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Posted Apr 6, 2013

If you needed one Big 12 head coach to take over your program ...

2013 Big 12 Coaches

The Building Factor

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Big 12 Coaching Rebuild Rankings 2012 | 2011

- Coach You Want To Build Around - Part 2 
1. Bob Stoops, Oklahoma
Career Record: 149-37
How good is he? Oklahoma technically won a share of the Big 12 title, and it was still considered a down year. Nick Saban and Urban Meyer might have more national titles – 2000 is a long time ago – but no head coach has been more consistently great over this century winning nine Big 12 championships in 14 seasons and finishing second in the South in three other seasons. Six double digit win seasons in the last seven years 11 in the last 13, he's on a special run that's only losing a little bit of luster because of the big game bombs. The only BCS victory since winning the 2003 Rose came against lightweight UConn in the 2011 Fiesta.
Hot Seat Status: Slight. It's been way too long since winning the national title, and a third place finish in the South and a third overall slot in 2011 have been underwhelming, but he's have to really bomb two years in a row to be in any fear for his job.
The Coaching Change Will Come … in more than ten years. Turning 53 this season, he still has a long, long way to go. He's not going to the pros and he didn't jump into the mix when Notre Dame and Ohio State became open in recent years – Oklahoma is a destination job. An Iowa grad, there might be a slight chance that he'd want to restore the glory if Kirk Ferentz is done in the next few seasons, but the chances are remote.

2. Mike Gundy, Oklahoma State
Career Record: 67-35
He's a man, he'll be 46 this football season. Still extremely young, he's on the verge of pulling a Les Miles and taking a step up to a mega-program in the next few years, even though he's being paid extremely well and is making Oklahoma State into a power. His program has become a factory for terrific offensive coordinators, but it all starts at the top. A year after getting within a whisper of playing for the national title, the rebuilding and reloading job wasn't that bad going 8-5 with a bowl victory. After winning nine games or more in four straight campaigns before last year, more big seasons are on the horizon.
Hot Seat Status: None. He could survive a 4-8 season and could even get by for a few down years. There's pressure, but he's a red hot prospect who's going to be tough to keep around.
The Coaching Change Will Come … very, very soon. There were rumors of rumblings this offseason, and while he's a native son who lived, played and coached at OSU, he has one giant move coming up depending on the next big opening.

3. Gary Patterson, TCU
Career Record: 116-36
It's not a stretch to say that he's the reason TCU is in the Big 12 right now. After turning the program into a powerhouse in both Conference USA and then the Mountain West – with eight double-digit win seasons in ten years – all of a sudden it was worthy of a spot at the big boy table. Considering it was a bit of a retooling season, going 7-6 with a painfully close bowl loss to Michigan State was a great move up, and with some excellent recruiting classes over the last few years, thing s aren't going to slow down.
Hot Seat Status: Absolute zero. Going into his 13th season at the helm, he's TCU football in the modern era. Even with a major controversy last season, he has handled his program with a firm and consistent hand.
The Coaching Change Will Come … in over ten years. Only 53, he still has more than a decade of coaching left to do. He could've left for any of the major job openings over the last several years and stuck around. While he played at Kansas State and could get the full court press once Bill Snyder is done, but he's not going anywhere.

4. Art Briles, Baylor
Career Record: 67-58
The guy actually did it. It wasn't all that long ago that Baylor couldn't even win a Big 12 game, much less go to a bowl, but all of a sudden the Briles offense worked. A legendary high school coach in the 1980s and 1990s, he stepped up, showed what he could do t Houston, and carried the fireworks over to the Bears. Now, helped by the huge season from RG3 and showing the production could continue without him, Baylor has become cool.
Hot Seat Status: Absolute zero. Making Baylor relevant and interesting was one of the best coaching jobs in college football in the last decade.
The Coaching Change Will Come … in over five year. He's going to be 58 this football season and he's not likely to go anywhere else. He has been offered other jobs and turned them down. He's a true believer.

5. Paul Rhoads, Iowa State
Career Record: 24-27
Iowa State is a tough gig. There isn't a big recruiting base, it's hard to get the limelight with Iowa the state's big program, and the rest of the Big 12 is fantastic. Even so, Rhoads has used smoke and mirrors to come up with a consistently solid team, going to three bowl games in four years and a not-that-awful 5-7 in the one misfire. A defensive back coach by nature, he does a decent job with the D, but more than anything else he's able to get his mediocre talents to play at another level.
Hot Seat Status: Mild. Iowa State always wants to play among the big boys, but really, going to bowl games on a regular basis is good enough. However, one big bomb of a year could change the tone.
The Coaching Change Will Come … within three seasons. Gene Chizik was able to move on from Iowa State and win a national championship – no matter how he was able to do it – and Rhoads has done a far better job.

- Coach You Want To Build Around - Part 2