2013 NFL Draft - Philadelphia Eagles

Posted Apr 29, 2013

Philadelphia Eagles - NFC East, 2013 Draft Selections & Prospects

Philadelphia Eagles

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The Draft Was ... phenomenal. Fine, so Matt Barkley might not be the be-all-end-all, but the fourth round? To move up to take him one pick ahead of Kansas City – who insists it didn't want the USC star – was terrific. Considering Eric Fisher went No. 1 and Luke Joeckel No. 2, Oklahoma offensive tackle Lane Johnson – a perfect fit for Chip Kelly's attack – might actually be a nice value pick at the four. NC State safety Earl Wolff was terrific value in the fifth round and Oregon State corner Jordan Poyer – a third-round talent – was a joke of a steal in the seventh.
Best Value Pick: CB Jordan Poyer, Oregon State in the 7th round
Worst Value Pick: DT Bennie Logan, LSU in the 3rd round
They Should've ... taken Georgia defensive tackle John Jenkins instead of Logan in the third. The massive former Bulldog went 15 picks later than Logan to New Orleans in the third, and he's the better talent. It's nitpicking, but the Eagles missed out on a defensive back run with Leon McFadden, Tyrann Mathieu, Blidi Wreh-Wilson and T.J. McDonald going with the next four picks.
Division Draft Ranking: 1
Conference Draft Ranking: 2


OT Lane Johnson, Oklahoma 6-6, 303
Overall Pick No. 4 CFN Position Rank: 3
CFN Analysis: Perfect. He should've gone No. 3 overall to Miami after its trade with Oakland, but he's the perfect fit for Chip Kelly and the Philly offense. He's ultra-athletic and can play in the up-tempo style without any sort of a problem. The third tackle taken in the first four picks, it's not a slam dunk that he's not going to turn out to be the best of the bunch. He's a big-time athlete from a big-time program. The talent is there to be truly special.

There was a time when tight ends would love to have worked out like Johnson did this offseason. Ridiculously fast and athletic for an offensive lineman, he went from being a good prospect to a must-have with a few big workouts and a great Combine. Not just an athlete, he has the technique and the tools to do everything right. He might not have quite the overall skills of Luke Joeckel or the upside of Eric Fisher, but blockers with his talents are rare. He could stand to be a bit bigger and isn't going to be a powerful blocker, and he might need more time to grow into an NFL talent – there's an obvious big jump from the Big 12 to the next level. He's still learning on the fly and he's not a finished product, but in time he should become a special all-around blocker. However, considering where he's likely going to be taken, he could be a slight disappointment right away – that will quickly change.
CFN Projection: First Round


TE Zach Ertz, Stanford (Jr.) 6-5, 249
Overall Pick No. 35 CFN Position Rank: 2
A pure pass catcher, he's not going to do much to blast away on anyone and he's not going to be the most physical of blockers, but he's a nearly perfect route runner without any wasted motion. With great hands, he sucks in everything that comes his way with a soft way of grabbing everything. There will be a drop now and then, but he'll be as reliable as any receiver in the draft. He's a wiling blocker who won't be afraid to hit, but he's just not very good at it. He's not an elite athlete and there are limitations on what he'll do – he's not a Rob Gronkowski or a Jimmy Graham – but he'll be a pure receiver who'll destroy teams underneath on short to midrange routes. He might not have Pro Bowl skills, but he'll put up big numbers.
CFN Projection: Second Round


DT Bennie Logan, LSU (Jr.) 6-2, 309
Overall Pick No. 67 CFN Position Rank: 010
He just might be scratching the surface and could turn out to be a huge steal in the middle rounds if he starts to slide. A former end, he bulked up to get up over 300 pounds this offseason while maintaining his quickness and athleticism. Extremely active, he works his way to the runner in a hurry and makes bad things happen when he gets there. A hard worker who'll do what's needed, he still needs to transform his body a bit and go from fleshy to fabulous, and he has to learn the finer points of the position, but there's a high ceiling as an interior pass rusher once it all clicks. He has the want-to and the attitude to get there, but a team will have to be patient for the payoff.
CFN Projection: Fourth Round


