2013 Sun Belt Schedule Breakdown
ULM QB Kolton Browning
ULM QB Kolton Browning
Posted Mar 6, 2013

Breakdowns and analysis of each Sun Belt schedule.

2013 Sun Belt Schedules

- 2013 Sun Belt Composite Schedule & Weekly Rankings  

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Toughest Schedules
Based on home games as well as who the teams play. when. From toughest to easiest ...
1. ULM
2. WKU
3. UL Lafayette
4. Arkansas State
5. Troy
6. Georgia State
7. South Alabama
8. Texas State
Arkansas State

Non-Conference Games: Arkansas State-Pine Bluff, at Auburn, at Memphis, at Missouri, Idaho
Realistic Best Case Record: 9-3
Worst Case Record: 5-7
Likely Finish: 7-5
Pre-Preseason Projected Wins: Arkansas State-Pine Bluff, Troy, at Memphis, Idaho, at South Alabama, Texas State, Georgia State
Pre-Preseason Projected Losses: at Auburn, at Missouri, Louisiana, at ULM, at WKU

Summary: The Red Wolves have to come up with several big replacements, but they'll get one week to try tuning up getting Arkansas State-Pine Bluff. Going on the road three times in four weeks with dates at Auburn, Memphis and Missouri wrapped around the Sun Belt opener against Troy will be a test, and then it's time to rest with just one game – Idaho – from the end of September until late October. It's a Sun Belt run to close things out with three of the last five on the road and with ULM and WKU away from Jonesboro.

2013 Schedule
8/31 Arkansas State-Pine Bluff
9/7 at Auburn
9/12 Troy
9/21 at Memphis
9/28 at Missouri
10/12 Idaho
10/23 Louisiana
11/2 at South Alabama
11/9 at ULM
11/16 Texas State
11/23 Georgia State
11/30 at WKU

Georgia State

Non-Conference Games: Samford, Chattanooga, at West Virginia, Jacksonville State, at Alabama
Realistic Best Case Record: 4-8
Worst Case Record: 0-12
Likely Finish: 1-11
Pre-Preseason Projected Wins: Chattanooga
Pre-Preseason Projected Losses: Samford, at West Virginia, Jacksonville State, at Alabama, Troy, at Texas State, at ULM, WKU, Louisiana, at Arkansas State, South Alabama

Summary: The Panthers might be full of veterans, but does that mean they're going to be able to come up with more wins after a disastrous 2012? Samford, Chattanooga and Jacksonville State aren't going to be sure-thing wins – it would be a plus to beat two of the three – and then that might be it. There's still a massive talent divide between GSU and the rest of the Sun Belt in its current form. Fortunately, there's only one road game after going to ULM over the final five weeks of the season, but that comes after a run of three road games in four weeks with the fun of going to Alabama along with Sun Belt dates against Texas State and ULM after hosting Troy.

2013 Schedule
8/29 Samford
9/7 Chattanooga
9/14 at West Virginia
9/21 Jacksonville State
10/5 at Alabama
10/12 Troy
10/19 at Texas State
10/26 at ULM
11/2 WKU
11/16 Louisiana
11/23 at Arkansas State
11/30 South Alabama

South Alabama

Non-Conference Games: Southern Utah, at Tulane, at Tennessee, Kent State, at Navy
Realistic Best Case Record: 5-7
Worst Case Record: 0-12
Likely Finish: 2-10
Pre-Preseason Projected Wins: Southern Utah, at Georgia State
Pre-Preseason Projected Losses: at Tulane, WKU, at Tennessee, at Troy, Kent State, at Texas State, Arkansas State, at Navy, ULM, Louisiana

Summary: The Jaguars will have to keep trying to navigate their way through the FBS waters against a tougher schedule. Southern Utah needs to be a must win to take advantage of the opening home date before going to Tulane. Starting out Sun Belt play against WKU is at home before getting a week off to get ready for the fun of going to Tennessee. There isn't a home game from mid-September until the November 19th game against Kent State, and there's another off week in November before going to Navy. Closing out with three conference home games in the final four, and with the road date coming against a bad Georgia State, should help.

2013 Schedule
8/29 Southern Utah
9/7 at Tulane
9/14 WKU
9/28 at Tennessee
10/5 at Troy
10/19 Kent State
10/26 at Texas State
11/2 Arkansas State
11/16 at Navy
11/23 ULM
11/30 at Georgia State
12/7 Louisiana

Texas State

Non-Conference Games: at Southern Miss, Prairie View A&M, at Texas Tech, Wyoming, at Idaho
Realistic Best Case Record: 6-6
Worst Case Record: 2-10
Likely Finish: 4-8
Pre-Preseason Projected Wins: Prairie View A&M, Georgia State, South Alabama, at Idaho
Pre-Preseason Projected Losses: at Southern Miss, at Texas Tech, Wyoming, at Louisiana, ULM, at Arkansas State, WKU, at Troy

Summary: The Bobcats don't have that much to do over the first half of the season with road games at Southern Miss, Texas Tech and Louisiana woven between home games against Prairie View A&M, Wyoming and ULM. With a nice midseason run of ULM, Georgia State and South Alabama all at home, TSU has to fatten up before closing out with the meat of the schedule. Going to Idaho might not be that big a problem, and getting a week off helps, but finishing up with at Arkansas State, WKU and at Troy isn't going to be rough.

