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CFN Tournament of Helmets - Warner Results
Posted Mar 22, 2013

CFN 2013 Tournament of Helmets - Pop Warner Division

CFN Tournament of Helmets

Warner Division Results

In this fun time of year when the world revolves around a bracket, we’ve created the inaugural CFN Tournament of Helmets. The CFNers came up with the 68 most interesting choices based on the extremely loose criteria of which ones we thoughts looked the coolest. We tried to combine the old school traditional hats with a few of the more interesting new designs - with a few one-hit wonders thrown into the equation – with extra points thrown in for kitsch value.

Below are the first round results helped by you. When it came down to the tie-breaker, we went by your votes and the will of the masses. Please give us your votes, thoughts, comments and choices by e-mail at 2013 CFN Helmet Tournament or Twitter @ColFootballNews. Next Monday will come Round Two.

All the helmets for every college and pro team - and the helmets and graphics used in our tournament - can be found at The Helmet Project, a fantastic site for junkies who love the history of football like we do. Go in and you'll find at least 68 helmets you'll probably like better than our choices. Let the madness begin.

2013 CFN Tournament of Helmet Brackets
- Robinson Bracket | Gagliardi Bracket | Warner Bracket | Stagg Bracket  

PLAY IN - Miss Valley St, 2002-current
PLAY IN - Harvard, 1972-1973 
WINNER: Harvard
Fiu: Harvard - How is this just a play in? The MVSU logo is just plain cool, but the basic H for the Mississippi Valley State of the Ivy is awesome.
Rich: Harvard - Obvious clash in styles goes to the minimalism of a block “H” on a crimson hat.
Mitchell: Harvard - Bold hat. Love the old school H. Plus it's Harvard - they have all the $. Have to advance them at least 1 round just to support our ad-based business model.
Phil: MVSU - It may not advance very far, but MVSU wins the trophy for the amount of noise you can put on a helmet
Doan: MVSU - I've seen the block letter too many times, Harvard. I haven't seen a Delta Devil and it has no Wikipedia, which means it must be ultra rare. So it wins.
Hyland: Harvard - Crimson slip past the Devils.

No. 1 Oklahoma, 1977-current
No. 16 Air Force, Oct 2-Nov 6, 2010 
WINNER: Oklahoma
Fiu: OU - A 70-point blowout. The intertwined OU is big game college football. This Air Force look is miserably weird.
Rich: OU - One look at the Sooners helmet and you’ll swear you can see the wishbone in action.
Mitchell: OU - No question. Not to mention the Falcons' helmet looks like they just gave up halfway through.
Phil: OU - If Captain Dave and Evil Knievel had a helmet child, it would be this Air Force spawned design.
Doan: Air Force - UNPRECEDENTED! A 16 over a 1! AF's looks like an Adam West Batman fighting scene, which makes it epic. POW!
Hyland: OU - Falcons outclassed in this one.

No. 8 Florida State, 1966-1968  
No. 9 Colorado, 1985-2004 
WINNER: Florida State
Fiu: FSU - This could be an Elite Eight matchup - the Colorado look is sharp. A player automatically runs a 4.4 by putting on the FSU hat.
Rich: FSU - A No. 8 seed for the Seminoles? Too low for one of the all-time great helmets in college football.
Mitchell: CU - 8/9 is always the toughest - but there are some great CFB memories under that old CU lid. Never should have changed it.
Phil: FSU - The design hasn't changed much through the years, and the FSU spear design beats a two-dimensional, black and white Buffalo every time.
Doan: FSU - Long one of my favorite modern helmets, FSU sails. The tomahawks, the colors, Joan Rivers couldn't carp and moan about this style.
Hyland: FSU - McCartney era Buffs get the scalp.

No. 5 TCU, Rose Bowl 2011
No. 12 Pitt, 1973-1980
Fiu: Pitt - The simplicity works. The normal TCU helmet would've had a better shot - you don't add a piece of flair for one really big game.
Rich: Pitt - “Pitt”… unvarnished and unpretentious, a nice marriage between helmet and city. 
Mitchell: Pitt - Right off the bat, let me disclose that I am not a fan of the "one off" lids. Not that they can't be fun, but they're a toy - they lack the gravitas of a classic like this Pittsburgh helmet.
Phil: TCU - If Axl Rose were a quarterback, he'd play for the TCU squad that has Horned Frogs and Roses on its lids
Doan: TCU - A lot of teams have done the cutesy "use the rose in our logo for the Rose Bowl," but none had a frog with horns digesting it.
Hyland: Pitt - Script Pitt is one for all time.

