Tournament of Helmets - Stagg Results 1st
Posted Mar 22, 2013

CFN 2013 Tournament of Helmets - Amos Alonzo Stagg Division

CFN Tournament of Helmets

Stagg Division Results

In this fun time of year when the world revolves around a bracket, we've created the inaugural CFN Tournament of Helmets. The CFNers came up with the 68 most interesting choices based on the extremely loose criteria of which ones we thoughts looked the coolest. We tried to combine the old school traditional hats with a few of the more interesting new designs - with a few one-hit wonders thrown into the equation – with extra points thrown in for kitsch value.

Below are the first round results helped by you. When it came down to the tie-breaker, we went by your votes and the will of the masses. Please give us your votes, thoughts, comments and choices by e-mail at 2013 CFN Helmet Tournament or Twitter @ColFootballNews. Next Monday will come Round Two.

All the helmets for every college and pro team - and the helmets and graphics used in our tournament - can be found at The Helmet Project, a fantastic site for junkies who love the history of football like we do. Go in and you'll find at least 68 helmets you'll probably like better than our choices. Let the madness begin.

2013 CFN Tournament of Helmet Brackets
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PLAY IN - Florida A&M, 2008-current
PLAY IN South Florida, Nov. 19, 2011 
WINNER: Florida A&M
Fiu: Florida A&M - I'd hate to see the designs that didn't make the cut for USF's one-week tryout.
Rich: Florida A&M - Both helmets are too busy, but South Florida's looks as if it was designed by the makers of the 1980s video game Snafu 
Mitchell: Florida A&M - Less is more...and yes, we're talking to you, USF.
Phil: USF - The glitz and sparkle beats a little too descriptive Florida A&M helmet.
Doan: USF - Black Henna meets ecstasy meets football helmet. That has to be a win.
Hyland: Florida A&M - A&M in unremarkable fashion defeats the single worst helmet I have ever seen.

No. 1 USC, 1972-current
No. 16 Tulane, 1981-1982 
Fiu: USC - Nothing says intimidation than a helmet that reminds opponents that they're playing a city ten feet below sea level. It always seems like I'm somewhere 35 degrees and raining when I'm watching the USC helmets on TV in the L.A. sun.
Rich: USC - Tommy Trojan vs. a tidal wave. No contest. 
Mitchell: USC - The Trojans clearly had this one lined up, but it didn't hurt that the Tulane Green Wave seems to be swallowing up...Tulane??? Whose brainchild was that?
Phil: USC - It's a literal wave on Tulane's helmet. There is no further argument needed. The iconic Trojan helmet wins in a route.
Doan: Tulane - C'mon. I'd always wondered why Tulane didn't play up the Wave more often. Now I know. They did, and it was great.
Hyland: Tulane - Green Wave pulls historic upset and thankful not to have faced USC's block-lettered Cheerleaders' sweaters.

No. 8 Wyoming Nov. 19, 2011  
No. 9 Arizona State, 1980-1984 
WINNER: Wyoming
Fiu: Wyoming - This went into overtime. It's hard to make brown and yellow work, but Wyoming manages to do it.
Rich: Wyoming - Because brown is an underutilized color for helmets, an homage to the day when leather hats were the norm.
Mitchell: ASU - My second round "Upset Alert!" - the old school Sparky could be a spoiler.
Phil: ASU - Wyoming gets DQ'd on inappropriate use of a color-scheme. ASU wins by default.
Doan: Wyoming - If it's brown, flush it down. Unless it's with yellow. Then it is a total win.
Hyland: Wyoming - Subtle Marlboro marketing wins the day for Cowboys over cartoon Devil.

No. 5 Ohio State, 1968-current
No. 12 Iowa, 1971
WINNER: Ohio State
Fiu: OSU - If you have to ask if it's Iowa or Southern Miss, you know the answer.
Rich: OSU - Tradition-rich helmet that hasn't needed to be altered in more than four decades. 
Mitchell: OSU - Timeless.
Phil: Iowa - The late-season OSU helmet would have donned Buckeye leaves and been more competitive against a falcon-Hawkeye thingy.
Doan: OSU - I feel like I've seen the Iowa helmet here too many times. OSU's I've not.
Hyland: OSU - Eye to eye, the Bucks squeak this one out over the Hawks.