QB Matt Barkley, USC 6-2, 227
Overall Pick No. 98 CFN Position Rank: 1
Personality-wise, he's exactly what you want in a franchise quarterback to build around. There's no questioning his leadership, smarts, attitude or the respect factor – his teammates will follow him blindly – with the The Guy mentality without all the baggage. A pure pro-style quarterback, he has been groomed for the NFL since high school with flawless mechanics and the ability to quickly read defenses and check into the right play. Everything is in place to become an elite of the elite pro quarterback except for some of the raw physical tools.

The arm is fine, but nothing special, and while he throws a good deep ball, he's not going to be able to rely on a fastball at the next level. While he's not small, he doesn't have the tall, Tom Brady/Joe Flacco look or frame, and he doesn't get the ball out of his hands in a hurry. He's good enough to be an NFL starter, and his personality will make him fans in the locker room and in the stands, but he doesn't do any one thing at a highest of high levels. He's more functional than fantastic, but that could be okay if he doesn't have to carry a team.
CFN Projection: First Round


Earl Wolff, NC State (SS) 5-11, 09
Overall Pick No. 136 CFN Position Rank: 13
Really, really fast, he surprised with a 4.46 at the Combine to go along with his tough look. Athletic, he can jump out of the stadium and brings the pop when he gets around the ball. Quick in the open field and with good instincts, he's always around the ball and hits like a guided missile. With his attitude and fire he has the potential to grow into a decent starter in time, but he gives up too many big plays and he's not as good a tackler as he is a hitter. While he might be great on the first two downs, he might not be right for third downs and isn't a fit for every system. He'll stick around the league, but he'll mostly be a decent backup.
CFN Projection: Fifth Round



DE Joe Kruger, Utah (Jr.) 6-6, 269
Overall Pick No. 212 CFN Position Rank: 16
Extremely big and with a great frame, he's excellent at using his length and is tough to get around. Still growing, still learning and still maturing, there's a world of potential with the ability to add another ten pounds on his frame without a problem to go along with decent pass rushing skills. Now he needs to get stronger against the run with his length a problem against power blockers who are able to chop him down. There's not enough athleticism to become a pass rushing specialist, and he still needs a whole bunch of work and coaching to come up with NFL moves that work. He's a project, but he should be a cheap late prospect.
CFN Projection: Fifth Round

OG Travis Bond, North Carolina 6-7, 330
Overall Pick No. 214 CFN Position Rank: 12
Tackle-sized, he's a big blocker with a terrific frame to engulf defenders. If absolutely needed, he could move to the outside in the jumbo packages with his massive size and great frame. With rare size and the tools to become a decent blocker, now he has to want it. Great when he's able to punish the man in front of him, he doesn't do enough to suggest he can ever be a tackle and he needs lots and lots of work to be more consistent and to keep his weight in check. It took a while to get down to this weight, and he's still a bit too big. If he wants it, he can be great, but he needs to get pushed to become a starter.
CFN Projection: Fifth Round

CB Jordan Poyer, Oregon State 6-0, 191
Overall Pick No. 218 CFN Position Rank: 18
Great at coming up with big plays with good size and decent quickness, he's a rock solid all-around football player. A fighter, he goes after the ball hard doing a nice job of battling the bigger receivers, while also being able to stay with the smallish ones. Smart and with great instincts, he's always around the play and willing to do whatever is needed. It would be nice if he could get stronger to see time at safety, and he doesn't have the raw wheels to stay with the blazers, but he's a better baller than a pure prospect. The raw athleticism is missing to become a star, but he can handle himself in any situation and should be able to find a starting role in the right scheme.
CFN Projection: Third Round

DE David King, Oklahoma 6-5, 281
Overall Pick No. 237 CFN Position Rank: Not Ranked