2013 NFL Draft - Miami Dolphins

Posted Apr 28, 2013

Miami Dolphins - AFC East, 2013 Draft Selections & Prospects

Miami Dolphins

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OLB Dion Jordan, Oregon 6-6, 248
Overall Pick No. 3 CFN Position Rank: 6  

CFN Analysis: Outside of being ultra-athletic and looking the part, what did he do at Oregon to become the No. 3 overall pick worth trading up for? He's a pure pass rusher with a world of upside, and he could become a killer if he adds 15 pounds of muscle, but with Lane Johnson there to protect Ryan Tannehill, the Dolphins are taking a major chance.

A former tight end, he's extremely athletic with an elite frame and great athleticism to grow into a top pass rusher. Fast and explosive, he can both fly into the backfield and can hang around with receivers in pass coverage. A tweener in a good way, he can work as a 4-3 pass rushing end or find a role as a huge 3-4 outside linebacker who'll engulf everything that comes his way. Now he has to grow a bit more into his body and pack on more functional muscle. Too skinny and too light, he needs to beef up a bit to be able to handle himself as an end, and he has to learn how to stay upright when blockers try to chop him down. Even with all the concerns, teams are going to fall in love with his upside with a different skill set to develop and work with. He'll be way, WAY overdrafted – he's hardly a sure thing considering he'll probably go in the top 15 – and he could disappoint early on. It'll take a little while before he starts producing at a high level.
CFN Projection: First Round


CB Jamar Taylor, Boise State 5-11, 182
Overall Pick No. 54 CFN Position Rank:2
With good size, he's able to get physical with freakish strength – cranking out 22 reps at the Combine – with the toughness to jam and beat up receivers. More than anything else, though, is his raw blazing speed. His hitting ability is terrific and he can be a disruptive force, but his sub-4.4 wheels set him apart from the pack and make him the total package as a workout warrior. Now the tools have to translate into more production, proving to be just okay in coverage and relying on his raw speed a bit too often to play catch up. There are long-run durability concerns after suffering a broken leg, but he came back and did just fine. With the right coaching he could become a terrific all-around playmaker, but as is he should fit in somewhere right away.
CFN Projection: Second Round


OG Dallas Thomas, Tennessee 6-5, 306
Overall Pick No. 77 CFN Position Rank: 6
With the ability to block with power for the running game and finesse in pass protection, he can do a little bit of everything right. With the versatility to play tackle if needed, he can find a home on someone's line and, at the very least, be a key swing backup. After spending years of dealing with the SEC, he has been through the wars and knows how to handle himself without a problem. While he's not enough of an athlete to be a next-level tackle and he doesn't destroy his man as a run blocker, he's a very functional, very solid all-around blocker who should be a steady starter.
CFN Projection: Third Round

CB Will Davis, Utah State 5-11, 186
Overall Pick No. 93 CFN Position Rank: 15
Once he figures it all out, he'll be a strong and steady corner who'll handle just about any job without a problem. Physical, he's a tough defender who doesn't have any problems mixing it up or doing the dirty work needed to make a play. Now he has to get stronger to match his college style a bit better. He not a blazer and he doesn't have the best ball skills, but he'll stick to his man like glue and won't give up. While he's still learning the finer points, that's not a negative – there's lots of room to grow, even though he's not bad as is.
CFN Projection: Fourth Round


WR Josh Boyce, TCU (Jr.) 5-11, 206
Overall Pick No. 102 CFN Position Rank: 16
Strong and physical, he's has a good, tough body and isn't afraid to use it. He benched 22 times at the Combine and looked the part with smooth quickness through the short drills to go along with a blazing sub-4.4 40. While he has the speed and cutting ability, he's not an elite athlete. When he has to make the tough grab, his hands are fantastic, but he'll fight the ball a bit much and he doesn't block as consistently as he should. He's not going to get any bigger and he might not have a world of upside, but with his raw speed, versatility and bulk there's plenty to work with.
CFN Projection: Fourth Round

OLB Jelani Jenkins, Florida (Jr.) 6-1, 243
Overall Pick No. 104 CFN Position Rank: 10
There's undeniable talent with tremendous speed and athleticism to have the right raw tools. A sure-thing superstar out of high school, he started to grow into his promise last season when he was healthy, and that's the problem. He was never quite right with hamstring problems before suffering a broken foot late in the year. Not huge, he's thick, but he's not all that big and doesn't have any room to add more muscle, however, he can still rock up a bit and transform his body. A pure weakside defender, he'll get overpowered and needs to use his speed and quickness to be effective, but more but more than anything else he has to prove he can stay healthy. He's a top 50 overall talent who'll slide because of injury concerns.
CFN Projection: Fourth Round

TE Dion Sims, Michigan State (Jr.) 6-5, 262
Overall Pick No. 106 CFN Position Rank: 8
Really, really big, he's a large target with the size to be like a third tackle in jumbo packages. While he's not an elite blocker right now, if he gets the right fire lit under him he could grow into a devastating factor for a running game. With great hands, he's a pure, natural receiver who cuts well and is great at getting open against mediocre defenders. Now he has to get into an NFL strength and conditioning system to transform his body a bit. A bit doughy, he's not consistently physical enough and needs to get technically stronger. Yes, he's a nice receiver, but he has to have the ball thrown right to him; he doesn't have the biggest radius. It might take a little bit after coming out a year early, but there's a world of upside with time and coaching.
CFN Projection: Third Round


RB Mike Gillislee, Florida 5-11, 208
Overall Pick No. 164 CFN Position Rank: 14
He's not fast and he's not going to take any to the house, but he's going to give an honest day's effort on every carry and with every chance. He's a terrific interior runner who's tougher than his build or his size, and he's always going to want the ball in tough situations – he never backs down from a challenge. While he doesn't have the right body and there's nothing to get anyone drooling, he's going to run hard every time out and can be a perfect second or third option for a few carries here and there.
CFN Projection: Fourth Round

PK Caleb Sturgis, Florida 5-9, 188
Overall Pick No. 166 CFN Position Rank: 3
With a huge leg and nice consistency, he was phenomenal from deep over the last two years and showed he could produce in the biggest of games. A good, smart worker who takes his draft seriously, he's great at doing the same thing over and over and over with terrific practice habits. There's a worry about a back problem that knocked him out a few years ago, and he might not be a kickoff specialist, but he has the leg to be a sensational placekicker for a long time.
CFN Projection: Fifth Round  


WR Kevin Dorsey, Maryland 6-1, 211
Overall Pick No. 224 CFN Position Rank: Not Ranked

S Don Jones, Arkansas State 5-11, 196
Overall Pick No. 250 CFN Position Rank: Not Ranked