2013 NFL Draft - Indianapolis Colts

Posted Apr 28, 2013

Indianapolis Colts - AFC South, 2013 Draft Selections & Prospects

Indianapolis Colts

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DE Bjoern Werner, Florida State (Jr.) 6-3, 266
Overall Pick No. 24 CFN Position Rank: 5

CFN Analysis: Considering he was thought to be a sure-thing top 15 pick a month ago, this isn't a bad value pick. The Colts had the luxury of going several different directions, and with the aging pass rush needing an upgrade, Werner will bring the motor and energy to step in at one end spot from Day One.

Way overhyped and way overrated, he came up with a huge game against a Florida offensive line that couldn't pass block – see the Louisville's performance in the Sugar Bowl – and with four of his sacks and five of his 18 tackles for loss coming in the opener against Murray State. Throw in the production against Savannah State and the big game against Wake Forest, and other than the Gator day, almost all of his big plays came in the first three weeks of the season. Erased by too many decent tackles and surrounded by tremendous talent on the Seminole front line, there are big concerns for a possible top ten overall pick. However, with the fight and motor to always be working, he'll occasionally get in the backfield on want-to. He was a disappointment in offseason workouts after playing faster and quicker than he actually timed – that's not necessarily a bad thing – but he'll bust his tail to become a good NFL starter who could put up nice numbers with one big play a game.
CFN Projection: First Round


OG Hugh Thornton, Illinois 6-3, 320
Overall Pick No. 86 CFN Position Rank: 10
Aggressive, athletic and versatile, he can play either guard spot or even be moved to right tackle if needed – he can play in any system or any style. However, he's a bit of a tweener, without the feet to be a full-time tackle and without the consistency to be relied on as an anchor for the ground game inside. He'll put his man into the ground on one play and completely whiff the next. If he gets the time to figure out what he's doing and if he can grab a role, he'll be a nice all-around option who can fill in where needed, but he has to stay healthy. He could be slightly overdrafted, but he'll be around the league for a long time if he can get in the right mindset.
CFN Projection: Third Round


C Khaled Holmes, USC 6-3, 302
Overall Pick No. 121 CFN Position Rank: 2
Very smart, very quick and with a great frame, he has the basics to go along with terrific talent. While he'll be best when he gets to use his quickness and could be pigeonholed as a zone blocker, there's upside If he's able to hit the weights hard and get functionally stronger. He might not be a Pro Bowl talent right away, but he's certainly a starter right out of the box at center with the potential to slide over to guard if needed. Once he improves his bulk a bit and gets more powerful, the ceiling could be limitless.
CFN Projection: Third Round


DT Montori Hughes, UT Martin 6-4, 329
Overall Pick No. 139 CFN Position Rank: 12
Possibly the biggest mid-round boom-or-bust pick in the entire draft, the former Tennessee Vol was booted out of school after a slew of team violations, but he managed to turn his career back around with one good year at the lower level. Massive, he has a NFL nose tackle body with the ability eat ball-carriers alive in the interior and the quickness to make things happen on the move. Strong enough to take on the double team, and physical against the run, the talent and tools are there, but he has to hit the weights and has to learn how to get out of his blocks. If he gets with the right coaching staff and conditioning coach the upside is limitless and he could be a major steal, but he has to show he's ready to handle being a pro.
CFN Projection: Fifth Round


SS John Boyett, Oregon 5-10, 204
Overall Pick No. 192 CFN Position Rank: 14
A bit short and squatty, he doesn't have the right size, but he makes up for it with tremendous strength and toughness. Able to get around with decent quickness and good enough straight-line speed, he could be used in several systems and styles even though he's destined to shine at strong safety. A pure football player, he'll do all the little things to get better and he'll always be looking to improve. While he's workout fast, the make-up speed isn't quite there, but the biggest problem is his style of play, taking a beating with the way he hits. Banged up, he has knee injuries that might mean a short shelf life.
CFN Projection: Fourth Round


RB Kerwyn Williams, Utah State 5-8, 195
Overall Pick No. 230 CFN Position Rank: 11
A specialist, he can be used as a game-breaking running back with a few touches per game, but he'll make his money as a third down receiver and a return man. He'll never block anyone and he's not going to show any pop, but when he gets the ball in his hands in space, he can become a gamechanger. Any offensive coordinator worth his salt dreams of having weapons like Williams to work with, and with all the tread still on the tires – he wasn't overused until his senior year – he should have a long and productive career as a fantastic complimentary back.
CFN Projection: Fourth Round

TE Justice Cunningham, South Carolina 6-3, 258
Overall Pick No. 253 CFN Position Rank: Not Ranked