2013 NFL Draft - Fullbacks

Posted Apr 23, 2013

From a college football perspective, the analysis of the top fullback prospects.

2013 NFL Draft Position Rankings


By Pete Fiutak
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1. FB Lonnie Pryor, Florida State 5-11, 227
A strong power runner who upped his stock with a scintillating Orange Bowl performance, he's not just a blaster of a blocker and can be used on short-yardage plays and around the goal line. Willing to do everything needed for an offense, he doesn't need carries to be involved; he'll bring the energy with every play. A good enough receiver to get by, he can be a go-to outlet target with the ability to make the first man miss. He's not a top athlete and there's no wiggle, and he has to get a lot stronger, but he's a bulked up running back who could break out and be more than just a one-dimensional fullback.
CFN Projection: Fourth Round

2. FB Tommy Bohanon, Wake Forest 6-1, 246
All the tools are there to be special. He might not be fast, but he has decent size, offensive tackle strength with a phenomenal 36 reps on the bench at the Combine, and great all-around athleticism. He's a smart, tough runner who can be used around the goal line and with decent enough hands to become a nice receiver. He's not going to be a dangerous pass catcher and he has to be steadier blocker, but he can do a little of everything and can be used in a variety of ways for any offense.
CFN Projection: Fifth Round

3. FB Braden Wilson, Kansas State 6-4, 251
Huge, he's a massive blocker who can engulf his man and eventually grow into a strong, tough receiver who could become a bigger factor once he's a part of an NFL offense that can use his skills better. He's not fast and he's not a runner, but he moves well in short spaces and is great at blasting away on his man. He could be the best all-around blocking fullback in the draft, but he won't do much else for an offense unless he can grow into more of a receiver.
CFN Projection: Fifth Round

4. FB Zach Boren, Ohio State 6-0, 238
The problem is his lack of a steady position. A superstar linebacker prospect, he ended up working more as a receiver and a fullback, growing into a fantastic blocker before going back to linebacker for a stretch. Physical, he's a tough guy who'll make the big hit and will do absolutely anything a team needs. He's not going to run the ball and he's not going to do anything as a receiver, but if you can get past the lack of athleticism, he can be a pure blocker and a fan favorite for a ground game.
CFN Projection: Fifth Round

5. FB Zach Line, SMU 6-1, 232
Where is he going to play? He's too slow to be a tailback and not a good enough blocker to become a steady-blocking fullback. He'll fight for a block and will do whatever is needed to help the team, but mostly he's known for being a solid, productive runner who barreled his way for huge yards as the main man for the SMU attack. The NFL tools aren't there and he's always banged up because of his style, but he could be a jack-of-all-trades option for the backfield with a few carries here and there while making a living on special teams.
CFN Projection: Sixth Round