Tournament of Helmets - Robinson Results 1st
Posted Mar 22, 2013

CFN 2013 Tournament of Helmets - Robinson Division

CFN Tournament of Helmets

Robinson Division Results

In this fun time of year when the world revolves around a bracket, we've created the inaugural CFN Tournament of Helmets. The CFNers came up with the 68 most interesting choices based on the extremely loose criteria of which ones we thoughts looked the coolest. We tried to combine the old school traditional hats with a few of the more interesting new designs - with a few one-hit wonders thrown into the equation – with extra points thrown in for kitsch value.

Below are the first round results helped by you. When it came down to the tie-breaker, we went by your votes and the will of the masses. Please give us your votes, thoughts, comments and choices by e-mail at 2013 CFN Helmet Tournament or Twitter @ColFootballNews. Next Monday will come Round Two.

All the helmets for every college and pro team - and the helmets and graphics used in our tournament - can be found at The Helmet Project, a fantastic site for junkies who love the history of football like we do. Go in and you'll find at least 68 helmets you'll probably like better than our choices. Let the madness begin.

2013 CFN Tournament of Helmet Brackets
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No. 1 Michigan 1975-current
No. 16 ULM, 1998 
WINNER: Michigan
Fiu: Michigan - Don't pretend to be Florida State, ULM. The Michigan helmet is college football.
Rich: Michigan - Surprisingly strong challenge, but Michigan's tradition topples ULM's plagiarizing of Florida State. 
Mitchell: Michigan - Just a crime putting this sharp Monroe helmet up against a classic like Michigan.
Phil: Michigan - In a near upset, the classic look of the winged helmet beats out the intimidation of a felonious weapon.
Doan: Michigan - Not close. The winged helmet is iconic, let alone against a blown up VHS color gone wrong version of Florida State's current helmet.
Hyland: Michigan - Take the chalk here.

No. 8 Clemson, 1977-current  
No. 9 SMU, 1976-1986 
WINNER: Clemson
Fiu: Clemson - But I can easily be paid off to vote the other way.
Rich: Clemson - Paw prints are appealing, and it's a good idea to celebrate odd color combinations, such as orange and purple.
Mitchell: SMU - 8/9 is CRUSHING! The Clemson lid screams CFB, and what blind person doesn't like bright orange? If that wasn't enough, this SMU lid says "Cheat like Boss Tweed & the Tammany Hall Machine". Still, go with the ponies.
Phil: Clemson - On the Serengeti, a Tiger would take down a fleeting Mustang every single time. Yeah, and the big paw look is better too.
Doan: Clemson - Not close, but I can be wooed, Craig James, if you have a little loot to spare...
Hyland: Clemson - The Pony Express was sure special, but orange is more classic than electric red.

No. 5 Miami, 1984
No. 12 Michigan State, 2011
Fiu: Miami - I feel the need to taunt and preen just by looking at the logo.
Rich: Miami - The U. with a giant U on the side of the helmet—anything additional would be unnecessary. 
Mitchell: MSU - Another 12 beats 5 upset. And given the mood I'm in, I'm likely voting against Penn State, too.
Phil: MSU - It might be an upset, but the new-age bronzed look of Sparty is what your neighbor has. You want to keep up
Doan: Miami - Typical of Michigan State, they tried to do alternate helmets as well as everyone else and basically just have the same logo with a gold backdrop.
Hyland: Miami - It's a Cane thing. You wouldn't understand.

No. 4 Kansas State, 1966 
No. 13 Iowa State, 1983-1986
WINNER: Iowa State
Fiu: Kansas State - It was a one year shot that hit a home run. Nothing fancy, but it gets the job done.
Rich: ISU - Cyclones hat is fit for a fast food restaurant, but putting a giant "K" atop "STATE" is ridiculously unoriginal.
Mitchell: ISU - One has to appreciate the simplicity - the down home Midwestern charm and short-bus design effort of this K-State classic. But a natural disaster on the side of a helmet wins almost every time.
Phil: ISU - These two helmets look like the winners of a kindergarten design competition, but at least ISU's decal is placed correctly.
Doan: ISU - This helmet makes a lot more sense than the late 90s version of a bird coming out of a tornado.
Hyland: ISU - Give me some Cyclone love.

No. 6 Ohio State, 1965
No. 11 Bethune-Cookman, 2010-current 
WINNER: Ohio State
Fiu: Bethune-Cookman - I'm more frightened of the team that comes out in the BC helmets. The logo makes me want to listen to Goldie.
Rich: OSU - Buckeyes should have been seeded higher with this throwback helmet from the 1960s.
Mitchell: OSU - I'm dying here. I want to get the hyphen B-C into a CFB debate. But alas, even though the current OSU helmet will also advance, this retro look is top shelf.
Phil: OSU - OSU's retro-cool look wins out over the secret society symbol of Bethune Cookman.
Doan: OSU - Like the pretty blonde in the back of the room, I have no idea what BC is saying with this fashion, but I don't care. It's hot.
Hyland: OSU - Tip your hat to the Bucks here with 11 different helmets bobbing on any given play.

No. 3 LSU, 1972-1976
No. 14 Toledo, 1964-1966
Fiu: Toledo - You know EXACTLY what Toledo was going for considering the times. Rockets are cool.
Rich: LSU - Ancient hieroglyphics showed more advanced brushstrokes than what the Rockets were wearing in the mid-1960s. 
Mitchell: Toledo - Turns out that was a good move to the new helmet, LSU. Freud would be proud.
Phil: LSU - Toledo's helmet probably stood a better chance if it were left plain.
Doan: LSU - I've seen Toledo's before. LSU's looks like Les Miles drew it in crayon, and that's what makes it great.
Hyland: LSU - Bayou Bengal in a one-sided affair.

No. 7 South Carolina 1966-1967
No. 10 Minnesota, 1979-1985
WINNER: South Carolina
Fiu: Minnesota - There was a whole bunch of really, really bad football played under these two hats.
Rich: Minnesota - Nothing particularly special about the Minnesota hat, but that gamecock might be the weirdest, most unappealing looking animal this side of the sloth.
Mitchell: South Carolina - The Gopher M stands out, but it lacks the panache of the Carolina Gamecock of old.
Phil: South Carolina - Toledo's helmet probably stood a better chance if it were left plain.
Doan: South Carolina - Both look similar to today's, and in the grand scheme of things, a rooster going all Manny Pacquiao beats a buck-toothed rodent.
Hyland: Minnesota - Paul Bunyon's Gophers chop the Roosters' necks in this one.

No. 2 Oklahoma State, 1967 
No. 15 Princeton, 1970-1972
WINNER: Oklahoma State
Fiu: OSU - If you have to wonder if a helmet is Princeton's or Bowling Green's, you know the answer.
Rich: OSU - An Ivy League team should make people think. I'm thinking, "Why would Princeton would place images of sonar on the side of their lid?" 
Mitchell: OSU - The Princeton helmet certainly stands out too, but it can't stand up to the 67 Pokes.
Phil: OSU - It's the Oklahoma State Cowboys versus the Princeton tire-treads. OSU in a walk.
Doan: OSU - This was tough. In the end, I have no idea how this helmet relates to Tigers, and you can't misrepresent a guy riding a bronco.
Hyland: OSU - The hint of Tiger is impressive, but the Cowboys will ride on.

2013 CFN Tournament of Helmet Brackets
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