No. 4 Georgia, 1978-current 
No. 13 Tulsa, 1985-1990
WINNER: Georgia
Fiu: UGA - There's no truth to the rumor that Tulsa borrowed the logo and look from SpectraVision.
Rich: UGA - Tulsa never had a chance against the Dawgs, particularly with its disco-esque entry from a quarter-century ago. 
Mitchell: UGA - And it's not even close.
Phil: UGA - A classic Georgia helmet wins easily over the helmet that came in the package with Football Barbie.
Doan: Tulsa - UGA's looks too much like Grambling and GB, and no matter who came first, everyone wearing the same thing doesn't make it cool. See: Abercrombie and Fitch.
Hyland: UGA - Dawgs all day and all night.

No. 6 Arizona State, 2011-current
No. 11 North Dakota State, 2012-current 
WINNER: North Dakota State
Fiu: NDSU - I'm not voting against the ASU helmet, I'm voting for NDSU. The snort sealed it - no snort, no pick.
Rich: ASU - No Sparky, but still an easy win for the Sun Devils over the Levitating Bison of North Dakota State.
Mitchell: NDSU - I recognize ASU spent a gazillion dollars on its new pitchfork campaign, and the Bison looks like it was designed by a math professor's five year old, but what's not to love about a snorting buffalo? It's football damn it, not Disney.
Phil: NDSU - Bison used to be on the verge of extinction, now they appear even on the side of helmets tossing their cookies.
Doan: ASU - Hardest pick of the entire first round. I like what ASU is doing with uniforms. And I garden. It's hard to make a pitchfork look so sleek.
Hyland: NDSU - Green face mask clinches it for the Bison.

No. 3 Duke, 1966-1969
No. 14 UCF, 1981-1982
Fiu: Duke - Look out. This could make a really, really deep run. It's blue, it's a devil and it would make Duke football look tough. UCF ran into a buzzsaw.
Rich: Duke - Five words to the Blue Devils administration - Bring this helmet back - today. 
Mitchell: Duke - Oh my - Might have my early darkhorse here. Clean. Bold. How did the brass at Duke ever let a classic like this get away? More proof that they're not as smart as an Ivy League school.
Phil: Duke - Who knew that devils could be blue and smiling at the same time?
Doan: Duke - I feel like the laughing blue devil head has been watching Duke football for the last 20 years. It's awesome.
Hyland: Duke - Blue Devils survive.

No. 7 Wisconsin, 1967-1969
No. 10 Oregon, 1999-current
WINNER: Wisconsin
Fiu: Wisconsin - It's a badger in a sweater. I'm not voting for the Nike marketing campaign.
Rich: Oregon - Best green hat in the country. One of the only green hats in the country. 
Mitchell: Oregon - Very tough choice. Love the old school Bucky. But this bright O came along just as the program broke through into its golden era.
Phil: Oregon - The Green Lantern called, he wants his helmet back because its the helmet that set the trend of new designs. Enough said.
Doan: Wisconsin - I like Oregon's style. I like Badgers wearing fraternity sweaters a bit more though.
Hyland: Wisconsin - Bucky is the class in this one.

No. 2 Texas, 1977-current 
No. 15 Brown, 1984-1989
Fiu: Texas - The Longhorns come in as a 23-point favorite but Brown's three pointer at the buzzer rims out.
Rich: Texas - Great use of white space from the ‘Horns. Plus, the burnt orange logo embodies not just a program, but an entire state.
Mitchell: Texas - Like the regal look of the old school Brown helmet, but this was over before the kickoff.
Phil: Texas - Steer clear. Another near upset, but the Longhorn helmet is simple, recognizable and a marketing brand all on its own.
Doan: Brown - The family crest look is tough to top, even for Bevo.
Hyland: Texas - Player safety at risk in the Longhorns rout of BU.

2013 CFN Tournament of Helmet Brackets
- Robinson Bracket | Gagliardi Bracket | Warner Bracket | Stagg Bracket