2013 NFL Draft - Cincinnati Bengals

Posted Apr 28, 2013

Cincinnati Bengals - AFC North, 2013 Draft Selections & Prospects

Cincinnati Bengals

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TE Tyler Eifert, Notre Dame
(Jr.) 6-6, 251
Overall Pick No. 21 CFN Position Rank: 1

CFN Analysis: The Bengals gave Andy Dalton another weapon. Considered by some to be a top five overall talent, Eifert's slide was Cincinnati's big gain, getting the best tight end in the draft by far in the mid-to-late first round. It was a great steal for a team that needs more offensive playmakers.

With prototype size and speed, he's like a big wide receiver with excellent athleticism and tremendous hands. A strong route runner, he works himself open and shows a huge catching radius – get the ball anywhere near him and he'll get it. With his leaping ability and frame, he makes himself even bigger and can be used on jump balls around the goal line, and he can be a reliable third down target who becomes a quarterback's best friend. The best part is that there's still room to grow and improve with more bulk to be added to his frame with the ability to get up to 265 pounds without losing a thing. He's not an elite blocker, but he's fine, and while he's going to struggle against the more physical linebackers, he'll be fine against any defensive back. The sky's the limit and he'll become an elite target who fits the mold.
CFN Projection: First Round


RB Giovani Bernard, North Carolina (Jr.) 5-8, 202
Overall Pick No. 37 CFN Position Rank:4
A do-it-all back who can be used as a productive returner, a good receiver and a tough all-around runner. Smallish and without lightning speed, he's more of a short-range runner than a home run hitter, but he's a pure football player who can be productive whenever the lights are on. But can he hold up? He suffered a torn ACL and was battered, beaten and bruised with lots of different problems. It'll be asking too much of him to be an every down, workhorse back, but that doesn't need to be his role. If he's part of a rotation, he could be fantastic as a pass catcher on third downs and utilized as a do-it-all playmaker. While he might not do any one thing at the highest of levels, he'll be very good at everything.
CFN Projection: Second Round

DE Margus Hunt, SMU 6-8, 277
Overall Pick No. 53 CFN Position Rank: 9
An athletic marvel, he's huge, fast and athletic enough to be the type of rare playmaker who can transform a defense. Built like an NBA power forward, he uses his size extremely well and is impossible to get around. With freakish tools as a former track star in the discus and shot put, he has the athleticism and the speed to become a devastating pass rusher and disruptive force. Fast off the ball and with a great fire to come up with the big play, he could turn into a dominant pass rushing force who could change games by himself. But how much time does he have in the league? Turning 26 this season, there's not much room for growth and tweaking – what you see is what you'll get. Not polished in any way, he'll be asked to get into the backfield, and that's it. He'll be wildly inconsistent and will disappear for painfully long stretches, but when he takes over from time to time it'll be something special.
CFN Projection: Second Round


SS Shawn Williams, Georgia 6-0, 213
Overall Pick No. 84 CFN Position Rank: 10
A true leader and the type of player you want to be the main man for your defensive backfield, when Georgia players were being suspended left and right last year, he wasn't one of them. He sets the tone both on and off the field and isn't afraid to get in someone's face and ramp up the effort. Extremely strong, he's has great weight room strength that translates to the field. He doesn't cut all that well, but he has tremendous straight-line speed and isn't anything special against the pass, but the intangibles are off the charts.
CFN Projection: Fourth Round

OLB Sean Porter 6-1, 229
Overall Pick No. 118 CFN Position Rank: 11  


OT Tanner Hawkinson, Kansas 6-5, 298
Overall Pick No. 156 CFN Position Rank: 24
Part guard, part tackle, he's a bit too light and he doesn't make up for it with any sort of power, but he's been fantastic in offseason workouts running and moving well and looking like a potentially great part of a zone-blocking scheme as a guard or tackle. He's not going to blow anyone away and he'll get shoved around, but he's a swing player who can work just about anywhere on a line and be an extremely valuable backup to keep around.
CFN Projection: Sixth Round


RB Rex Burkhead, Nebraska 5-10, 214
Overall Pick No. 190 CFN Position Rank: 19
A producer. He doesn't have the speed and he doesn't have the size, but he's great at turning the corner and getting positive yards when he needs to, and he's able to carry the mail for long stretches and not wear down. He has no problems pounding away inside, and he's able to bounce off defenders and get an extra yard or two on the outside. Tremendous in offseason workouts, he has the raw athletic tools other than straight line speed, and he'll be a nice piece of an offensive puzzle, Coaches will love him.
CFN Projection: Fifth Round

WR Cobi Hamilton, Arkansas 6-2, 212
Overall Pick No. 197 CFN Position Rank: 12
While he's not quite big enough to be a dominant physical force, he's bulky. While he's not quite fast enough to be a dangerous deep ball threat, he can make things happen on the fly and plays faster than he times. While he needs to keep hitting the weights to get stronger, and he's not an elite athlete, he turned into a good football player as he stepped up his game in a miserable year for the Hogs. There are too many negatives to ever become an elite receiver, but he can get behind a D and can turn into more of a possession target as he gets more comfortable.
CFN Projection: Third Round


OT Reid Fragel, Ohio State 6-8, 308
Overall Pick No. 240 CFN Position Rank: 20
A former tight end, he's really tall with a great frame, excellent athleticism and a world of upside with the ability and potential to become fantastic with a lot of time and work. A workout warrior, he killed it at the Combine with excellent work on the bench and terrific athleticism, but he needs to be a better football player. He needs to use his tools far better, getting by in college by being more athletic than everyone else and having the perfect attitude for a top-shelf Big Ten run blocker, but he needs a few years with a good line coach to get him to handle the subtleties of the position. There's too much there not to be really, really interested after the second round, but he could be too much of a project.
CFN Projection: Fourth Round

C T.J. Johnson, South Carolina 6-4, 310
Overall Pick No. 251 CFN Position Rank: 5
Part center, part guard, he can be used in a variety of ways and at the very least become someone's versatile backup in the interior. With fantastic size for a center, he's able to overwhelm tackles with tremendous functional and weight room strength. A pure power blocker, he's not for a zone-blocking scheme and isn't going to move all that well, but get him in a phone booth and he'll crush his man. His money will likely be made at guard down the road, but he'll start out as a good center option who can step in and play right away.
CFN Projection: Fifth Round