - Saturday

By Pete Fiutak
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 The buzz, scuttlebutt, rumors, and straight dope surrounding Saturday at the NFL combine. Here's what everyone is talking about, along with random thoughts from the first big workout.

- Jadeveon Clowney should be here.

- I can't get most college fans to understand the simple and basic fact that the NFL is most brutally cruel of businesses. Sure, being a good guy and being likeable can tip the scales, but lots of bad guys are going to be drafted over good ones. Marcus Lattimore is a good guy, and everyone wants him to succeed, but if he's not the same back he was before his knee injuries, personality won't matter a lick.

- Here's the basic rule of thumb; A good player can't really hurt his draft stock with a bad workout, but a mediocre player can help himself immensely. An unknown player, like Terron Armstead, a star. One 4.71 40-yard dash later, and he's the early talk of the Combine. He's big, moves well, lifted better, and showed he can tear off yards effortlessly. The 4.71 40 could be the lasting moment from Indy.

- Anyone who does a seven round mock draft at this point is just silly.

- The Leon Sandcastle thing doesn't make any sense. If Deion Sanders really was that fast, that good and could move again, he'd be snapped up by an NFL team in a heartbeat.

- It's official. With these outfits from Under Armour, the official color of the 2103 NFL Combine is fa-laming.

- No one wants Geno Smith. As much as everyone might be trying to jazz up the idea of Kansas City desperately needing a quarterback with the first overall pick, and with Jacksonville, Oakland, Cleveland, Arizona, Buffalo and the Jets all needing help at the most important position, the interest in buying one of the quarterbacks this year is at an absolute minimum.

- Geno Smith isn't Andrew Luck and Matt Barkley isn't Robert Griffin III. It doesn't seem like they're Ryan Tannehill at the moment, either, in the eyes of most scouts.

- Just a gut feeling, going on nothing more than the current buzz - don't be shocked if Barkley is taken before Smith.

- Every year there are certain players that the scouts seem to go out of their way for to praise. They know what the guy can do, and they gloss over any issue and make excuses to fit their impressions and beliefs. This year, that guy so far seems to be Chance Warmack. If you didn't know anything and went just by the workouts in Indy, Warmack would be a mid-round pick. He's too short for an elite guard, he can't move a lick, and outside of some explosive leaping ability, showing the pop he has in his legs, he had a miserable workout.

- Put on the film, though, and he one of the five best players in this draft.

- Which sort of kills the idea that anything that happens in at the Combine really matters.

- On the flip side, it seems like people are going out of their way to point out the negatives on Geno Smith. So far it isn't about what he can do, it's about what he can't.

- NFL Network has a lot to do with that. If it showed a 25 second reel of some of his better throws, he'll look like a world-beater, but when Mike Mayock spends a segment pointing out a few misfires – like Andrew Luck never missed an open target – then the overall perception changes.

- It doesn't matter what anyone thinks about Smith at the moment other than Kansas City.

- A: Tennessee (Jake Locker), San Diego (Phil Rivers), Miami (Ryan Tannehill), Tampa Bay (Josh Freeman), Carolina (Cam Newton), New Orleans (Drew Brees), St. Louis (Sam Bradford), Pittsburgh (Ben Roethlisberger), Dallas (Tony Romo), New York Giants (Eli Manning), Chicago (Jay Cutler), Cincinnati (Andy Dalton), St. Louis (Bradford), Minnesota (Christian Ponder), Indianapolis (Andrew Luck), Seattle (Russell Wilson), Green Bay (Aaron Rodgers), Houston (Matt Schaub), Denver (Peyton Manning), New England (Tom Brady), Atlanta (Matt Ryan), San Francisco (Colin Kaepernick), Baltimore (Joe Flacco).

- Q: Who have the next 23 first round picks after the Jets pick at the nine?

- And none of them need a quarterback.

- In other words, Geno and Matt, if you're not getting your name called within the first few hours of draft day, it could be a very, very long process.

- And I'm not joking. The reporter who asked, "so, Manti, are you tired of answering questions about the incident?" should be forced to actually sit through the movie Catfish.

- If Te'o had done a press conference like this the second the story broke, the whole thing would've gone away immediately.

- The best coaching Te'o has ever received came from his agents on how to handle the media.

- "I could've done some things different … but for all my experiences in my senior year, I wouldn't do anything different." … Okayyyyy.

- The unofficial No. 1 question Te'o had to answer from all the teams he interviewed with today: "Dude?"

- Here's the thing about the Te'o story. Even though I don't believe a single word of his story, but it doesn't matter. He didn't kill anyone. He didn't rip anyone off. Nothing truly awful happened, so in this case, yeah, it really is time to analyze the guy just on his football skills.

- Thank you, NFL Network, for enhancing the experience of the Te'o press conference with the breaking news-like tweet from Kyle, "I want the ravens to draft Manti."

- There's a backroom of people in suits representing Team Te'o checking off each of the talking points.

- Uhhhh, Rich Eisen and Mike Mayock, the Te'o answers "weren't rehearsed?!" That's just a special brand of powerful.

- Mike Mayock wants absolutely nothing to do with the non-football side of Manti Te'o.

- There needs to be a drinking game revolving around the number of times the NFL Network types use the word genuine when referring to Te'o.

- In an I shouldn't be throwing stones at Lucas Oil Stadium sort of way – I've feel his pain; I've been there – the NFL Network doesn't cut off audio before Brian Billick asks if it's Markeeese or Marcus Lee for Marqise Lee.

- No, no, no. Cut it out. Yes, Central Michigan offensive tackle Eric Fisher looks like a hell of a football player, but just because he had a nice workout, he's not a better prospect than Texas A&M's Luke Joeckel.

- One of my big sleepers is quickly showing off what he can do. Ohio's offensive guard Eric Herman Is a terror.

- Now we're on to the big show. Next up are the speedy guys.