2013 NFL Draft - Top ACC Prospects

Posted Apr 16, 2013

2013 NFL Draft - Top ACC Prospects. Who are the best and brightest NFL prospects from each league?

2013 NFL Draft 

Top 5 ACC Players

By Pete Fiutak
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1. OG Jonathan Cooper, North Carolina 6-3, 311
A special, versatile blocker who'd be getting all the praise and all the attention among the guards if it wasn't for Chance Warmack. Able to work anywhere on the line, including center, he's a rare athlete for a player of his size with excellent movement and terrific all-around skills, able to beat up speedier interior pass rushers and with the strength to beat people up when needed. Tremendous in workouts, he's very quick, very strong and very good in interviews, he's almost the prototype. Almost. He has to work to get up over 300 pounds and will likely dip down below once the season starts. Built like a tackle more than a brutish guard, he might end up at center. If he can hold up and stay healthy, he'll be a rock of an interior blocker for the next decade.
CFN Projection: First Round

2. DT Sylvester Williams, North Carolina 6-3, 313
With fantastic size and good toughness, he's an intimidating force with pure nose tackle ability and run stuffing skills. Put him in the middle of the line and let him stop everything up. While he's not going to get to the quarterback and he's not going to get in the backfield nearly enough, that's not necessarily going to be his job. However, he showed off shocking quickness at times at the Combine and he does everything he'll need to do to improve – he's a pro's pro who'll quickly become a leader of a line. The biggest concern is that this might be it. 25 this season, he's not going to change by leaps and bounds and he'll have to come up big – but not too big - right out of the box. If he looks at a double cheeseburger the wrong way he'll slip up to 330 pounds, but he's a good enough guy and a hard enough worker to think he could become a star for the next five years.
CFN Projection: First Round

3. QB E.J. Manuel, Florida State 6-5, 237
If you weren't that great in college, why are you going to be special in the pros? Manuel was fine, but considering the expectations were through the roof, and considering he has all the tools and talents to have been something truly special, he was a slight disappointment. However, with the right coach and with a little bit of patience, the upside is there to be the best quarterback in the draft by far. He's big with the right frame and the right look, and he has the perfect makeup to handle being a franchise quarterback. Very smart with a great drive and excellent leadership skills, he's the prototype in every possible way except for one issue: production.

Again, he wasn't bad at Florida State; he just wasn't amazing considering everything he brings. However, on the plus side, if he can get with the right offensive coordinator and quarterback coach who can do just a little bit of tweaking on his reads – the smarts are certainly there to pick up an NFL playbook – and can somehow unlock his skills and take away his tentative nature, there's a limitless upside. In this class of mediocre quarterback prospects, there's the possibility of a boom pick here for relatively cheap.
CFN Projection: Second Round

4. DE Bjoern Werner, Florida State (Jr.) 6-3, 266
Way overhyped and way overrated, he came up with a huge game against a Florida offensive line that couldn't pass block – see the Louisville's performance in the Sugar Bowl – and with four of his sacks and five of his 18 tackles for loss coming in the opener against Murray State. Throw in the production against Savannah State and the big game against Wake Forest, and other than the Gator day, almost all of his big plays came in the first three weeks of the season. Erased by too many decent tackles and surrounded by tremendous talent on the Seminole front line, there are big concerns for a possible top ten overall pick. However, with the fight and motor to always be working, he'll occasionally get in the backfield on want-to. He was a disappointment in offseason workouts after playing faster and quicker than he actually timed – that's not necessarily a bad thing – but he'll bust his tail to become a good NFL starter who could put up nice numbers with one big play a game.
CFN Projection: First Round

5. RB Andre Ellington, Clemson 5-9, 199
There's big-time upside as a home-run hitter who needs just a sliver of daylight to take off and make something big happen. A blazer with great vision and burst, he could grow into a devastating third down back and a bit of a specialist in a rotation – get him in space and the defender is in big trouble. At the very least he could turn into a good returner with the talent to break a few here and there, but he's going to be considered a lead running back who can carry the workload. He's not going to pound on anyone and he's never going to block anybody, but he could become a gamechanger.
CFN Projection: Second Round