2013 Schedule
8/31 at Southern Miss
9/7 Prairie View A&M
9/21 at Texas Tech
9/28 Wyoming
10/5 at Louisiana
10/12 ULM
10/19 Georgia State
10/26 South Alabama
11/2 at Idaho
11/16 at Arkansas State
11/23 WKU
11/29 at Troy


Non-Conference Games: UAB, Savannah State, at Mississippi State, at Duke, at Ole Miss
Realistic Best Case Record: 7-5
Worst Case Record: 3-9
Likely Finish: 7-5
Pre-Preseason Projected Wins: Savannah State, South Alabama, at Georgia State, ULM, Texas State
Pre-Preseason Projected Losses: UAB, at Arkansas State, at Mississippi State, at Duke, at WKU, at Louisiana, at Ole Miss

Summary: Beating UAB in the opener could be the key to a winning record. There are some must-win, relatively easy games against Savannah State and South Alabama to go along with a road game at Georgia State, but the biggest Sun Belt dates – Arkansas State, WKU and Louisiana – are all on the road. Throw in the non-conference road games at Mississippi State, Duke and Ole Miss, and it's going to be hard to get on any sort of a run.

2013 Schedule
8/31 UAB
9/7 Savannah State
9/12 at Arkansas State
9/21 at Mississippi State
9/28 at Duke
10/5 South Alabama
10/12 at Georgia State
10/26 at WKU
11/2 ULM
11/7 at Louisiana
11/16 at Ole Miss
11/29 Texas State

UL Lafayette

Non-Conference Games: at Arkansas, at Kansas State, Nicholls State, at Akron, New Mexico State
Realistic Best Case Record: 10-2
Worst Case Record: 5-7
Likely Finish: 9-3
Pre-Preseason Projected Wins: Nicholls State, at Akron, Texas State, at Arkansas State, New Mexico State, Troy, at Georgia State, ULM, at South Alabama
Pre-Preseason Projected Losses: at Arkansas, at Kansas State, at WKU

Summary: The schedule isn't all that bad for a veteran team looking to come up with another big season. Starting out at Arkansas and at Kansas State might not make things fun, but there should be a nice run from there with a layup against Nicholls State and a winnable road game at Akron before diving into Sun Belt play against Texas State. There's only one game between September 21st and mid-October, but then it's the make-or-break stretch going to WKU and Arkansas State on the road. With ULM and Troy coming to Lafayette, the second half of the season should be a big success.

2013 Schedule
8/31 at Arkansas
9/7 at Kansas State
9/14 Nicholls State
9/21 at Akron
10/5 Texas State
10/16 at WKU
10/22 at Arkansas State
11/2 New Mexico State
11/7 Troy
11/16 at Georgia State
11/30 ULM
12/7 at South Alabama

UL Monroe

Non-Conference Games: at Oklahoma, Grambling State, at Wake Forest, at Baylor, Tulane
Realistic Best Case Record: 8-4
Worst Case Record: 5-7
Likely Finish: 7-5
Pre-Preseason Projected Wins: Grambling State, Tulane, WKU, at Texas State, Georgia State, Arkansas State, at South Alabama
Pre-Preseason Projected Losses: at Oklahoma, at Wake Forest, at Baylor, at Troy, at Louisiana

Summary: Can ULM pull off a huge shocker by beating Oklahoma in Norman? No, but it wouldn't be stunning if it came up with a victory over Wake Forest or Baylor on the road or Tulane at home. Most of the biggest Sun Belt games are at home, going against WKU and Arkansas State, but the showdown against the Red Wolves on November 9th is the last home date with a week off before going on the road to finish up at South Alabama and Louisiana. The season could come down to the rivalry showdown against the Ragin' Cajuns, but there can't be any big slips at home and beating Troy and Texas State in the middle of the season on the road could be a must.

2013 Schedule
8/31 at Oklahoma
9/7 Grambling State
9/14 at Wake Forest
9/21 at Baylor
9/28 Tulane
10/3 WKU
10/12 at Texas State
10/26 Georgia State
10/31 at Troy
11/9 Arkansas State
11/23 at South Alabama
11/30 at Louisiana

Western Kentucky

Non-Conference Games: Kentucky, at Tennessee, Morgan State, Navy, at Army
Realistic Best Case Record: 10-2
Worst Case Record: 6-6
Likely Finish: 9-3
Pre-Preseason Projected Wins: at South Alabama, Morgan State, Navy, Louisiana, Troy, at Georgia State, at Army, at Texas State, Arkansas State
Pre-Preseason Projected Losses: Kentucky, at Tennessee, at ULM

Summary: The Hilltoppers might be good enough to come up with a split in the SEC openers against Kentucky and Tennessee, and then it's on to Sun Belt play with a trip to South Alabama. Kicking off with the date against Morgan State, WKU has just one away game from September 21st until November – an October 3rd Thursday night game at ULM. Week off to prepare for Louisiana is nice, and getting another bye week before going finishing up with Texas State and Arkansas State will be a huge help.

2013 Schedule
8/31 Kentucky
9/7 at Tennessee
9/14 at South Alabama
9/21 Morgan State
9/28 Navy
10/3 at ULM
10/16 Louisiana
10/26 Troy
11/2 at Georgia State
11/9 at Army
11/23 at Texas State
11/30 Arkansas State

- 2013 Sun Belt Composite Schedule & Weekly Rankings