2013 NFL Combine - ILB Analysis No. 11-25
Michigan LB Kenny Demens
Michigan LB Kenny Demens
Posted Feb 25, 2013

Combine quick looks at the inside linebackers invited to Indy. No. 11 to 25

2013 NFL Combine

ILB Rankings - No. 11 to 25

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 - 2013 CFN Pre-Combine ILB Rankings, Top Ten 
11. Kenny Demens, Michigan 6-1, 242 Proj. 5
Positives: Steady, he's a good, sound tackler who gets the job done and is strong against the run. Not afraid to attack the ball carrier. … Fast. Not necessarily quick, but good from Point A to Point B. When he gets a bead on the ball, he gets there. … Can work on the outside if needed. Can fit every style.

Negatives: Good, not great. Doesn't have any special skills that make him a must-have defender. Solid more than spectacular. … Not great against quick runners. The play has to be funneled to him. … Okay in pass coverage. At his best against the run and part of an overall scheme. He's not going to stand out.

Really, What's He Going To Do In The NFL? A backup for the interior and a good fill-in who'll come up with decent stats against the run when given a chance.

12. John Lotulelei, UNLV 5-11, 233 Proj. 6
Positives: Active and quick. Moves around well and slinks his way around and through the trash to make a play. … Strong for his size. Makes up for his lack of bulk with raw strength. Tough. … Always moving. A good leader who works to get around the ball and not taking plays off. Good motor.

Negatives: Small. He doesn't have a big frame and doesn't have the room to get bigger. He might not fit on the inside. … Can be erased. One big block and he's out of the way. … Still learning on the fly. The instincts aren't there; he's a bit of a project.

Really, What's He Going To Do In The NFL? With good want-to and fight, he could stick on a roster as a special teamer and a swing backup.

13. Jonathan Stewart, Texas A&M 6-4, 242 Proj. 6
Positives: Great size and frame with the versatility to play inside or out. He has enough experience in a variety of spots to at the very least be a good backup. … Fast. Looks like he's coming out of the track blocks when he's coming off the ball and going at the ball carrier. Moves well. … Experienced and improving. He might be just scratching the surface with good enough skills to do even more with a little more work.

Negatives: Not the most physical of inside presences. He can get hit and get lost; he needs to disengage better. … Not good enough at getting behind the line. That wasn't necessarily his role with the Aggies, but he might be an inside defender only. … Has to read better. He doesn't get to the hole fast enough or without a wasted step.

Really, What's He Going To Do In The NFL? Potentially a backup on the inside, but not necessarily built for the middle.

14. Tom Wort, Oklahoma 6-0, 235 (Jr.) Proj. FREE AGENT
Positives: A good pure football player. He's a fighter and a battler who'll do whatever is needed to get on the field. … Fiery. He's self-motivated and will try to make the tone-setting hit and play. He's going to be a positive. … Strong when he has to make a play against the run. He's a physical presence who'll attack the ball.

Negatives: Doesn't have NFL tools. He's not big enough, not strong enough, not fast enough. … He'll do whatever he can to make a play, but he doesn't always get to the ball fast enough to form tackle. He has to lunge too often. … Didn't improve. He didn't take his game to another level and turned out to be a part of the rotation rather than the star.

Really, What's He Going To Do In The NFL? He'll hang around on a roster because of his fight, but he'll mostly be a special teamer.

15.Will Compton, Nebraska 6-1, 232 Proj. FREE AGENT
Positives: Does all the right things. He's a good tackler who doesn't make any major mistakes. He's a good leader who could fit in the middle. … Always working and always getting around the ball. Fearless when he has to go after the tougher plays. Takes on everyone. … Great instincts. Makes up for lack of quickness by knowing where he's supposed to be.

Negatives: Doesn't have the raw NFL tools. He's not big enough and he's not fast enough. … Not a huge hitter. He'll make plays, but he doesn't blow anyone up. … Forget about pass coverage at the next level. He's a two down defender.

Really, What's He Going To Do In The NFL? Decent backup on the inside.

16. Steve Greer, Virginia 6-0, 236 Proj. 7
17. Vince Williams, Florida State 6-1, 247 Proj. FREE AGENT
18. Taylor Reed, SMU 6-2, 240 Proj. FREE AGENT
19. Dan Molls, Toledo 6-0, 238 Proj. FREE AGENT
20. Uona Kaveinga, BYU 5-11, 245 Proj. FREE AGENT
21. Christian Robinson, Georgia 6-2, 231 Proj. FREE AGENT
22. Albert Rosette, Nevada 6-2, 245 Proj. FREE AGENT
23. Travis Brown, Fresno State 6-1, 236 Proj. FREE AGENT
24. Nick Clancy, Boston College 6-2, 229 Proj. FREE AGENT
25. Dwayne Beckford, Purdue 6-1, 225 Proj. FREE AGENT

 - 2013 CFN Pre-Combine ILB Rankings, Top Ten