2013 NFL Draft - Seattle Seahawks

Posted Apr 29, 2013

Seattle Seahawks - NFC West, 2013 Draft Selections & Prospects


Seattle Seahawks

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The Draft Was ... interesting. It's hard to fault the Seahawks for their recently quirky drafts – last year's worked out fine – and this one could've been even more out there. However, there's huge upside just about everywhere starting with Texas A&M running back Christine Michael, who might be a bit of a reach in the second round, but has prototype skills. The defensive interior gets two terrific tackles in Penn State's Jordan Hill in the third round and Alabama's Jesse Williams in the fifth – both will stick. Rice tight end Luke WIllson is a good all-around tight end in the fifth and LSU's Tharold Simon is a promising defensive back who could be a strong fifth round selection.
Best Value Pick: DT Jesse Williams, Alabama in the 5th round
Worst Value Pick: RB Christine Michael, Texas A&M in the 2nd round
They Should've ... looked to give Russell Wilson one more dangerous receiver. It wasn't a need area, but with Baylor's Terrence Williams, Oregon State's Markus Wheaton and Texas speedster Marquise Goodwin still around, taking a flier on a risky prospect like Michael might not look great for a team going for the Super Bowl now. A great target might have been the tipping point for the Seahawk attack.
Division Draft Ranking: 4
Conference Draft Ranking: 13


RB Christine Michael, Texas A&M 5-10, 220
Overall Pick No. 62 CFN Position Rank: 8
If he can stay in one piece – he suffered a broken leg and a torn ACL at A&M - he could be one of the biggest steals in the mid-rounds. However, that's a huge if. With prototype size and devastating speed, he's out of central casting with everything you'd want in a back, but he has a hard time hanging onto the ball and there's a bit of a quirky factor. He's not a bad guy, but he needs to be a part of a veteran team and needs a coaching staff to make sure he's always maintaining is focus. All the tools are there to be fantastic and he'll look like a superstar at times in practices, but he's way too inconsistent and he'll be maddening at times.
CFN Projection: Third Round


DT Jordan Hill, Penn State 6-1, 303
Overall Pick No. 87 CFN Position Rank: 13
While he doesn't have the right body type or the right frame, he's simply a very good, very sound football player who makes things happen in the interior. Quick off the ball, he gets into his man instantly and hold up well at the point of attack. Able to shed, get leverage and sidestep his way into plays, he has marvelous technique to make up for his main issues. However, there's a hard ceiling considering his lack of size and strength – he's just not big enough or athletic enough to star. Even with all the problems he'll be a sound, functional spot starter and a nice part of a defensive interior.
CFN Projection: Fourth Round


WR Chris Harper, Kansas State 6-1, 229
Overall Pick No. 123 CFN Position Rank: 17
The former Oregon quarterback is still just scratching the surface. He thinks and plays like a former signal caller, but he's tight end strong and built like a fullback. An Anquan Bolden type, he's fast enough to get by and is extremely tough with a great build and nice blocking skills. There's a world of upside with the ability and potential to blow up once he's in a real passing attack. He's going to be 24 this year and he might not grow into his talent and skills for a few years, but he's a different type of receiver with too many good qualities to worry about the lack of raw speed and quickness.
CFN Projection: Third Round


DT Jesse Williams, Alabama 6-3, 323
Overall Pick No. 137 CFN Position Rank: 2
A tough guy's tough guy, he's insanely strong who doesn't get shoved off of his base – ever. The working definition of an anchor, he won't put up stats and he'll never hit the quarterback, but he'll sit in the middle of a line, occupy two blockers and won't get shoved back. There aren't any frills to his game whatsoever as a no-nonsense, high-motor defender who doesn't seem to believe in pain or excuses. He'll slip way too far because he's not quick and isn't athletic, but if you can be Nick Saban's nose tackle on two national champions, you can play at the next level. Staying healthy could be a problem considering the beating he takes, but as long as he's healthy, you know exactly what you're going to get. Let your ends rush the passer.
CFN Projection: Third Round

CB Tharold Simon, LSU (Jr.) 6-2, 202
Overall Pick No. 138 CFN Position Rank: 14
An underappreciated part of the great secondary, he might have been overshadowed by other Tiger defensive backs, but with his decent speed, athleticism, fluid athleticism and 6-2 size, he has the prototype frame and tools. Challenged by teams trying to stay away from other LSU DBs, he held his own and came up with his share of plays. Now he has to start using his size better in run support, and he needs to hit the weights hard to become functionally stronger to increase his value. There's lots of work to do on his style and instincts, needing to take better angles and not rely on his quickness to recover. He needs work, but there's a lot to be excited about as a relatively cheap No. 1 corner prospect outside of the first round.
CFN Projection: Third Round

TE Luke Willson, Rice 6-5, 252
Overall Pick No. 158 CFN Position Rank: Not Ranked


RB Spencer Ware, LSU (Jr.) 5-10, 228
Overall Pick No. 194 CFN Position Rank: 17
It just didn't work out. He has the size and the talent, but he had a few off-the-field issues, was never really in top shape and didn't play up to his skills and potential. When he's on, though, he's a tough runner with excellent feet for a player of his size. Throw in his blocking ability, and there's enough there to give some coaching staff reason to believe a star is waiting to be unleashed. He needs to work his butt off – literally – with an NFL strength and conditioning coach, and he needs to show that he cares about being great, but if he puts it all together, watch out. At the very least he could grow into a devastating goal line runner.
CFN Projection: Fifth Round


OG Ryan Seymour, Vanderbilt 6-4, 297
Overall Pick No. 219 CFN Position Rank: Not Ranked

OLB TyAnthony Powell, Harding 6-2, 249
Overall Pick No. 231 CFN Position Rank: 21
With tremendous athleticism and a world of upside, he could grow into a sleeper who teams will fight over. Unbelievable in offseason workouts, he crushed the combine with size, strength and leaping ability. If he went to a BCS school instead of Harding, his stock might be going through the roof. However, he's more of a pass rusher than an outside linebacker who'll hold up against the run, and he needs to find a role and a position to tweak and hone his skills. There are off-the-field character concerns, and he bounced around a bit, but the bigger issue could be his age starting the season at 25. He needs work, but will teams have the time and patience? There's enough potential to take a mid-round chance.
CFN Projection: Fourth Round

DT Jared Smith, New Hampshire 6-3, 302
Overall Pick No. 241 CFN Position Rank: 24
Very smart and very active, Smith managed to do a little bit of everything at the lower level with excellent athleticism and good enough strength to hold up against the power running teams. Phenomenal in offseason workouts, he'll rip apart a weight room and showed good feet and quickness in the short drills. However, the tools don't always translate to the field, doing a great job in the FCS but not quite blowing things up like he should've. He needs to get the motor running all the time and he has to prove he can handle the better competition, but the ability is there to be a decent backup for several spots.
CFN Projection: Sixth Round

OT Michael Bowie, NE State 6-5, 330
Overall Pick No. 242 CFN Position Rank: Not Ranked