Big 12 Coaching Analysis - Rebuild Factor, 2
Posted Apr 6, 2013

If you needed one Big 12 head coach to take over your program ...

2013 Big 12 Coaches

The Building Factor, Part 2

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Big 12 Coaching Rebuild Rankings 2012 | 2011

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6. Kliff Kingsbury, Texas Tech
Career Record: 0-0
Here we go. The Red Raider faithful has one of its own, getting the legendary quarterback to bring exactly what the program is looking for. He's young, personable, and really, really talented. The hot offensive coordinator under the hot head coach, Kevin Sumlin, and a big reason the hot new college football star, Johnny Manziel, won the Heisman. 34 this year, he needs to win right away but will also get plenty of time – everyone around the program really wants this to work.
Hot Seat Status: A wee bit more than it might seem. Tommy Tuberville wasn't Mike Leach, but he also wasn't that awful. Leach is still seen as the one who gave the program its identity, and the only way Kingsbury changes that is by winning.
The Coaching Change Will Come … in five years. He's going to be great, he's going to get mega-offensive numbers, and he's going to be off to the NFL for a mega-payday. He's going to be a coaching superstar one he cuts his teeth.

7. Dana Holgorsen, West Virginia
Career Record: 17-9
Things didn't exactly get off to a hot start with the transition from the late Bill Stewart regime not exactly smooth, but last offseason Holgorsen was a big deal after his offense obliterated Clemson in the Orange Bowl. Things changed after West Virginia moved to the Big 12 and the second half of last season was such a disaster. The defense couldn't stop anyone and Geno Smith was wildly inconsistent. There's no questioning Holgorsen's offensive mind, but things have to turn back around after the rocky finish.
Hot Seat Status: Medium. The defense is going to be the defense, but the offense has to work all the time and the team can't look as helpless as it was in the Pinstripe Bowl loss to Syracuse. As long as there are a few big wins in the Big 12 on the way, he'll be fine.
The Coaching Change Will Come … within five years. This might not end Rich Rodriguez bad, but no matter how this all works out, it might not be smooth. Just 42 this summer, if the offense keeps blowing up and the team starts to have more success, the Iowa native could be destined to run out of the tunnel with the Hawkeyes if and when Kirk Ferentz is done. If that way last season finished up is the norm, he might not be the right fit.

8. Mack Brown, Texas
Career Record: 232-114-1
Turning 62 this summer, Brown still has the ability and potential to come up with a few more huge seasons – the 2013 team is loaded with talent and experience. However, the program has been running on its reputation over the last few years, and while Brown acknowledged it by worrying about its sense of entitlement, the results haven't been there going 22-16 over the last three seasons. Texas lost 16 games from 2001 to 2009. Over that nine-year span before the slide, Texas finished with double digit wins and finished in the top 13 each season.
Hot Seat Status: Rip roaring flaming. He deserves far more credit for his legendary career and should be given far more respect as a coach than merely a great recruiter, but things are slipping. Making well over $5 million a year, he's expected to bring championships.
The Coaching Change Will Come … in five years. The grace period is over, but the Longhorns will bounce back this season and come up with a big year to change things up. However, at his age, the retirement rumors over the last few years will finally come true.

9. Charlie Weis, Kansas
Career Record: 36-37
While the bloom fell off the rose as an offensive coordinator after struggling at Florida and not doing much in one year with the Kansas City Chiefs, he still got another shot in a slightly-stunning hire for Kansas last season. The program needed a shot in the arm, but is Weis really supposed to be it? The epic failures at Notre Dame – complete with losses to Navy and a horrendous 3-9 campaign in 2007 – will keep being brought up until he starts to win at Kansas. Going 1-11 with no wins over FBS teams wasn't exactly the start Jayhawk fans were looking for.
Hot Seat Status: Fine for a few years. Weis has one big thing in his favor; he's not Turner Gill. Things got so bad so fast that Weis will get a few years of grace period to try getting things in place.
The Coaching Change Will Come … in three years. The 57-year-old will either come up with one big year and parlay it into one more shot at a bigger job, or there won't be any schematic advantage whatsoever.

10. Bill Snyder, Kansas State
Career Record: 170-85-1
74. That's how old he's going to be this football season, and while he came up with one of his best teams in his phenomenal career, he's not the coach you'd want to rebuild around for the next five years. However, in the all-time ranking of coaches you'd want to take over a woebegone football program, the 1990 version would be in the team photo, if not No. 1. Winning 11 games in six of seven seasons from 1997 to 2003, he created a power, and being able to come back and restore the glory with a brilliant second act only confirmed his legendary status.
Hot Seat Status: The guy's name is on the stadium.
The Coaching Change Will Come … Within the next few years, but why stop now? He'll leave when he wants to.

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