2013 NFL Draft - Detroit Lions

Posted Apr 29, 2013

Detroit Lions - NFC North, 2013 Draft Selections & Prospects

Detroit Lions

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The Draft Was ... decent after taking a big early flier. Ziggy Ansah is a major guess with the fifth overall pick with the potential to be a huge bust – he's not a sure thing – but the Lions came up with a slew of nice gets with Mississippi State corner Darius Slay a good second round selection and Kentucky's Larry Warford a starting guard in the third. South Carolina's Devin Taylor could be a safer end pick in the fourth than Ansah is in the first round, and Notre Dame running back Theo Riddick is a decent sixth round option to get late.
Best Value Pick: OG Larry Warford, Kentucky in the 3rd round
Worst Value Pick: P Sam Martin, Appalachian State in the 5th round
They Should've ... done anything else but a punter in the fifth round. Really? Everything else is in place already to it's okay to go with a the second punter off the board? Wisconsin offensive tackle Ricky Wagner had a rough year, but he's still a good prospect who was considered a first round talent before last season. He went three picks later to Baltimore.
Division Draft Ranking: 3
Conference Draft Ranking: 12


DE Ezekial Ansah, BYU
6-5, 271
Overall Pick No. 5 CFN Position Rank: 8

CFN Analysis: Great story, horrible pick. Not just a one-year wonder, he wasn't even remotely on the map last year at this time and now he's being asked to be a superstar. That's the deal with the No. 5 overall pick – if you're not a perennial Pro Bowl performer, you're not the right pick. "Potential" guys with lots of work don't belong in the top five, especially with so many sure things on the board. He might be good, but he's a huge risk. A HUGE risk. Dominating at the Senior Bowl doesn't necessarily mean as much as it might seem.

Right out of central casting, he looks exactly like you'd want an NFL defensive end to be with the size, body frame. Throw in the athleticism and quickness, and on raw tools he's an almost perfect prospect in terms of measurables. Still just scratching the surface, he didn't take to football until late after starting out his career on the track team. Everything kicked in quickly as he became great against the run last season and started to put it all together as a pass rusher. His offseason workouts got everyone all hot and bothered, but he's going to be way, way, WAY overdrafted with major bust potential. He still has to learn how to play and do all the little things right, and he doesn't have nearly enough polish to be ready right out of the box. With his athleticism and skills he can be molded into something special, but if he's not getting to the quarterback right away, he's not going to be worth the lofty pick.
CFN Projection: First Round


CB Darius Slay, Mississippi State 6-0, 192
Overall Pick No. 36 CFN Position Rank: 7
With special speed and good size, the NFL athleticism is there to be someone's No. 1 corner right out of the box. He can absolutely fly with sub-4.4 wheels, and he's not just a flashy finesse defender with the fight and want-to to get better. He busts his tail to make a play and won't have any problems being coached up to work on the finer points to improve. Strong enough against the run to get by, he won't have any problems in run support. Now he has to start playing up to his skills on a full-time basis. A better prospect than a pure football player, he still has work to do on the finer points – but, again, he'll work on it. He'll bite on craftier route-runners early on and he's hardly a form tackler, but he has everything a scout or a defensive coordinator would want to tinker with.
CFN Projection: Second Round


OG Larry Warford, Kentucky 6-3, 332
Overall Pick No. 65 CFN Position Rank: 3
Very durable and very reliable, he's a big blocker who buries his man is great when locked on. While he can be pushed around a bit too much and he'll get cut and put on the ground too easily, he's a good athlete for his size and gets into the right lather and has the right attitude. Now he has to get into the best shape of his life after getting too big and too fleshy, needing to become best friends with a strength and conditioning coach to get to a hardened 320. The tools might not be there to become an elite player, but he can become a longtime blocker in someone's interior.
CFN Projection: Second Round


DE Devin Taylor, South Carolina 6-7, 266
Overall Pick No. 132 CFN Position Rank: 15
With a huge frame and a great wingspan, he has the NFL look to go along with tremendous athleticism and quickness. A high school track star, he brings the speed and special tools to the field to go along with great hitting ability and good fight. The tools are rare and special, and while he was decent in college, he could be phenomenal with a little more time and seasoning. The problem is figuring out exactly what he'll do at the next level, getting chopped down way too easily and having a hard time when blockers get into him off the ball – he doesn't shed well. Getting stronger is a must and adding another 15 pounds of hard muscle wouldn't be a bad idea, but with his athleticism, he could be special with the right tweaking.
CFN Projection: Fourth Round


P Sam Martin, Appalachian State 6-0, 205
Overall Pick No. 165 CFN Position Rank: Not Ranked


WR Corey Fuller, Virginia Tech 6-2, 204
Overall Pick No. 171 CFN Position Rank: Not Ranked

RB Theo Riddick, Notre Dame 5-10, 201
Overall Pick No. 199 CFN Position Rank: Not Ranked


TE Michael Williams, Alabama 6-1, 187
Overall Pick No. 211 CFN Position Rank: Not Ranked  

ILB Brandon Hepburn, Florida A&M 6-3, 240
Overall Pick No. 245 CFN Position Rank: 8
With great size and excellent speed, he's a good fighter with great leadership skills and the hard-hitting ability to become an excellent tackler on the inside. While he has excellent straight line speed, he doesn't cut and move all that well and he's not going to blow anyone up; he's more functional than fantastic. A try-hard type who manages to battle his way to plays, he's going to be tough to kick out of a starting lineup and he'll thrive if he's surrounded by better athletes. If it's his job to play in a box and hit, he'll be able to do that extremely well.
CFN Projection: Fifth Round