Tournament of Helmets - Gagliardi Results 1st
Posted Mar 22, 2013

CFN 2013 Tournament of Helmets - Gagliardi Division

CFN Tournament of Helmets

Gagliardi Division Results

In this fun time of year when the world revolves around a bracket, we've created the inaugural CFN Tournament of Helmets. The CFNers came up with the 68 most interesting choices based on the extremely loose criteria of which ones we thoughts looked the coolest. We tried to combine the old school traditional hats with a few of the more interesting new designs - with a few one-hit wonders thrown into the equation – with extra points thrown in for kitsch value.

Below are the first round results helped by you. When it came down to the tie-breaker, we went by your votes and the will of the masses. Please give us your votes, thoughts, comments and choices by e-mail at 2013 CFN Helmet Tournament or Twitter @ColFootballNews. Next Monday will come Round Two.

All the helmets for every college and pro team - and the helmets and graphics used in our tournament - can be found at The Helmet Project, a fantastic site for junkies who love the history of football like we do. Go in and you'll find at least 68 helmets you'll probably like better than our choices. Let the madness begin.

2013 CFN Tournament of Helmet Brackets
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No. 1 Nebraska, 1970-1981
No. 16 Kentucky, 1973-1974 
WINNER: Nebraska
Fiu: Nebraska - This UK lid is better than a 16 seed, but the old school N is iconic.
Rich: Nebraska - A layup for the Huskers at this juncture, but their simplicity will cost them in the second or third round. 
Mitchell: Nebraska - I actually prefer this retro Kentucky helmet to the current variety, but neither can hold a candle to a Nebraska N of any era.
Phil: Nebraska - Deciding to plaster the home state as representation of pride is like grabbing the first greeting card you run across. N wins.
Doan: Nebraska - As much as I LOVE the simplicity of the "state logo on a helmet so women know what school it might be," I can't go against the iconic Nebraska flair here.
Hyland: Nebraska - Tradition too much for the admirable efforts of Lexington.

No. 8 Notre Dame, Nov. 12, 2011 
No. 9 Oregon State, 2010-2012 
WINNER: Oregon State
Fiu: OSU - The winner will get obliterated by Nebraska in the next round. The goofy Beaver is better than the goofy shamrock.
Rich: ND - Irish too literal with the shamrock. Beavers too comical. ND by an incisor, but would be advised to not mess with tried-and-true tradition in the future. 
Mitchell: OSU - Past the blasphemy of this Domer one-off, the fighting Beaver's just better.
Phil: ND - In a clash of two of the less intimidating helmets, shamrock disco wins out over badly conceived cartoon beavers.
Doan: OSU - Tough one, since I'm the lone folk that likes these ND alternates, but I'll take it easy on the Beav and pick them.
Hyland: OSU - Beavers rolling like 8-balls in one-sided affair.

No. 5 Illinois, 1971
No. 12 Maryland, 2012
WINNER: Illinois
Fiu: Illinois - Not down on the Terp helmet design at all, but the Illini helmet better represents the program.
Rich: Illinois - Stripes work on a helmet. Leave the checkerboard to Purina, Maryland.
Mitchell: Illinois - Once every ten or so years, the Illini field a dominant program...perhaps if they stayed with this helmet, they'd have had better luck.
Phil: Maryland - The younger, sexier Terrapin helmet outlasts the geriatric Illini helmet after it pulls a hammy in OT.
Doan: Maryland - I know a lot of people hated the new Maryland digs. I know a lot of people don't like country music. I don't care. I dig both.
Hyland: Illinois - Illini awarded no contest win. This isn't NASCAR.

No. 4 Michigan State, 1974-1975 
No. 13 UTSA, 2011-current
WINNER: Michigan State
Fiu: UTSA - LOVE the crisp look. Mascot and school name in one design. Great colors.
Rich: UTSA - Upset alert. By the way, that's a surly roadrunner on the UTSA hat. 
Mitchell: MSU - Another Spartans lid advances into the second round. I'm petitioning the NCAA COI to investigate how this UTSA helmet made it into the final 68.
Phil: MSU - The younger, sexier Terrapin helmet outlasts the geriatric Illini helmet after it pulls a hammy in OT.
Doan: UTSA - Drop an anvil on Sparty's head. These roadrunners rattle on. Beep. Beep.
Hyland: MSU - Go green, go white.

No. 6 TCU, 1966
No. 11 Indiana State, 1978,1989 
Fiu: TCU - The Horned Frog logo is cool, I'd have gone for ISU if it didn't have the weird S slithering around the state.
Rich: TCU - The lesser of two evils in this pairing. State shapes belong on helmets about as much as a bolo tie belongs on a horned frog.
Mitchell: ISU - Baby blue with the S wrapped around an image of the state. What's not to love?
Phil: TCU - The Indiana State suits decided a tree wasn't fierce enough, so they decided to swaddle the state of Indiana in an "S." Good move.
Doan: ISU - This time, the obligatory and obvious "state on helmet" cannot lose. It's intertwined by an S, for crying out loud.
Hyland: TCU - Horned Frogs hop into the round of 32.

No. 3 Florida State, 1962
No. 14 New Mexico, 1999-2000
WINNER: New Mexico
Fiu: FSU - It's kitschy, it's slightly offensive, it's 1962. It's fantastic.
Rich: New Mexico - The logo on a helmet ought to make a statement. Florida State's is, "we lacked the budget to hire a professional artist in 1962."
Mitchell: New Mexico - Forget UTSA, how did this FSU '62 monstrosity get selected? I'm not even a Seminole and I find that offensive. My three-year-old is a better artist and she still hasn't figured out if she's right or left handed.
Phil: New Mexico - In a huge upset, the Wolf Pack takes out Cro Magnon Seminole head. Thank you evolution.
Doan: FSU - The Seminole has a bit of a Jay Leno's chin feel to it, but it still wins by a mile.
Hyland: New Mexico - Seven-year-old who draws the Seminole profile agrees, Lobo hat advances.

No. 7 Boise State, 2010-2012
No. 10 West Virginia, 1970
WINNER: Boise State
Fiu: Boise State - 1970 WVU deserves a better fate. The Boise State angry Bronco is a sweet look without getting gimmicky.
Rich: Boise State - Strategic move by the Broncos. Players appear headless when playing home games on blue turf.
Mitchell: Boise State - One of my favorite hats of recent years. Right on the cusp of falling into "Disney", but love the angry, red-eyed look on that stag. Besides, the WVU helmet looks like a rejected Japanese cartoon.
Phil: Boise State - Boise is the poster child for the newer helmets, and it works. And the horse has Satan's eyes.
Doan: Boise State - No list of anything related to uniforms can be complete sans Boise State being involved. So yes, they win.
Hyland: WVU - Love to see the Mountaineers embracing the outline of their mountain home.

No. 2 Florida, 2006 
No. 15 North Carolina, 2012
WINNER: Florida
Fiu: Florida - One of my Final Four picks, it's the perfect combination of old school feel in a new design. UNC's is just goofy.
Rich: Florida - Love the stainless steel choice by Carolina, but tar on the heel of a foot? Ehh.
Mitchell: Florida - Just stop.
Phil: UNC - This Carolina helmet may be one of the Cinderella's of the helmet tournament. Good luck finding a slipper to fit THAT foot.
Doan: UNC - This is the Avril Lavigne factor here. I know it shouldn't be as good looking as I think it is, but I can't shake the feeling.
Hyland: Florida - Snubbed for a one seed, Gators roll over mirrored heels.

2013 CFN Tournament of Helmet Brackets
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