2013 NFL Draft - Oakland Raiders

Posted Apr 29, 2013

Oakland Raiders - AFC West, 2013 Draft Selections & Prospects

Oakland Raiders

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CB D.J. Hayden, Houston
5-11, 191
Overall Pick No. 12 CFN Position Rank: 8

CFN Analysis: There's absolutely no questioning his ball skills and coverage abilities, but he's not a pure tackler and there are always going to be big concerns considering how close he came to dying from a fluke injury. From all reports, it was a freakish occurrence that can't happen again unless lightening strikes twice, but he still has to show whether or not he can come out and be the same sort of talent. There's a HUGE risk here, but it's the Raiders.

Can he stay healthy? He suffered a frightening injury – the vena cava blood vessel tore away from the back of his heart - that almost cost him his life after a huge hit in practice late last season, and he wasn't able to work out this offseason. When he's right, he's a dangerous all-around playmaker who's great at attacking the ball and making the big play with blazing speed and good size. Able to jam and fight, he's physical enough to battle receivers and not let them breathe. With the desire to get better, he's always working and always looking to improve doing all the little things needed. He needs to use his quickness better and tends to get lazy in his technique, but it's all about his health. Reportedly cleared to go, he's one of the highest-rising prospects with No. 1 corner potential.
CFN Projection: First Round


OT Menelik Watson, Florida State (Jr.) 6-5, 310
Overall Pick No. 42 CFN Position Rank: 5
All the raw tools are there, and unlike several of the other top tackle prospects, he has the size and raw bulk. Huge with prototype size and the right frame, he has rare ability with the upside to grow into a starting role on the left side while being able to shine on the right. While he might be big and bulky, he has no problems getting on the move and recovers well when he misses a step. Now he needs technique work to hone his skills. While the hope will be to throw him to the wolves right away, he'll probably need a year or two before he's ready to handle the full-time gig on the left side. A basketball-playing native of England, he's still learning how to play football, but the upside is limitless. He could be had for the cheap, but given time, the potential is there to become a Pro Bowl talent.
CFN Projection: Second Round


OLB Sio Moore, Connecticut 6-1, 245
Overall Pick No. 66 CFN Position Rank: 9
A terrific tackler, he packs a pop with excellent hitting ability and toughness. A pure linebacker, he's always around the ball and he's always finding ways to come up with the play. Smart, he seems to be one step ahead of the play and he always knows how to get around the ball. He'll fight to make a play. He showed off surprising athleticism at the Combine and now might not be just an inside linebacker like he projected to be throughout his college career. The pass rushing skills are there and he's a disruptive force who finds ways to make things happen. Likely a good value pick, he has the make-up and the attitude to be a statistical superstar, but he'll drop to the mid rounds because he might not have a set position. He'll be underdrafted and will pay off big.
CFN Projection: Third Round


QB Tyler Wilson, Arkansas 6-2, 215
Overall Pick No. 4 CFN Position Rank: 112
A football player's football player, he's a leader and field rat who is really, really into jacking up his team and being a screamy type who doesn't need help lighting the fire. With a nice arm and good, sound skills, he does all the little things right in his reads with the right mentality to march an offense and get the chains moving no matter what. He's a tough-guy quarterback who'll take a big shot and seem happy about it – he gets into the whole process. It would be nice if he was 6-5 and 240; he doesn't have the prototype size. He's not small, but he's not huge, isn't a runner and has smallish hands – he doesn't really look the part. While the fire is usually a plus, he'll try to make too many things happen on want-to rather than work within the moment and the game, and he'll force too many throws. There's upside with time in the weight room and a little tweaking with an NFL quarterback coach all that might be needed to be a nice get outside of the first round.
CFN Projection: Second Round  


TE Nick Kasa, Colorado 6-6, 269
Overall Pick No. 172 CFN Position Rank: 11
Still learning on the fly, the former defensive end is extremely physical and terrific at coming up with the big block. He might not be the most natural of receivers, but he's one of the best-hitting tight ends in the draft and can be used at times like an offensive tackle. A fighter, he'll battle a defender to make the big block and go after the ball. He's getting there as a target, coming on last season despite lousy quarterback play. It's going to take a lot of work to make him an all-around NFL tight end, and he's never going to stretch the field, but once he gets it, he's going to be a huge blocker who'll make a few grabs now and then.
CFN Projection: Fifth Round

DT Stacy McGee, Oklahoma 6-4, 315
Overall Pick No. 205 CFN Position Rank: 19
With the prototype look and size, he should be a sensational interior presence against the run, but he has never been able to live up to his immense potential and terrific tools with spotty production and not enough production. He doesn't play up to his size and he's not nearly as strong as he should be against the run, and while he's a quick athlete who gets around well, he needs to be far more consistent and find a role he can play. Otherwise he'll bounce around as a decent swing backup for several spots.
CFN Projection: Fifth Round


WR Brice Butler, San Diego State 6-3, 199
Overall Pick No. 209 CFN Position Rank: Not Ranked

DE David Bass, Missouri Western State 6-4, 262
Overall Pick No. 233 CFN Position Rank: 19
An extremely durable, very experienced pure pass rusher, the D-II stats and production were phenomenal. With his size and quickness, if he was coming from Missouri instead of Missouri Western State, on looks alone he might be a top 75 pick, but there's still a big question mark about his functional strength and next level athleticism, and he got by at the lower level by being far better and far more skilled than anyone he faced, but he didn't advance his game because he didn't have to. There's a good chance he could turn into a good all-around end or linebacker with a little bit of time and a lot of hard coaching, but he'll be able to handle it. He'll do whatever a coaching staff needs and he'll work his way into a rotation.
CFN Projection: Fifth Round

RB Lavavius Murray, UCF 6-3, 224
Overall Pick No. 181 CFN Position Rank: Not Ranked

TE Mychal Rivera, Tennessee 6-3, 242
Overall Pick No. 184 CFN Position Rank: 12
Too small and too slow, he can't stretch the field and isn't going to be dangerous when covered by any NFL defensive back, but he's a great receiver with nice hands and good route running ability. More like a fullback as a blocker, he'll hit and he'll be willing to do whatever is needed. Now he has to add weight to get closer to 260, but that will only kill his speed and athleticism that much more. Athletic enough on the field to get by, he'll be functional and can be a nice, solid backup who can step in and produce on a short-term basis.
CFN Projection: Sixth Round