2013 NFL Draft - St. Louis Rams

Posted Apr 29, 2013

St. Louis Rams - NFC West, 2013 Draft Selections & Prospects

St. Louis Rams

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WR Tavon Austin, West Virginia (Jr.) 5-8, 174
Overall Pick No. 8 CFN Position Ranking: 7

CFN Analysis: Wes Welker was a function of the New England offense. Steve Smith of the Carolina Panthers is a wee bit bigger, and he’s an absolute killer of a No. 1 receiver. Find the smallish player like Austin in the NFL who’s worthy of the No. 8 overall pick. He’s a fun part of a puzzle and a great toy to play with, but with the eight, you need a superstar perennial Pro Bowl talent, and Austin is a specialist.

4.34. His 40 time wasn’t the fastest at the combine, but he was moving in a hurry. A darting speedster, he’s great with the ball in his hands in a variety of ways, used as a running back as well as a receiver, using his burst of speed to make things happen whenever he got his chances. Uncoverable as a slot receiver, he’ll be devastating when he gets the ball on the move with the ability to breakdown and blow past a defender. He’ll never block anyone and he’s going to get crushed when he goes across the middle, but he’s a true difference maker who’ll keep defensive coordinators up at night.
CFN Projection: First Round

OLB Alec Ogletree, Georgia
(Jr.) 6-3, 242
Overall Pick No. 30 CFN Position Rank: 2

CFN Analysis: At the 30, you absolutely take the chance on greatness. Take away the off-the-field personality concerns and he’d have been a top 15 pick. He’ll be a pass rusher who works in a variety of ways and in a variety of roles for Jeff Fisher’s defense. He’s a difference-maker who’s taken in a nice spot considering all the problems.

On pure talent, there’s no questioning that he might be one of the five best players in the draft. People with his size, speed and athleticism are rare, playing fast and always getting around the ball in a hurry with big-hitting skills once he arrives. He could be used as a pure pass rusher or kick inside when needed to hold up against the run. Again, on skill he has superstar, Pro Bowl potential, but his off the field, personality concerns are glaring. He’s had a ton of off-the-field problems and there are glaring, red flag character question marks. On the field, he didn’t have the offseason workouts to suggest that he’s an elite of the elite athlete, but on film and when the lights are on, he’s fantastic. There’s a risk considering his history, but on talent, and considering he could play in the middle or out, he could become a phenomenal steal outside of the top 15.
CFN Projection: First Round  


T.J. McDonald, USC (SS) 6-2, 219
Overall Pick No. 71 CFN Position Rank: 8
One of the most intimidating hitters in the draft, he’s destined to be a force who’s involved in several arguments about whether or not he should be fined for hits – he walks an extremely fine line with his style of play. Explosively athletic at times, he gets all over the field in a hurry and is good enough in pass coverage to hold his own. A sure-thing leader who’ll make a secondary his, he’s the definition of a tone-setter. However, he whiffs way too often and can be ripped apart in space by the craftier runners. While he’s hardly a perfect prospect and there might be a slew of major holes in his game and style, he’s the type of defensive player you want on your team and in your secondary.
CFN Projection: Third Round

WR Stedman Bailey, West Virginia (Jr.) 5-10, 193
Overall Pick No. 92 CFN Position Rank: 10
Yes, he was a product of a funky passing offense and he was able to put up huge numbers because of the scheme, West Virginia does a lot of the same things that New England and New Orleans do. With the hands, the route running ability and the knack for always getting open, he’s able to produce in any offense and will find ways to make things happen. He’s not a speedster, but he’s functionally fast in and out of his breaks and is great at always working to find the seam. The size isn’t there and he’s not physical in any way – he’s missing the raw tools – but he’s a better football player than a prospect. It helped to have Geno Smith throwing him the ball, but he made No. 12 look good, too.
CFN Projection: Second Round


C Barrett Jones, Alabama 6-4, 306
Overall Pick No. 113 CFN Position Rank: 3
Not only versatile – winning the Outland at tackle, working at center and potentially moving to guard in the pros – he’s a consummate leader and the main man and the leader behind some of the best lines in recent college football history. Tough as nails, he played hurt through some of the biggest games at the end of last year using his technique and wily skills to get by. A true quarterback up front, he’ll be the one the veterans follow from the moment he sets foot on a field. Every coaching staff will want him for his intangibles, he doesn’t have elite NFL tools without the strength or quickness to become a dominator. Yeah, he was great, but an argument could be made that he was the fifth-best pro prospect on the 2012 Tide line. He’ll start for a long, long time, but he’s too limited to play up to his legendary college status. He’ll be slightly overdrafted on reputation.
CFN Projection: Second Round


CB Brandon McGee, Miami 5-11, 193
Overall Pick No. 149 CFN Position Rank: 24
With sub-4.4 speed and excellent size, he has rare uncoachable skills and abilities. Quick as well as fast, he moves around effortlessly with smooth-as-silk cutting ability. A decent tackler with okay coverage skills, the basics are in place and now he needs to improve. It’s going to take a while to round him out into a strong all-around corner, and the tools don’t match the production, but he could be scratching the surface and could be a cheap late pickup of speed.
CFN Projection: Sixth Round

RB Zac Stacy, Vanderbilt 5-8, 216
Overall Pick No. 160 CFN Position Rank: Not Ranked