2013 NFL Draft - Cleveland Browns

Posted Apr 28, 2013

Cleveland Browns - AFC North, 2013 Draft Selections & Prospects

Cleveland Browns

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OLB Barkevious Mingo, LSU (Jr.) 6-4, 241
Overall Pick No. 6 CFN Position Ranking: 3

CFN Analysis: The Browns have to get more athletic and need more playmakers, but this is another big chance to take on greatness in the early part of the draft. Mingo is long on talent and athleticism and short of proven production, more of a workout warrior than a superior pure football player, but he's a pass rushing prospect with special tools who could be a difference maker, but it's a big deal that the Browns passed on Geno Smith and other offensive prospects to try upgrading the D.

An elite athlete among elite athletes, he has unbelievable tools and upside. He might be a bit tall and rangy, but there's room to add another 10-to-15 pounds and be a devastating end or stay as is and be a dangerous pass rushing specialist on the outside. A rare prospect, he has perennial Pro Bowl potential with the right coaching staff and the right fire lit under him. However, while he has the dream skills and has prototypical talents, he wasn't that good an actual football player in college. If you're looking at the Mingo as half full, the right defensive coordinator and position coach will look at him and think superstar. The Mingo is half empty view sees a mega-bust just waiting to happen who'll be a maddening disappointment. You can't teach what he already has, but you can teach what he can become.
CFN Projection: First Round


CB Leon McFadden, San Diego State 5-10, 183
Overall Pick No. 68 CFN Position Rank: 10
One of the best defensive backs in the Mountain West over the last few seasons, he's a pure cover-corner who takes on the job of handling everyone's No. 1 receiver and sticks to him like glue. Quicker than fast, he moves well and stays within range with good anticipation and instincts, always seeming to stay a step ahead of his man. The blazing NFL wheels aren't there to stay with the speedsters, and while he'll tackle, he's not a big hitter, but there are enough overall tools in place to be a great No. 2 corner or even a nickel and dime defender. Even though he'll need to be surrounded by athletes, and even though he'll need safety help, he knows how to handle himself and should be a solid longtime pro.
CFN Projection: Third Round  


SS Jamoris Slaughter, Notre Dame 6-0, 195
Overall Pick No. 175 CFN Position Rank: 20
A do-it-all player who'll do anything for a secondary, he plays fast and moves well with the instincts to always be around the ball and deliver the big hit. Smart, he seems to be a step ahead of everyone else and always appears to be where the play is. He might not bring a huge pop, but he'll work against the run and he'll come up with the open-field stop. Can he stay healthy? He's not built to hit like an NFL defensive back and he's just now trying to come back from an Achilles tendon tear. At least a year away from being back to form, he was just an okay prospect before the injury and now he's knocked down a peg.
CFN Projection: Sixth Round


DE Armonty Bryant, East Central Oklahoma 6-4, 263
Overall Pick No. 217 CFN Position Rank: Not Ranked

TE Garrett Gilkey, Chadron State 6-6, 318
Overall Pick No. 224 CFN Position Rank: Not Ranked