No. 4 Notre Dame, 1964-current 
No. 13 UTEP, 1987
WINNER: Notre Dame
Fiu: UTEP - I know, it's the Golden Dome and the helmets look like it, and with nothing on them, you can still tell whose helmets they are, but I like the Miner.
Rich: ND - UTEP is the Miners. Notre Dame actually adds a precious metal to its helmet. Interesting. 
Mitchell: ND - This was a lot harder than I expected; you simply have to love the retro miner. But at day's end, you're just not beating the ND tradition.
Phil: ND - Somebody actually made the decision to pass THAT UTEP helmet through the design phase.
Doan: ND - There's something nostalgic about the all gold ND lid that not even a bearded man carrying a pick can best. Which is tough.
Hyland: ND - Irish chafed by seeding take out frustrations on the Miners.

No. 6 Arizona, 1973
No. 11 San Diego State, 2004-2005 
WINNER: San Diego State
Fiu: Arizona - I'm not sure if it's a design for some sort of 1970's ergonomic chair or a recreation of the loch ness monster, but I'm intimidated either way.
Rich: SDSU - Aztecs are major sleepers in this tournament, with a great color scheme and symbol. 
Mitchell: SDSU - Is that an Arizona rattlesnake? Whatever. This is a slam dunk 11 over 6.
Phil: SDSU - C'mon, the Aztec helmet has a sphere and blended paint. It's what the cool kids wear.
Hyland: Arizona - So Cal transplants on peyote in Tucson deliver winning logo in this taffy pull.

No. 3 San Jose State, 2012-current
No. 14 Idaho, 2012
Fiu: SJSU - Best color scheme in college football, and it's not even close. Put on the Idaho helmet and you instantly feel the need to give up 250 rushing yards.
Rich: Idaho - Hard to go wrong with a black helmet. Plus, it has a slimming effect on the Vandals linemen.
Mitchell: Idaho - Another upset. How can you not go for the black hat "Vandals"? Somewhere Johnny Cash is smiling.
Phil: Idaho - The San Jose State helmet is more outdated than a 70's kitchen theme, whereas all black is equivalent to stainless steel.
Doan: Idaho - Upset? I don't know, but the black on black with gold logo trim is the Kristen Bell of combinations.
Hyland: SJSU - San Jose State also wondering how Vandals can have such a great nickname and so little follow through on the hat.

No. 7 Florida, 1964-1965
No. 10 Navy, 1964
WINNER: Florida
Fiu: Florida - 1960's Florida helmet just screams dehydrated players in need of some newfangled sugary sports drink creation.
Rich: Florida - It's never wise to put a goat on a helmet, especially a poorly-drawn rendition of the team mascot.
Mitchell: Florida - This is a shallow victory for Florida. Neither the Midshipmen nor the Gators were going to advance past Hawaii.
Phil: Florida - With all due respect to our nation's finest, it's hard to vote for a helmet that has a ULA (Unidentified Leaping Animal) on it.
Doan: Florida - I'm told orange and blue is not fashionable, that they clash. I've never been considered on the cutting edge of Project Runway
Hyland: Florida - SEC too much for the service academies.

No. 2 Hawaii, 1977-1981 
No. 15 Mississippi State, 1969-1971
WINNER: Hawaii
Fiu: Hawaii - The rest of the field needs to be really, really worried. This is well before the football program failed to get the Not That There's Anything Wrong With It memo about being called the Rainbow Warriors.
Rich: Hawaii - Warriors score points for whimsy. Both Hanna and Barbera would be proud.
Mitchell: Hawaii - On a bullet.
Phil: Hawaii - Look! A Polynesian warrior wrapped in a prism of light known as a rainbow. Case closed.
Doan: Hawaii - Dude, it's a guy wearing a cape flying out of a rainbow. Frank Costanza's lawyer even thinks this is impressive.
Hyland: Hawaii - Rainbow Warriors in a runaway.

2013 CFN Tournament of Helmet Brackets
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