2013 NFL Draft - Kansas City Chiefs

Posted Apr 28, 2013

Kansas City Chiefs - AFC West, 2013 Draft Selections & Prospects

Kansas City Chiefs

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OT Eric Fisher, Central Michigan 6-7, 306
Overall Pick No. 1 CFN Position Rank: 2

CFN Analysis: The Chiefs will forever be married to one of the gutsiest No. 1 overall picks in a long, long time. Luke Joeckel is a rock of a prospect with no downside whatsoever and the potential to become a blindside protector for the next ten years. If Fisher is anything less than a franchise-changing Pro Bowl performer on a consistent basis, this will be criticized forever. But give KC guts for making a big call. Fisher is a terrific prospect who should be fantastic, but he's the No. 1 overall pick now. It's a new world he's entering.

All of a sudden, he became the hottest prospect throughout the offseason, and while Luke Joeckel is the No. 1 tackle on the board, there are whispers that it's not crazy to consider Fisher even better with a higher ceiling. Very tall with a prototype frame and huge wingspan, he's impossible to get around and he could turn out to be a long time Pro Bowl performer as a star pass blocker. As good as he already might be, he could get far better needing more time in the weight room and with the ability to fill out his frame a bit more. However, he already busted his tail to start adding more weight just to get up to over 300.

He'll have problems early on with the bull rushers and he's not going to be a power blocker who'll destroy his man, but he's a technician who's more than fine once he gets engaged – it's over if he's able to get low. He'll always get after the block and will never take a play off with the right attitude to be an NFL cornerstone blocker.
CFN Projection: First Round  


TE Travis Kelce, Cincinnati 6-5, 255
Overall Pick No. 63 CFN Position Rank: 6
The prototype with the right look and the right body, he's a big wide receiver who doesn't need much time to be ready to roll right out of the box. A natural target, he runs the full route tree and he uses his frame well to grab anything in his area. Out of all the top tight ends, he might be the best blocker of the bunch with the ability to bury his man and not just chip. While he has the skills, he's not an elite athlete and a few huge college plays upped his stock to make people think he's a deep threat. Yes, he can all the routes, but he's not a technically sharp runner and might need to show that he's ready to do all the little things to be better. The skills are in place, but he needs to put them all together on a consistent basis.
CFN Projection: Third Round

RB Knile Davis, Arkansas (Jr.) 5-11, 227
Overall Pick No. 96 CFN Position Rank: 16
It would've been nice if he had come back roaring, but he struggled last season coming off an ankle injury that kept him under wraps on 2011. Over a half a season in 2010, he might have been the best back, and possibly the best player, in college football, but he wasn't able to recapture the groove last season with major fumbling problems and little production. He looks the part with excellent size, blazing speed, lineman strength and a central casting body, but he's not quick and he hasn't proven he can hold up. There's too much upside and too many positives to not give a long look, but he could be in a doghouse in a hurry if he continues to have fumbling problems.
CFN Projection: Third Round


ILB 99 Johnson, Alabama 6-2, 248
Overall Pick No. CFN Position Rank: 5
A high character player who doesn't make mistakes and doesn't miss stops, he was a leader on a team and defense full of leaders. Very smart and very fast, he's always in the right position and he's always working to make plays, fighting through the trash and always getting his nose dirty. Used to playing on a D with stars, he'll have no problems adapting to his game to the pro level. Not a pass rusher, he's not going to work on the outside and needs to sit in the middle, and he'll have to read and react more than attack. While he might not be a regular in the Pro Bowl, and he might not do anything special, he'll be a very good, very sound pro who'll hold his own as long as he doesn't have to be the star.
CFN Projection: Third Round


CB Sanders Commings, Georgia 6-0, 216
Overall Pick No. 134 CFN Position Rank: 23
Potentially a free safety, he's versatile enough to work in a variety of roles and could end up in nickel and dime situations. Very athletic with good size for a corner, he won't wear down and he'll be able to push people around to make a play. Now he needs to start being and playing more physical for his size on a consistent basis. He'll throw his body around and won't be afraid to pop, but he has to be more effective and making the right play rather than just getting his man down. Still just scratching the surface, once a coaching staff figures out what it wants to do with him and once he finds a set role he could explode.
CFN Projection: Third Round


C Eric Kush, Kansas City 6-4, 307
Overall Pick No. 170 CFN Position Rank: Not Ranked

FB Braden Wilson, Kansas State 6-4, 251
Overall Pick No. 204 CFN Position Rank:3
Huge, he's a massive blocker who can engulf his man and eventually grow into a strong, tough receiver who could become a bigger factor once he's a part of an NFL offense that can use his skills better. He's not fast and he's not a runner, but he moves well in short spaces and is great at blasting away on his man. He could be the best all-around blocking fullback in the draft, but he won't do much else for an offense unless he can grow into more of a receiver.
CFN Projection: Fifth Round


DE Mike Catapano, Princeton 6-3, 270
Overall Pick No. 207 CFN Position Rank: Not Ranked