2013 NFL Draft - Pittsburgh Steelers

Posted Apr 28, 2013

Pittsburgh Steelers - AFC North, 2013 Draft Selections & Prospects

Pittsburgh Steelers

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OLB Jarvis Jones, Georgia
(Jr.) 6-2, 245
Overall Pick No. 17 CFN Position Rank: 1

CFN Analysis: Awesome. Seriously? The best pass rusher and the most productive defensive playmaker in the draft going to 17 to Pittsburgh? Take the best player available at the 17?! That's why the Steelers are always great, and considering Jones is a top five talent, it's a brilliant pick by the rock-solid organization.

With Von Miller and Clay Matthews showing what a dangerous linebacker-sized outside pass rusher can do, Jones fits the type with a phenomenal burst off the ball and peerless closing speed. Smooth as glass, he cuts on a dime and doesn't miss when he chases down a quarterback or a ball-carrier. Brilliant when he gets an offensive tackle out of position, one false step means it's over and he's in the backfield. He's physical, but he can be run at and powered over – he's at his best when he gets to chase people down. While there's some concern about a wee bit of inconsistency in his motor and production, the big, glaring problem is his neck with a spinal issue that could potentially ruin his career with one wrong hit. Every football player at this level probably has spinal stenosis to some degree, but considering where he'll likely be taken, there's a big risk factor at play. However, if he's fine and he's able to last, he's the best defensive prospect in a weak overall draft.
CFN Projection: First Round


RB Le'Veon Bell, Michigan State (Jr.) 6-1, 230
Overall Pick No. 48 CFN Position Rank: 2
A great all-around runner with uncommon moves for a player of his size, he's able to do a little of everything right with the quickness to glide around defenders when needed and the bulk to occasionally get physical. However, he's not necessarily a power runner who'll blow up defenders – he'll mostly use his bulk to bounce off people. He had a few problems with defenses that didn't worry a lick about the struggling MSU passing game last season, and his running style should get him beaten up in a big hurry, but as long as he can stay in one piece he can do it all as a three-down big back.

While he looks the part, he's an inconsistent blocker who'll make a big one here and there, but is more of a receiver on third downs than a hitter. Even with the concerns, he's a true No. 1 running back who can carry an offense, and considering his style and workload last season, he should be fresh for the next few years.
CFN Projection: Second Round


WR Markus Wheaton, Oregon State 5-11, 189
Overall Pick No. 79 CFN Position Rank: 11
Smooth as silk, he plays fast as both a receiver and a kick returner, and he's able to get in and out of his breaks in a step – he doesn't need anything to get open. Fast, he can blow past the corner with one move, and while he's not big, he's just physical enough to not be shy about getting hit. While he'll do whatever is needed, and he's a willing blocker, he's not very good at it. Coaches love him and will find a way to carve out roles for him, and self-motivation will never be an issue. It would be nice if he could get up to around 200 pounds, but his other overall skills make up for his lack of bulk.
CFN Projection: Third Round


SS Shamarko Thomas, Syracuse 5-9, 213
Overall Pick No. 110 CFN Position Rank: 15
An outstanding athlete and all-around prospect, he's lightning fast with 4.4 speed, incredible strong with 28 reps at the Combine, and impressive leaping ability. He upped his stock with his workouts, and he wasn't and on the field, either. So what's the problem? His head. He's a physical hitter who has suffered from concussion problems that will need to be monitored and could be an ongoing concern. With the way he pops, durability is going to be a bit problem. The leadership skills are there and the tools are unquestioned, but he needs to be a steadier tackler, more effective against the pass and has to show he can stay healthy.
CFN Projection: Sixth Round

QB Landry Jones, Oklahoma 6-4, 225
Overall Pick No. 115 CFN Position Rank: 8
With good height, the right size and plenty of experience, he's been considered a good pro prospect for a few years, but interest has fizzled. Three years ago it looked like he'd progress into a No. 1 overall prospect, but he doesn't really inspire the masses – he's just a guy. There's no mobility or athleticism and he doesn't have the attitude and outward fire to take a good team and make it great. He's not the type who'll come though in the clutch and pull a game out of the fire. While the numbers are there, he was a good product of a great system and did a nice job of finding the open target and getting the ball to playmakers on the move. The arm is there and he's going to do everything needed to try making himself better. There's a good chance that with time in the film room and behind an offensive line – he's ideal for the New York Giants - he could be a fantastic value pick. However, his stock has dropped like a rock and he hasn't stood out like he should in this mediocre class.
CFN Projection: Third Round


CB Terry Hawthorne, Illinois 6-0, 195
Overall Pick No. 150 CFN Position Rank: 20
The needle is pointing up after tearing off a sub-4.4 at the Combine. With decent size to go along with his blazing wheels, he looks like an NFL corner, and he tackles like a safety with a willing desire to come up and help in run support. Quick as well as fast, he zips in and out of his cuts without a problem. There are health concerns after suffering a frightening injury and being carted off the field, but everything checked out and he's fine now. The tools have to match the tape with inconsistent ball skills, and now he has to prove that he can become a decent starter by doing all the little things right.
CFN Projection: Fifth Round 


WR Justin Brown, Oklahoma 6-3, 207
Overall Pick No. 186 CFN Position Rank: Not Ranked

LB Vince Williams, Florida State 6-0, 247
Overall Pick No. 206 CFN Position Rank: Not Ranked


DT Nicholas Williams, Samford 6-3, 309
Overall Pick No. 223 CFN Position Rank: 14
A fun prospect who could quickly become a fan favorite, he's big, he's fast and he's still working his way into his body and his talent. Still learning the subtle nuances, the former basketball player doesn't have any technique and has no creativity whatsoever when it comes to his moves, but he's one of the most athletic tackles in the draft with the desire and fire to go along with the talent. It's going to take a few years with the right coaching staff, but he's an easy chance on greatness with rare skills and a limitless upside as both an interior pass rusher and run stopper for any style of defense.
CFN Projection: Fourth Round