2013 CFN Tournament of Helmets

Posted Apr 5, 2013

CFN Tournament of Helmets - Regional Finals. The best helmet tourney is down to the Final 8.

CFN Tournament of Helmets

Regional Finals

In this fun time of year when the world revolves around a bracket, we've created the inaugural CFN Tournament of Helmets. The CFNers came up with the 68 most interesting choices based on the extremely loose criteria of which ones we thoughts looked the coolest. We tried to combine the old school traditional hats with a few of the more interesting new designs - with a few one-hit wonders thrown into the equation – with extra points thrown in for kitsch value.

Below are the Elite Eight results, helped by you. Please give us your votes, thoughts, comments and choices by e-mail at 2013 CFN Helmet Tournament or Twitter @ColFootballNews

All the helmets for every college and pro team - and the helmets and graphics used in our tournament - can be found at The Helmet Project, a fantastic site for junkies who love the history of football like we do. Go in and you'll find at least 68 helmets you'll probably like better than our choices. Let the madness begin.

No. 1 Michigan 1975-current
No. 3 LSU, 1972-1976 
Fiu:  Michigan - I thought this LSU helmet would've made a deep run, but there's no chance it can get by the classic.
Rich: Michigan – As much as any hat in the game, the Michigan design IS college football. And it's just unique enough to neither become stale nor require minor revisions. It's been a good spring so far in Ann Arbor.
Mitchell:  Michigan - This LSU helmet has been running on borrowed time since the tournament kicked off; it comes to a screeching halt against the wings.
Phil:  Michigan - It's two powerhouse programs, but the winged helmet is hard to touch even in the Bayou.
Zemek: Michigan – LSU offers its own old-school look, one that is certainly attractive, but even Les Miles would choose the Michigan helmet here.
Doan: Michigan - They become the first team to make the helmet and actual Final Four in the same year.
ROBINSON REGIONAL FINAL  1st Round | 2nd Round | Sweet 16

No. 1 Nebraska, 1970-1981 
No. 7 Boise State, 2010-2012
Fiu: Nebraska - I love the simplicity. It's not about marketing or trying to create something shiny to entice some dopey 17-year-old. It's the N, and it's (bleep)ing cool.  
Rich: Boise State – Neither choice is especially inspiring. But at this stage of the competition, block red "N" on white backdrop shouldn't qualify solely because it's stood the test of time.
Mitchell:  Boise State - This boring Nebraska helmet is more nostalgia than substance, and really hasn't been relevant since Monica Lewinsky's 15 minutes of fame. Relative to Nebraska, this Broncos' alternative lid might have only had a cup of coffee in the spotlight, but it was a blindingly bright spotlight.
Phil:  Boise State - Yeah, it's against tradition but so was the smart phone. Sometimes newer and shinier IS better.
Zemek:  Nebraska – When old school and new age collide, the old school look must be ugly if the new-age helmet is to advance. Sorry, Boise State.
Doan: Boise State - Finally, something the BCS can't hold Boise State down with.
GAGLIARDI REGIONAL FINAL 1st Round | 2nd Round | Sweet 16 

No. 5 Ohio State, 1968-current 
No. 2 Hawaii 1977-1981
WINNER:  OHIO STATE (fan vote settles the tie-breaker)
Fiu:  Hawaii - I'm sorry, but I love it. This helmet and this logo might not have any tradition whatsoever, but it's just cool.
Rich: Ohio State – Stop the madness already. The goofy Hawaii lid deserves a spot in the helmeted Final Four about as much as Hootie & the Blowfish belong in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.
Mitchell: Ohio State - If this crappy Hawaii lid advances past Ohio State, I'm going postal. Doan...you better have a damn good explanation for yourself.
Phil:  Hawaii- It takes a Polynesian God crushing it on a rainbow wave to end the Buckeyes' hopes.
Zemek: Ohio State – It was a great run, 1977-1981 Hawaii helmet. Now, you must submit to the classic Buckeye presentation. Be happy with your Elite Eight showing.
Doan: Hawaii - The most underrated helmet in the history of college football (no hyperbole) moves on.
STAGG REGIONAL FINAL  1st Round | Stagg Bracket | Sweet 16 

No. 3 Duke, 1966-1969 
No. 12 Pitt, 1973-1980
Fiu:   Duke - UGH. I couldn't choose. I dig the simplicity of the Pitt helmet, but the Duke devil logo is the best thing in the history of the football program.
Rich: Duke – Somewhere, Leo Hart must be smiling. The Blue Devils might go the distance … with a helmet that was put in storage for some reason more than four decades ago.
Mitchell:  Duke - The biggest surprise in this tournament. Don't look now, but with only two wins to go, this classic, clean Blue Devil look might go down as our inaugural CFN Helmet Tourney winner!
Phil:  Pitt- Satan called and he's blue in the face over losing to the classic, cursive Pitt. Simple, clean, and memorable.
Zemek:  Pitt – Wichita State, eat your heart out. A No. 12 seed makes the CFN Final Four… or at least, it should.
Doan:  Duke - Barely. A regional final slim loss to Duke? Jamie Dixon clearly isn't coaching the helmet.
WARNER REGIONAL FINAL  1st Round | 2nd Round | Sweet 16