Spring Preview 2013 - Early BCS Expectations
Ohio State QB Braxton Miller
Ohio State QB Braxton Miller
Posted Mar 18, 2013

Early expectations and possibiltiies for the 2013-2014 bowls - the BCS games

Spring Preview 2013

Too Early BCS Picks

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Way--WAY-Too-Early Bowl Expectations
- Part One - The December bowls
- Part Two - The rest of the non-BCS games
- Part Three - The BCS bowls   

January 1st
Rose Bowl Game
Pasadena, CA Rose Bowl
Big Ten No. 1 vs. Pac-12 
Ridiculously Early Call: Michigan vs. Oregon
Top Three Other Options: 1) Ohio State, 2) Nebraska, 3) Wisconsin

WHY? Ohio State could easily get here if it falls short of 13-0, but Nebraska and Wisconsin wouldn't be surprises with their relatively light schedules. There's a chance the top teams pick each other off, but there's a solid chance that the Michigan-Ohio State winner will be in range of the BCS championship - the two might end up playing back-to-back games at the end of the regular season. Oregon is the class of the Pac-12, but UCLA, USC and Stanford should all be in the hunt.

January 1st
Tostitos Fiesta
Glendale, AZ Univ. of Phoenix Stadium
Big 12 No. 1 vs. BCS At-Large 
Ridiculously Early Call: Texas vs. Fresno State
Top Three Other Options: 1) Oklahoma, 2) Louisville, 3) Oklahoma State

WHY? The Big 12 should be even overall but down at the top, making it a three team race between Texas, Oklahoma and Oklahoma State for the Fiesta. The call here is that Fresno State makes a bit of a statement with a win over Rutgers in the season opener, runs by Colorado on the road, and blows through the Mountain West schedule on the way to the title and a well-earned automatic at-large berth. No, this wouldn't be another Northern Illinois debacle.

January 2nd
Allstate Sugar
New Orleans, LA Mercedes-Benz Superdome
SEC No. 1 vs. BCS At-Large 
Ridiculously Early Call: Georgia vs. Louisville
Top Three Other Options: 1) Alabama, 2) Florida, 3) LSU

WHY? The loser of the SEC championship will probably end up here unless the LSU-Alabama loser is a one-loss powerhouse. The Sugar gets the second choice of the at-large teams overall, but it'll almost certainly have a pick if the SEC champion is in the BCS championship. Louisville would be an easy choice if it comes up with the stellar season it's supposed to have, but if any other Big East team takes the conference title, a second Big 12 team will likely be here.

January 3rd
Discover Orange
Miami Gardens, FL Sun Life Stadium
ACC No. 1 vs. BCS At-Large 
Ridiculously Early Call: Florida State vs. USC
Top Three Other Options: 1) Clemson, 2) Miami, 3) Louisville

WHY? The ACC should be better - with the addition of Pitt and Syracuse, it really should - but the power is still in the Atlantic with Florida State and Clemson the two top teams. However, Miami is motivated, talented and experienced enough to get to the ACC title game and have a puncher's chance of pulling out the win. The Orange gets the first pick in the pecking order of at-large teams, and while it would take some convincing to not take the a Big Ten team if the champ isn't in the BCS championship, the second Pac-12 squad wouldn't be a bad choice.

January 6th
BCS National Championship
Rose Bowl, Pasadena CA
BCS No. 1 vs. BCS No. 2 
Ridiculously Early Call: Alabama vs. Ohio State
Top Three Other Options: 1) Texas, 2) Georgia, 3) Louisville

WHY? Can there be a final BCS championship without the SEC champion? It doesn't really matter who else is out there or who might be unbeaten, if the SEC champ isn't in Pasadena on January 6th, no one will buy the idea that the best team in college football is holding the crystal football thingy.

Alabama has an easier schedule and they'll be better in some spots, so assume that the Tide gets back for a shot at the threepeat (sorry, but the word works). If it's not Bama, pick Georgia, Florida or LSU out of a hat and you'll probably have the right team.

Ohio State probably won't be unbeaten, but it'll likely find its way through an improved Big Ten to get to Pasadena one way or another, at worst as the Big Ten representative in the Rose Bowl. It's it's not the Buckeyes, watch out for a Texas team loaded with experience, a Georgia squad with a terrific offense that should be good enough to at least get back to the SEC championship, or a Louisville team with a breezy schedule and the street cred of the 2013 Sugar Bowl win over Florida on its résumé.
Way--WAY-Too-Early Bowl Expectations
- Part One - The December bowls
- Part Two - The rest of the non-BCS games
- Part Three - The BCS bowls